After living in that house for two years, Oursler sold it and built a third house. GREENVILLE, NC-- The East Carolina University softball team swept a doubleheader with Elon College, shutting the Fightin` Christians out 8-0 in the first game and edging Elon 2-1 in game two on Wednesday.. After high school, Marnie joined the Naval Academy. Take at least one day a week off from exercising (or keep it low-key, like a walk around the neighborhood). Marnie Oursler is featured in an article titled, “6 Outdoor Living Space Tips With DIY Network’s Marnie Oursler,” on Ocean Home Magazine, where she shares some of her best tips for livening up an outdoor living space. She had two siblings, a youngest brother Chris and a 16 month older sister Julie. Since it is considered very ‘butch’ for women to work in construction, most people will usually jump to the conclusion that said women are gay. Sophomore 22-0 As of 2020, Marnie Oursler’s net worth is $10 million. Now, she wears a hard hat while building dream homes on the Delaware coast. Waiting for your midday coffee to brew? That’s me surfing in Costa Rica last year! 34 Marnie Oursler ’01 played shortstop on the ECU softball team. Before you know it, you’ll be racking up impressive time totals. After high school, Marnie joined the Naval Academy. I rarely eat red meat or poultry, and instead get my protein through fish and seafood, such as my favorites: salmon and sushi (TIP: Opt for brown rice or quinoa sushi for a healthy alternative to white rice). You’d be surprised by how much a silly number can motivate you to move. O'Connell And I don’t know about you, but a life without chocolate cake is certainly not one I want to live! Pallotti Ks: 286 17 That experience not only taught me how to push through fear to accomplish any goal, but it also instilled in me a deep understanding of the importance of physical fitness. Jen Bell 0.38 Surfing is an amazing full body strength and stability workout and all that paddling scores serious cardio points. : .328 1996 All-Met Softball Team Thursday, June 6, 1996. But early meetings, late nights, and just plain old life (and the occasional laziness!) My eating habits most closely mimic the Mediterranean diet – lots of veggies, seafood, and other whole foods. She was also the host of the HGTV Dream Home 2018 alongside fellow television personality Brian Patrick Flynn. Had 10 multi-hit games this season. My daily routine almost always begins with a morning run on the beach, as well as a swim in the ocean or pool. CATCHERS: Jen Baker, Georgetown Visitation; Toni Ham, Centreville; Vicki Hardisty, High Point; Jennifer Herzig, Osbourn; Katie Kelly, Mount Vernon; Breanna Kitchen, Arundel; Lauryn McAlister, Severna Park; Jenny Pfeiffer, Springbrook; Kristy Roderick, Fairfax; Laura Rosas, R. Montgomery; Jessica Wimmer, O'Connell. Junior 16-5 Briskly walk the hallways or pace around your office to get your blood flowing. Woodring, Emma C Watkins Mill Griggs, Ashleigh He focused on interior design, while Marnie was the main contractor. It stems from the fact that Marnie does not fit the usual description of your average woman. , Throwback to Big Beach Builds with my brother @Chr, With the weather starting to cool down, September. Marnie Oursler's dream has always been to renovate and build homes. She has turned this dream into a business. Marnie and husband Dave canning’s family have been friends for over 25 years. I grew up playing soccer and softball, and attended East Carolina University on a softball scholarship. The very first houses she resold earned her a profit margin of $100,000. The official Softball page for the East Carolina University Pirates. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ I hope all these beach tours are giving you a much needed distraction from reality. When I’m at work, I rarely sit still. 1996 All-Met Softball Team Thursday, June 6, 1996. Centreville FIRST TEAM Back in 2013, she made the 40 under 40 lists for the Professional Builder Magazine. Marnie Oursler and Dave Canning tied the knot back in 2013 on Bethany Beach in the presence of their loved ones. Ledvina, Whitney To stave off overeating, I eat healthy snacks and small meals throughout the day. Wade, Chip Repeat All-Met. We’re making serious progress on this bay front, Today and everyday, we will never forget. They have owned a house in Bethany for more than 20 years, and they gather all three generations…. Did not commit an error. Marnie Oursler's dream has always been to renovate and build homes. OF Once she was done remodeling, Marnie made a profit of over $ 100K on its sale. OUTFIELDERS: Melissa Davids, Paint Branch; Amy Demers, Rockville; Maria Drury, Arundel; Stacy Ellenberger, Glen Burnie; Danielle Jenkins, Madison; Claudia Hickey, O'Connell; Renee Mrowczynski, Northeast; Lucy Pastore, Watkins Mill; Tatjana Savoy, Gwynn Park; Angela Tosi, Lee; Ruth Wilson, Arundel. 0 [1], Marnie Oursler was born outside of Washington, D.C. in Prince George's County, Maryland into a family of homebuilders. Marnie additionally manages ‘Marnie Custom Homes, ’ which is a building company. Estes, Rachel Another benefit of cutting down your red meat and poultry consumption? Anthony, Bailey All Rights Reserved. 37K likes. SECOND TEAM 3 She is the daughter of Marvin Oursler. Two seasons later and the show has released 17 more episodes. If you, like me, thrive off of competition and perform your best when you have a goal (or deadline), you might feel like your solo workouts are kind of a drag. Unable to afford workers, she renovated the house using skills she obtained from working with her family. View Full Bio, Olivia A handful of almonds, a small bowl of berries, yogurt with fruit and granola, carrots with hummus, or even a small peanut butter sandwich (I still eat one every day!) Hirschbuhl, Maggie Call a friend or neighbor and offer to walk theirs (bonus: you’ll also score major brownie points in the neighborhood!). It’s those days that my body craves movement the most. I grew up playing soccer and softball, and attended East Carolina University on a softball scholarship. She also comes from a family of builders. 16 During high school, Oursler spent her free time working at construction sites in the area with her uncles and her brother, Chris. On her wall, Marnie gives fans the unique experience of taking a virtual tour of her mansion. Marnie Oursler O'ConnellSenior Katie McKnight Toss spinach or swiss chard into soups, stir fries, and omelettes. Your canine companion – and your health – will thank you for it! But life has gotten busy in the last few years, between running a thriving business, shooting a TV show, and juggling the demands of balancing my personal and professional lives. . On the show, Oursler makes fantasy beach homes on the coast of Delaware a reality by transforming dated houses into custom properties.[4]. But some days are dedicated to office work – emails, calls, and all the less-than-glamorous stuff that comes with running a business. H.D. Garner, Courtney Guy Fieri Net Worth. Natalie Price Adding just a few more servings of greens per week into your diet is a small change with major benefits. When her market research was complete, Marnie Oursler launched her company. Outstanding defender led team to WCAC title game three times in four seasons. 1B Narron, Lauren P 0.60 Woodall, Chandley It is a rumor that has plagued Marnie for a good portion of her life. Her company can work on any budget and does not turn away clients. 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