The land's end trial (if you don't know) is a long disatnce road event with a couple of dozen off road sections, some of which are done at night. I used to own a KTM 1190 adventure - bought on the strength of effusive journo reviews. The bike in itself was not bad at all. I do however think you are selling the Stelvio short. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. That, to me, says it all. Cynical, maybe - but I'd say my cynicism is born of passion. Any idea how many NTX 650s were made?I have one and it's great but in the UK they're very rare..... Great article, I learned a lot that was new to me. I just love the handling & torque, plus the way it keeps up with my friend's GS. I chose it over the GS and Super Tenere and have been completely satisfied. Ferrari, for example, has been building some of the greatest V8s to ever burn fuel for generations now, and they’ve all been relatively small, techy motors with high rev limits and specific power outputs—even these, however, seem massive and slow-witted when compared to my all-time favorite V8, the Moto Guzzi GP bike of the mid-1950s, an epic mix of the two seemingly wildly disparate design characteristics. Cranks are different depending on what alternator you run and the cranks have a different balance factor depending on what engine and rod piston combo. I was at Willville Motorcycle Camp when the Guzzi folks had a ralley. Dude, this is what OddBike is all about. I fitted later rocker arms on my engine which if I recall had a slightly larger end and more thread for the adjusters. I finally bought my first Guzzi in 2008 after lusting for one for 25 years. Piaggio managers are (and were - see Gilera's end) very cynical, their reasonment is this: "if Guzzi is known by the ignorants as the grandfather's bike, we sill produce grandfather's bikes". Those discarded "PA" bikes are currently the base of many cafè racer builders. 2012-2021 All content copyright Jason Evariste Cormier and respective copyright holders. Paste as plain text instead, × Sold it within 6 months. It is barely heavier than the current V7 and gets extra torque to hustle it along. I want them to survive, which means they need to turn a profit and they need to sell boring machines. Including one 650 TT . × The heads are different on the EV Calis. And that makes me sad, and a bit angry that the market has driven them to this.On a related note I spotted a fully loaded GS in our service bay last week with honest-to-god cupholders installed on the handlebars. You can see it here: with a second french prototype. And, even more, are there differences from the V11 "EV"/ California motors? great article. For a big bike it is very capable off road. So, take the old small-block bikes and sell them as hipster bikes - top success with minimal effort. however, they're not the perfect off road machine. I have owned a California 1100i and currently enjoy a Griso 8v. Plenty of his articles are the best individual source on certain bikes that I can find on the internet. As you pointed out, Guzzi is relying on the hipster scene to survive. Hi Jason,Not too Long!Jason, you are a wordsmith, a bloody pedant, and a cynical bastard, those are compliments by the way - from a bloody pedant and cynical bastard. One of their well respected motorheads said, "Small blocks always blow up." Don’t be left out—join the ranks of those who Drive Tastefully.   You cannot paste images directly. I am guilty of forgetting that the 1999-2001 Sport and the V11 LeMans variants are not the only "V11" and certainly not the only 1064 Big Blocks. I put the effort into writing a proper, detailed profile of these machines that everyone else ignores or glosses over. First raced in 1955, it proved ferociously fast but temperamental, too. I ride mine on forest roads, and even rode it to Inuvik. Just the thing for a bit of gentle off roading.If they keep fairly close to the looks of the original 650NTX then it should be handsome and not too bloated. I've been riding Guzzi enduros for many years and this is the most in-depth piece that I have read on them.Mike. Display as a link instead, × many of the P-D bikes suffered just this fate - the U/Js failed and, because of the design of the V50 series U/J tunnel, either destroyed the end cover of the gearbox or the swinging arm as they escaped to air.Still, it was fun while it lasted!

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