Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Means Of Ascent: The Years Of Lyndon Johnson; The book tells the story of Lyndon Johnson's life from 1941-1948 when he won a controversial election to the Senate. I, too, am finding LBJ fascinating (in a way that JFK wasn’t but perhaps should have been). This second book, Means of Ascent, deals almost exclusively with his Senate campaign in 1948. — 20,087 pages. . . Every villain, it seems, requires a hero. ( Log Out /  Author Caro spends quite a bit of time discussing the life of Stevenson who he finds to be an admirable private citizen with very reactionary political views on the issues of the day including race. In short, naval service was a box for Johnson to check off as a part of his career plan. The culminating drama—the explosive heart of the book—is Caro’s illumination, based on extraordinarily detailed investigation, of one of the great political mysteries of the century. . . I do sincerely wish Caro could research & write about 10x faster – there is so much interesting history that has yet to be adequately covered, uncovered, and communicated fluently and cogently…. A devastating study that warrants the broadest readership. “Means of Ascent: The Years of Lyndon Johnson” is the second volume in Robert Caro’s series covering the life of Lyndon B. Johnson. Devastatingly persuasive . It’s a testament to Robert Caro’s skill that we find it so difficult to get a firm moral fix on Johnson. His analysis of how power is used—to build highways and dams, to win elections, to get rich—is masterly.” —Ronald Steel, The New York Times Book Review, “Caro has changed the art of political biography.” —Nicholas von Hoffman, “A spellbinding, hypnotic journey into the political life and times of Lyndon Johnson. Caro often (but not always) provides convincing evidence to support his portrayal of LBJ, but he frequently fails to include evidence that could soften the sharp edges of that portrait. It was the start of a broadcast empire that would make Johnson a multi-millionaire. Reblogged this on Practically Historical. Caro is a former investigative reporter and the author of two Pulitzer Prize-winning biographies: “Master of the Senate” (the third volume in this series) and “The Power Broker” about the life of Robert Moses. Johnson has no intention of putting his political career on hold, so he uses his ties to Speaker Sam Rayburn and President Roosevelt to help initiate a policy whereby members of Congress are declared vital to the war effort. . “Means of Ascent is a political biography, a detective story, a western and a character study. Caro is that rare biographer who seems intrigued by his subject but happily free from the urge to either heroicize, psychologize—or excoriate and punish.” —Francine Prose, 7 Days Johnson poured a record amount of money into the race and used the media of the day extensively. He has produced a portrait not only of Lyndon Johnson, but also of the politics and values of mid-century America.” —Philip Seib, Dallas Morning News, “Robert Caro gives us an LBJ who was human and then some, and what’s enthralling is how this lucid, fascinating book keeps forcing us to confront the extreme contradictions of what (on good days) we call human nature. Most importantly, however, “Means of Ascent” leaves the reader deeply embedded in Johnson’s life, fully engrossed in Caro’s series and eager to tackle the next volume. Here’s hoping the last book is finished soon-ish. 1! Ascent definition is - the act of rising or mounting upward : climb. unputdownable. It was during the 1940's that Johnson began to amass his fortune by buying into a government-regulated industry: radio. Looking forward to what you think. Published in 1990, “Means of Ascent” covers seven difficult years of LBJ’s life – from shortly after his 1941 loss in a special election for the U.S. Senate (while a congressman) to his controversial 1948 Senate victory over former Texas governor Coke Stevenson. Caro has at last set the record straight.” —Richard Marius, Harvard Magazine, “Extraordinary and brilliant . . . Overall, “Means of Ascent” is a commendable successor to “The Path to Power” though not quite its equal. But there are others who also receive interesting, if less extensive, treatment such as George Parr and Frank Hamer. The sentences sparkle. The list of non-presidential VPs is a Who’s Who of forgotten political idols. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.

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