A number of stories of her exploits in the war grew up and circulated for years before being written down.

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[1], During the early 1770s, Nancy, Benjamin and their family left North Carolina and migrated into Georgia, settling in the extremely fertile Broad River valley of the northeast Piedmont area. She was rough-hewn and rawboned, with red hair and a face scarred by smallpox. This is one of the only certainties about her life. During the early 1770s, Hart and her family left North Carolina and made their way into Georgia, eventually settling in the fertile Broad River valley. Many of Hart's most legendary acts of courage actually took place at the family cabin, not far from the Broad River. According to the most famous story about her, during the Revolution a group of "Tory" soldiers (5 or 6) came by her house either looking for food or a Whig they were pursuing. The leaders of the militia then began offering prizes for marksmanship, and suddenly they became expert shots. She married Benjamin Hart of that area. A program of Georgia Humanities in partnership with the University of Georgia Press, the University System of Georgia/GALILEO, and the Office of the Governor. “Nancy Harts Militia.” New Georgia Encyclopedia, Georgia Humanities Council, 17 Sept. 2010, www.georgiaencyclopedia.org/articles/history-archaeology/nancy-harts-militia. She put two rifles out through a crack between the logs before she was detected, and she quickly took up a third to defend herself. Benjamin Hart wanted to shoot the Tories, but Hart wanted them to hang.

She sent her daughter to the well for water and secretly instructed her to blow a conch shell to warn her husband and neighbors. 1735-1830), Ray Chandler, "The Legend of Nancy Hart,". While few of these stories boast any amount of proof, some are repeated more frequently than others. A scream confirmed her aim. [6] According to this letter, once when she was taking a bag of grain to the mill, a band of Tories forced her off her horse and threw the grain on the ground. Sometime in the 1770s, the family moved to South Carolina and then into the Broad River Valley region of Georgia, where Nancy became accustomed to the frontier lifestyle.

Around 1803 John Hart took his mother and family to Henderson County, Kentucky, to live near relatives. After the death of her husband, Hart moved with one of her sons to Henderson County, Kentucky, where she became a devout Methodist and lived past the age of ninety. The most famous story of Hart's escapades as a frontier patriot began when a group of six (some accounts say five) Tories came to her cabin and demanded information concerning the location of a certain Whig leader. She was also a domineering wife. Strong lady, also known as Kevin Hart’s mother is born on 22 September 1950 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. As Hart served her unwanted guests, she frequently passed between them and their stacked weapons. She agreed to feed the Tory soldiers. Kendall wrote a letter in 1872 recalling some of the stories her uncle had heard from his mother. Undaunted, Hart picked up the heavy bag and walked the rest of the way to the mill. @R-2146341906@ Ancestry Family Trees Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network. McIntosh quotes two such stories. As the Revolution moved into the Southern colonies, Nancy played an important role fighting against Tories in the Georgia backcountry. Omissions? Brackett, Katharine. (Some researchers think that she was born in Pennsylvania or New York). Donations to the Trust are tax deductible to the full extent allowable under the law. After the soldiers had been drinking a sufficient time, she grabbed one of the remaining guns and ordered the men to stay still. The soldiers demanded that Hart cook them one of her turkeys and she agreed to feed the Tory soldiers. She was a cousin to Revolutionary War general Daniel Morgan, who commanded victorious American forces at the Battle of Cowpens in South Carolina on January 17, 1781.

But many scholars dispute this, as there were records of the Cherokee name for the creek prior to the war. Although she was illiterate, Hart was amply blessed with the skills and knowledge necessary for frontier survival; she was an expert herbalist, a skilled hunter and killer, and an excellent shot. In 1853 Hart county, Georgia, and in 1856 its seat, Hartwell, were named in her honour. They used chimney stones recovered from the site of the original cabin, which had stood on the crest of a large hill overlooking Wahachee Creek.[1]. Seizing another weapon, she urged her daughter to run for help. Other accounts say that her crossed eyes confused the soldiers into compliance and she didn’t need to shoot anyone to get her point across. “Nancy Morgan Hart.” NWHM, www.nwhm.org/education-resources/biographies/nancy-morgan-hart. Though Hart was illiterate, she was well-versed in the skills needed for surviving on the frontier. She splashed the boiling soap into his eyes, then went outside and tied him up. More in Revolution & Early Republic Figures, Media Gallery: Nancy Hart (ca. The story of Nancy Hart shows not only that a woman can get in on the folk hero game too, but she can also inspire future generations of women to wreak havoc in her name. The story goes that she would dress as a man and, pretending to be feeble-minded, would enter British camps to gain information that she would then pass along to the Patriots. "Nancy Hart (ca. “Nancy Harts: Female Company Defends Against Raiders.” Troup County Archives, www.trouparchives.org/index.php/history/nancy_harts_female_company_defends_against_raiders.

Most accounts put Hart’s birth in either Pennsylvania or North Carolina around the year 1735.

Some accounts say that Nancy fired off a warning shot into one of the soldiers that attempted to rush her. Nancy Morgan Hart (c. 1735 – 1830) was a heroine of the American Revolutionary War whose exploits against Loyalists in the Georgia backcountry are the stuff of legend. DAR Ancestor # A051652.

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