But there is one issue with it: the coyote-color frame.

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  • Oops. There are compact and full-size versions of Wilson Combat SIG P320 grip modules. Fortunately, I work for a small agency that allows us to furnish our own duty pistols.

    As it turned out, finding the correct grip module for the M17 was a bit challenging because of the M17’s dual manual thumb safeties.

    The P320 series is built around a stainless-steel interior chassis with serial number. Each M17 was delivered to the military with three grips, and the company armorers had the option of fitting to the soldiers who received them. This molded polymer grip module will enhance your grip and improve recoil control. Found a Size Small P320 at a local shop; put it on a Carry, and really liked the feel.

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    The MSRP of Wilson Combat SIG P320 grip modules is $64.95 regardless of the color, size or safety option. Remove the slide. A forum community dedicated to SIG Sauer Pistols and SIG Sauer Rifles owners and enthusiasts.

    , U.S. & Canadian Military and Law Enforcement. This requires cuts in the grip module to accommodate them. For military, law enforcement or SWAT teams with tan uniforms, the coyote color works well. [gravityform id=1 title=false description=false tabindex=0],