Order Form | Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 Even new crankshafts can have a tolerance of as much as 0.004 to 0.006-inch radial run out. Their looser tolerances can result in a wide range of problems. You just need to be very careful when you’re removing the crankshaft from the engine. Single cylinder four stroke crankshaft rebuilds for Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda. Toll Free: +1-888-697-4343 $190. -Jeff Henise The rebuild in this article is for two 1974 Yamaha DT175 crankshafts, however the same type of cranks are used in … That’s a problem for some aftermarket crankshafts, even when they’re new. Crankshaft Rebuilding. New rod pin and a new big end bearing is installed. The trust washers increase oil retention, and reduce the friction between the crankweb, washer, and rod. Your Cylinder can be Nikasil plated using the patented Nicom tm process, which is better than that of the original manufacture. We work on all sizes from 9.9 HP, 2 cylinder crankshafts up to 300 HP V-8s. The rotation in turn sets the motorcycle chain, which then enables the wheels of the motorcycle to turn. You have to make sure that you don’t damage the delicate centers found on each end of the crankshaft. $215. When it comes to crankshaft rebuilding, we at Kustom Kraft are the experts to contact. The big end bearings are high end, and they can cope with high RPMs. What about for over 250cc? Crankshaft is trued (balanced) to with-in .002 inch run-out New ProX rod kit, including connecting rod, top and bottom end bearings, crank pin and thrust washers. Crankshafts are disassembled, inspected and cleaned. If you own a motorcycle, then you probably realize the importance of the crankshaft. New "How To” Videos for Power Valve and Stud Removal at Nick’s Garage ! All 250 cc engines and below. For a 60cc to 80 cc model, it only costs $165. A step by step explanation of how I rebuild simple crankshafts. Kustom Kraft Performance is the Leader in cylinder repair , cylinder rebuilding, and big bore kits. Crankshaft Supply is the expert in the remanufacturing, repair, and rebuilding of crankshafts, and cylinder heads - over 70 years experience. On this website you will find how easy and inexpensive it is to have your Nikasil plated cylinder, cast iron or steel sleeved cylinder rebuilt to Better Than New. In other words, you’re not going anywhere with a faulty crankshaft. The new ProX rod kits we use are made in Japan, and they’re made out of the most durable alloys available today. You need to come to us for your crankshaft rebuilding because you’re very likely unable to do there build yourself.

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