Many Nano extension users in this forum reported that their infected browsers were also accessing user accounts that weren’t already open in their browsers. Just use ublock origin If any website able to detect and block you from accessing it just post on their subreddit(. Nano Defender can only protect either Nano Adblocker or uBlock Origin, and will prioritize Nano Adblocker. Is Nano Defender that much better though?

CNMN Collection The most obvious change end users noticed was that infected browsers were automatically issuing likes for large numbers of Instagram posts, with no input from users. I tried to follow the instructions but got confused when it starts talking about advanced settings. You must log in or register to reply here. Hill said he reviewed some of the added code and found that it was uploading data. The process is a bit complicated for uBlock Origin, but it works without having to install Nano Adblocker in the browser of choice. Nano Adblocker and Nano Defender aren’t the only extensions that have been reported to tamper with Instagram accounts.

Anyone who had either of these extensions installed should remove them from their machines immediately. Description. Press J to jump to the feed. The possibility that the extensions may have uploaded session cookies means that anyone who was infected should at a minimum fully log out of all sites.

Xu and others say that neither of the extensions available in these other locations are affected. Any that are no longer of use should be removed. It used code from uBlock Origin, one of the most prominent content blocking extensions, and users started to install the new extension in Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. Any product released as Nano Defender on everywhere else other than AMO and this repository are not related to me! Integration in uBlock Origin The Nano extensions weren’t some fly-by-night operation. Read our affiliate link policy. “I am not a malware expert so I can't come up with *all* that is possible when having real-time access to request headers, but I do get that it's really bad.”.

Will update here if find something similar. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the uBlockOrigin community. WIRED Media Group The incident is the latest example of someone acquiring an established browser extension or Android app and using it to infect the large user base that already has it installed.

Fast, potent, and lean. As of 17 Oct 2020, Nano Adblocker is no more. EnlargeCyril GorllaHugo Xu, developer of the Nano Adblocker and Nano Defender extensions, said 17 days ago that he no longer had the time to maintain the project and had sold the rights to the versions available in Google’s Chrome Web Store. I'm working on installing it ATM as there are several manual steps that have to be taken w/firefox... i.e. Xu told me that Nano Adblocker and Nano Defender, which often are installed together, have about 300,000 installations total. Nano defender was made to replace AAK and works for ublock. It worked better than ublock origin(I also have that installed along with it) on some sites where for example it skipped the multiple redirections without needing you to click on "click here to continue" & get you to the final page. This has led to speculation that the updated extensions are accessing authentication cookies and using them to gain access to the user accounts. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

Four days ago, Raymond Hill, maker of the uBlock Origin extension upon which Nano Adblocker is based, revealed that the new developers had rolled out updates that added malicious code.

Always been curious about that. I found out about this a long time ago when I was using both nano & ublock, on many sites ublock just cannot match silent continuous redirects of nano without any popup ad/link to click. What's new in this version - Updated core to uBlock Origin 1.22.4 - Updated shim to Edgyfy - Updated filters and locale contributions to 2019.10.11 Personally I only use ublock origin.

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Yup it was, not sure if ublock catched up now. Edit 2: After looking up some old posts i decided to try nano adblocker as it seems its ublock origin + some and integrates with nano defender better. Alexei, an Electronic Frontier Foundation senior staff technologist who works on the Privacy Badger extension, has been following the discussions and provided me with the following synopsis: The gist is that the Nano extensions were updated to surreptitiously upload your browsing data in a remotely configurable way. Join the Ars Orbital Transmission mailing list to get weekly updates delivered to your inbox.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. One of the main differentiating factors between Nano Defender and … Nano Defender Pro. yes, disable AAK userscript/filterlist and install ND with uBlock Origin.

“Since the added code was able to collect request headers in real-time (through websocket connection I guess), this means sensitive information such as session cookies could be leaked,” he wrote in a message. In fact, the list of websites is unknown at this time as it was remotely configured. An efficient blocker add-on for various browsers. with 89 posters participating, including story author. Time to remove Nano Adblocker and Defender from your browsers (except Firefox) - gHacks Tech News. When I get it working(figured out), I'll try to remember to post a hopefully, more useful guide for ff + ublock origin + nano defender, This reddit is for uBlock Origin, not for Nano Defender FYI. technically only affects chrome version, but the firefox version's maintainer stopped supporting the adblocker so you should consider the firefox version of nano … Any Edge users who used this source are infected and should remove the extensions. User Agent Switcher, an extension that had more than 100,000 active users until Google removed it earlier this month is reported to have done the same thing. JavaScript is disabled. Get Nano Defender Pro (for Waterfox/Firefox 55 or above) Get Nano Defender for Firefox on AMO (Recommend, ONLY for Firefox 60 or above) Nano Adblocker and Nano Defender are available in the extension stores hosted by both Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Google has already removed the extensions from the Chrome Web Store and issued a warning that they aren’t safe. And? Productivity | (25) Get . Haven't needed to search for another adblocker. Remotely configurable means that there was no need to update the extensions to modify the list of websites whose data would be stolen. Always been curious about that. All rights reserved. I couldn't find nano defender on addon store.! It’s hard to provide actionable advice for preventing this kind of abuse. The screenshot to the right shows some of the photos involved. Cyril Gorlla, an artificial intelligence and machine learning researcher at the University of California in San Diego, told me that his browser liked more than 200 images from an Instagram account that didn’t follow anyone. In most cases this should invalidate the session cookies and prevent anyone from using them to gain unauthorized access.

The caveat is that Edge can install extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

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