At a fundraising fair at school, a jealous BG makes fun of Brittany-Ann's cookies, which are the hit of the fair.

BG drops Gad and Alex because she is determined to win a dance contest. Returning home, George finally admits he took them because they were sitting on Brittany's steps all alone. When Dad accidentally ruins BG's old rag doll, he assumes that BG is devastated and starts giving her special treats to make it up. Gad and Alex help her realize it is more important to do what you like, not follow the latest trend. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? When did organ music become associated with baseball? Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? Inspired by Dad, BG sets out to be a great animal rescuer. Other characters in the series include Brittany-Ann, a wealthy blonde rival of BG, Kayla, Brittany-Ann's brunette best friend, Billy, a boastful, brown-haired, athletic 9-year-old boy[citation needed] who is also Brittany-Ann's friend[citation needed] and crush,[citation needed] Terry, a teenage[citation needed] girl who babysits Miss BG and George, Alice, her aunt, and Ouma, Gad's grandmother who lives with his family. When Brittany-Ann baby-sits Kayla's hamster, Titus, she plays a trick on the other kids which convinces them that Titus can do math.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Bravo Gudule - : Sorcières et princesses",, "Breakthrough Takes Betty, Miss BG, Flamingo Multi-Platform",,,, "February 14: TVO 209 - 12:30 PM Miss BG", "February 21: TVO 209 - 12:30 PM Miss BG",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. BG is on a mission! BG wants to be a princess in a play but gets jealous when she realizes it is the witch that is the starring role which Brittany-Ann is playing. BG and George do a trial run of caring for Doodlebug, BA's Dog. BG learns that there is no shame in being a beginner at a new skill – all it takes is hard work and commitment. BG finds a set of new skateboard wheels in the trash and becomes convinced that they will bring her luck at an upcoming skateboard competition.

Alex's dad the blonde-haired father of Alex and probably also Robbie. It is unknown if Brittany has a father. Her parents are giving Alice a jewelled bracelet, which BG thinks is ugly. Don't Believe a Word Albert Says / Dirty Papers, S1:E10. BG now needs to get a valentine so she thinks that wearing a skirt is the way.

What is the theme song lyrics to miss BG theme song? When BG accidentally breaks George's sculpture, she blames it on George's hamster, Albert, but is dismayed when an angry George gives Albert "away" to BG.

He and Terri are often together.

BG and her friends decide to sell Dad's old soapbox racer in the neighbourhood garage sale.

But when she doesn't invite Brittany-Ann, her nemesis decides to throw a party of her own. Doodlebug is Brittany-Ann's pet dog. Kayla doesn’t think she is good at soccer so BG offers her expertise. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo. Mom suggests that BG let George play with her and her friends while they build their Karpla design for a competition, BG quickly convinces Mom that it would be better for George to invite a friend over. But then George stops playing with Albert altogether. When Albert escapes under BG's supervision, she is desperate to find him before George discovers he's missing. BG tries to make a special surprise dish for Dad's birthday, but gets so busy with it, Dad begins to think she doesn't want to spend time with him. Characters. BG shows Aunt Alice all the beginners’ tips for Skateboarding while Billy shows off his skills. BG gets a new board game and is eager to find opponents to play.

BG needs to fix the 'broken telephone' and set things right. [4][5], The title was copyrighted in 2004[1] and production began in 2005. The two are constantly competing with each other.Miss BG has been picked up for a second season as of 1/5/06.Canadian Airtimes: Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, November Preview: 19 TV Shows & New Movies to Watch at Home.

Brittany Ann McAdams (French: Marie-Aglae) is BG's wealthy, blonde next-door neighbor - and sometimes nemesis or rival. [citation needed] Her brother George has a very active[citation needed] personality and dotes[citation needed] on his pet hamster Albert. Alex (French: Bertrand) is one of BG's best friends. BG learns that being a divorced kid can be difficult over the holidays. The next morning she doesn't find anything and storms up to the treehouse, not wanting to play with her friends.

Aunt Alice's Birthday/BG Gets a Valentine, S1:E2. What is the time signature of the song Atin Cu Pung Singsing? BG takes a vow of silence for three days when Brittany-Ann accuses her of talking too much and wanting to be the centre of attention. When BG takes an IQ test, the results reveal she's a genius, and the idea of being a "big brain" goes to her head. Aunt Alice is spending the night and BG is excited about having a sleepover party with her - until BG learns she will be sharing a room with George instead. Gad's father, Mr. Mansour, owns[citation needed] the neighborhood market while Alex's older brother Robbie is a teenager[citation needed] who often lends a hand when the children need the aid of an older person,[when?] But she forgot the most important step - get permission from Mom and Dad before inviting all your friends!! Favors are exchanged to maintain a soccer team and a fashion show while siblings Kayla and Billy travel with their father. With a little help from Terri, who loves wearing scrunchies BG learns she's the most mature just being herself. But all is not what it seems. Perhaps your YouTube video will receive a copyright claim, this is normal, you don’t worry about anything, everything is in order with your video, it will not be deleted.

BG helps George build a model plane and learns that it's important to follow directions carefully and not rush new projects. Miss BG (short for Big Girl[3]), is a 3-D animated series based on the "Gudule" French children's book series published by Hachette-Jeunesse, authored by Fanny Joly and illustrated by Roser Capdevila. So when Mom gets sick, BG seizes the opportunity to take over Mom's chores to prove she can handle more responsibility. BG and Alex have fun as reporters gathering "scoops" for the magazine they've started. BG persuades her parents to buy an inflatable swimming pool for their backyard, but her impatience causes a big splash. These ‘tips’ are always factually correct and have underlying social development themes; the humour lies in how BG executes them. Brittany-Ann starts competing with BG for George's affection, causing BG to realize how much she loves her little brother.

He has a dog named Mitzi.

BG fears George is their mother's favourite kid, so she starts competing with him for their father's affection before learning her parents love both their children equally. When BG mistakenly thinks Gad is moving, she and Alex are forced to go to great lengths to prevent it. But BG neglects her plant in favour of skateboarding lessons. BG's defense of Kayla in front of Brittany-Ann makes Kayla BG's new best friend. BG constructs an excellent paper bird for a school project.

Miss BG Goes to the Movies / The Report Card, S1:E14.

4 5 6. But BG must quickly get. Rich, spoiled. This light hearted song has the girls feuding over everything from who’s faster, to who jumps further, to who can sing louder than who; just an average day for these two competitors. Promises, Promises / Detective BG, S1:E23. BG gives Brittany-Ann tips for the perfect family outing. She lets her new 'princess' status go to her head, but ends up missing her real friends and family, even before she realizes she's not a princess. BG gets rid of her hair scrunchies in favor of a Brittany-Ann approved outfit. BG doesn't study, and isn't prepared to win a camping badge she desperately wants.

Mrs. Martin a blonde-haired math and science teacher who is also the homeroom teacher for BG, Gad, Alex, Brittany-Ann, Kayla & Billy.

After he relents it was an older boy, BG wonders if Robbie sent them. When BG and George believe that their favourite baby-sitter is moving to Australia, they attempt to make her change her mind by giving her the best baby-sitting experience in the world. BG plays a trick to scare Gad and Alex with a mechanical monster. BG and George revert to babyish behaviour. Inspired by Dad, BG sets out to be a great animal rescuer.

With a great song and dance, the girls show us that exercise can be fun. BG needs to fix the 'broken telephone' and set things right. George plays with Albert using the bracelet and Albert gets stuck in it. After determining that Alex and Gad didn't send them, she asks Gad's father who he sold them to. All Rights Reserved. BG mistakenly opens Brittany-Ann's gift when it is accidentally delivered to her house in the mail, and she tries to wrap it back up before anyone finds out. Her first mission- to save an anthill from Ouma's garden, even if it means transporting the ants to her bedroom!

Neighbourhood Star / Miss BG and the Snake, S1:E1. BG's excited about the Neighbourhood Olympics, until she learns she has to be George's partner. Billy learns how to behave himself at Brittany-Ann's surprise. [6] Fifty-two 30-minute episodes[7] (each having 2 stories, also aired separately as 104 episodes of 15 minutes) have been produced to date. When BG believes she is wrongfully accused of something George did, she decides to perch out in her tree house until she's proven innocent - until she discovers she really was guilty. BG is horrified when Brittany-Ann must spend the night at her house. BG helps Alice to get George to eat his fruit by making her favorite snack - her "Super Smoothie". When Terri chooses BG, Brittany-Ann and Kayla for a television interview about "Girls Of Today", the latter two think BG looks too childish for such a mature interview. [6] Fifty-two 30-minute episodes[7] (each having 2 stories, also aired separately as 104 episodes of 15 minutes) have been produced to date.

Some of the characters in the show include but are not limited to: Contents Lineup Edit. BG promises George she'll help him make a snowman.

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