The dowel pointed to in the picture below is in the crankshaft on the opposite end from the propeller. I agree that it can be a double edged sword, if the iran is done properly and the engine has been torn down you will probably end up running the engine well past TBO and only have to worry about the top end. The Complete Under The Cowling Service Center. Quiz: Do You Know These 6 Rare VFR Chart Symbols? The main purpose is to inspect and verify there is no internal damage. My thinking on the prop strike issue is that if the engine was running then you better have a very thorough tear down and inspection by someone that you trust implicitly AND that has all of the testing equipment needed to thoroughly check / magna flux/ eddy current, whatever, all the parts. The IRAN engine wont add much value, but it has been reassembled with a lot of new parts, bearings, rings, etc. CRANKSHAFT P/N: S/N: Sequential Task Additional Information Corrective Action Done/Comments 14. Upload or insert images from URL. All the damaged parts have been replaced. Unfortunately, it was too late for a go-around, and the deer strike caused damage to the propeller and the side of the aircraft. One service center/sales operation stated that only the crankshaft "run out" be checked, and the crank bolt in the accessory case be replaced. Look for dents, unusual scratches/scrapes, warping, grass stains, damage to the tip, etc. If Mike Busch said it I'll defer to NotarPilot.,%20Propeller-Rotor%20Strike%20or%20Loss....pdf. True there is no AD mandating teardown on Continentals but it is stupid not to do it! Here's a picture of a Lycoming engine with the accessory case removed. To start my investigation, I wanted the official definition of a prop strike.Since my engine is Free engine removal and installation labor for most fly-in customers. A. A propeller strike can cause unknown hidden damage to the engine or other components, possibly leading to a catastrophic failure. How do any of us begin to quantify or mitigate the risks that these unknowns carry with them? Animals are typically more active during sunrise, sunset, and nighttime hours, making them difficult to see when you're taking off or landing. The airplane was transported back to California and was rebuilt at Norman Larson Beechcraft at Van Nuys Airport. Quiz: Can You Identify These 7 Cloud Formations? You can post now and register later. You are then making the assumption that the parts in the new engine and the propellor assembly are all metalurgically sound and were properly assembled. 00-3, Tufftride Requirement and Install Bushing. Wildlife on the runway is another major prop strike concern. Founded in 1979, Triad Aviation's Engine Division specializes in overhauls for both Lycoming and Continental engines, but overhauls are only a fraction of the services we provide. Anybody with a Lycoming Engine just received an AD notice from the FAA concering grounding the aircraft until an inspection has been made of the crankshaft bolts and gears on aircraft that have had a prop strike. Not all prop strikes are equal. Because of this, Lycoming Service Bulletin No. They usually require an engine overhaul, and they can easily take an airplane out of service for weeks, if not months.

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