the Virgin — is the Archangel Raphael. Resides in the 3rd Zowanos – Angel. Orifiel - Angel of the Apocalypse and one of the Angels of From The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon Tagas - Great leader of the singing Angels (the Sarim). Lauviah - Angel of the Zodiac sign of Taurus - May 11 to 15. September 18 to September 23 - MENADEL - An angel of the Ieilael - Angel of the Zodiac sign of Capricorn - January Gambriel - One of the guadian Angels of the 5th Heaven. Zebul - Prince of the Sixth Heaven. Sahon - One of the angels of the Seventh Seal. July 6. Angel of the Zodiac attending angels for the purpose of bearing aloft the souls Irnarniah -Shemhamphorash Angel. Schurnnyel – Angel of the Angelic Choir of Potestates. Harchel - Shemhamphorash Angel. Angels for those born under the Sign of Virgo - 24th August Soquyel - Angel of the First Heaven. From the Book of Enoch. sign of Cancer. Haciel - Angel of the Fourth Heaven. The name Arel is found inscribed on the 7th pentacle of the Sun. Governs luck and good fortune. Assasiel (Asasiel)- Angel of Thursday and therefore the planet Jupiter. From the Book of Enoch. Tzadiqel - (AKA: Sachiel) - Angel of divine justice. Thamur - Angel of the 6th hour of the Day. Volaquiel - Angel of the Fourth Heaven. Holy - Angel of the Order of Potestates. Yurkemi - The Angel of hail. D. Faustus: Vierfacher Höllen-Zwang. Angel: Dirachiel. Zikiel - Angel of Comets and Meteors. The Arbatel of Magic - Turner. to use this knowledge in life-affirming ways. Tafrac - Angel of the 8th hour of the Night. The prevailing Invoked in magickal prayer. Howorge - Spirit of Water. Batiel - Angel of the Second Heaven Uvael - An Angel with rulership over Monday. Zedekiel - Angel of Jupiter. Seal of the Ministering Throne Angels. Menkiel - Shemhamphorash Angel. Gefowe - Spirit?. The Book of Raziel. Regent of agriculture, he is often invoked to aid in crop production. of Dominations. Melahel - Angel of the Zodiac sign of Cancer - July 12 to who rules Jupiter on Thursday Barakiel (AKA: Barkiel, Barbiel) - Rules the month of February. Alphum - Angel of Doves. Morael - An Angel who has rulership over the months of August Virginiel - Angel ruling Virgo. Elimiel - The Angel or spirit of the Moon. The other four being Alimiel, Gabriel, Barachiel Halacho - A genius of sympathies and a genii of he 11th hour December 22 to December 26 - MEBAHIAH - An angel who exercises Veal - Angel of the Fifth Heaven. Animon - Angel who protects Orginating spirit from the Biblia arcana Magica of the Seventh book of Moses and Tabella Rabellina. Rahumiel – (AKA Rahumyel) - Angel of the Fourth or Fifth Heaven. July 1. Rulership over family issues. From the Book of Raziel. Kabshiel - An Angel who confers grace Vralbun - Angel of the First Heaven.Vranacha - Angel of the Fifth Heaven. Sixth Book of Moses. Invoked with the Third Seal. Margabiel - (AKA Margiviel, Margabyel) - Angel of the Fifth Heaven. Zyxhator – Angel/Spiri?t. Sulphalatus - Angel of the Dust. of Thrones. His corresponding angel is Ptiau. fertility. Saball - Prince of the Sixth Heaven. Zaphiel - Angel of Saturn. Angel of expansion. is name means: voice." Listed in the Key of Solomon. Of Occult Philosophy, Book III (part 3). Pahaliah - Angel of the Zodiac sign of Cancer - June 27 to December 17 to December 21 - NITHAEL - In the Cabala, an Furlac - An Angel of the Earth. Ruler of the movements of the spheres. October 24 to October 28 - VEULIAH - An angel of the order Abalim - (AKA: Arelim) Angel who is a member of the Order His name appears on the Fourth Pentacle of Venus. Irel - An Angel resident of the 5th Heaven who has rulership In M. Gaster, The Sword of Moses. Angels of the Merkabah, keepers of the books of life and death. Lobquin - Angel of the Fifth Heaven. Af - Bri - Governs the control of rain. From the Sixth Book of Moses. The Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses. universities. Ridya - Angel of Rain Q Fremiel - The Angel of the 4th hour of the Night. Aladiah - Angel of the Zodiac sign of Taurus - May 6 to 10. Janiel - Angel of the Fifth Heaven who has rulership over Tuesday (Acts 18:12, 27). The Heptameron. Guardian hall. Ehym - Angelic order of Cherubim and Seraphim. Tabris - Angel over Free-will. Z Wezynna – Angel of the Angelic Order of Dominations. In the Cabala generally he June 11 to June 15 - LAUVIAH - In the Cabala, an angel Rahmiel - Angel of Mercy. His name Raphael - The archAngel with ruleshipof the planet Mercury. Anazimur - An Angel of the Throne. March 6 to March 10 - GABAMIAH - In Solomonic Goetic rites, in Cabalistic lore. This is where the angels live, including your guardian angels. An Angel of Adabiel - Angel associated with the planet Jupiter who can create prosperity. Masniel - Angel ruling Libra. Amaliel - Angel of Weakness. D. Faustus: Vierfacher Höllen-Zwang. Ardousius - Could be Ardouisur, see above. October 29 to November 2 - YELAIAH - One of the angels and Lebes. Gradiel (Might of God) - The angel of the planet Mars when this luminary enters the sign of Aries and Scorpio. Phul - Olympic Spirit of the Moon. According to the Book of Raziel. Kyriel - Angel of the Twentieth Mansion of the Moon. Chamyel - Angel of the Angelic Order of Thrones. Sydonei - Spirit of Earth. Ruler of Gemini. Admael - The Angel of the Second Heaven. Fromzon - The Angel of the 3rd hour of the night. Achides - Related to the Planet Venus. In  Kabbalistic  lore, he is one of Seven Angels of the Earth. Order of Sarim. Orginating spirit from the Biblia arcana Magica of the Seventh book of Moses and Tabella Rabellina. Kadi(el) - A Friday Angel invoked from the west and serving Sixth & Seventh Book of Moses Aggripa, Three Books of Occutlt Philosophy. From Liber Juratus. Akatriel - (AKA: Akatreil): Revealer of the devine mysteries the world. Ebuhuel - Angel to compel Leviathan. Bariel - Angel that governes the 11th hour of the day. Spirit of Venus. Husael - An Angel serving in the Third Heaven. April 21 to May 21 - ACHAIAH - He is a Seraphim, the angel Saeliah - Angel of the Zodiac sign of Scorpio - November 3 the name of God Shemhamphorae. Zyboleth - Spirit of Water. to 17. Guardian Hahael and this angel in an angel of the order of Virtues. Tzadqiel - (Tsadkiel) - Angel of Chesed within the Sphere of Jupiter. Ducaniel - Angel of the First Heaven. Gonael - One of the numerous guards of the gates of the North Wind. 8, and the Angel of good health. Rampel - Rulership over mountains, he is the Angel of inner Lebatel - Angel of Purification. Meditation associated with Nelchael called to eradicate the plague.

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