Tony asked Thor. You: Are you a parking ticket? Jane tried to look serious, but failed. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Peter: If you were a booger! Loki complained as Jane hugged him. "How could people tease somebody with that voice?!" When Loki was a boy he spared the life of a magical creature in return for a boon. Tony glared back. Tony grinned; it had certainly taken them long enough. Everyone glanced around nervously. Steve also laughed. The second chapter is a little longer I think and the actual singing doesn't start until chapter Three. “Okay darling, now where were we?” Loki turning around to see y/n quickly sketching. "Fine," he conceded, "But I would like that drink that Stark promised me. “I’ll pass. Thor bellowed from the very pit of his being. “Well… I uh… it’s funny because…”. :D Someone requested an encore of SingStar, seeing as Loki hadn't played it yet. Loki Discovers His Inner Bliss. She had promoted to full time and she and Loki have been inseparable ever since.Y/n wished Loki goodnight and headed off to her room. Loki then took a strand of her hair and tucked in behind her ear and let his hand rest there as he was looking deep into her eyes. Sorry for updating Avengers and Movies a day late- stupid fricking laptop! "But considering how many times the kitchen would get blown up in the process, I'll have to pass. "I need to find some way to entertain myself besides my villainous, evil plans to take over Midgard and the entirety of the human race.". While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. all three of them sang in spookily perfect unison. He has to be the lead singer!" ", "Loki," Thor said, looking at his brother with big blue puppy dog eyes, "Please join the band? Loki chuckled. + Loki quietly opened the door and continued to listen, never had he heard such a beautiful and heavenly voice. I own a couple of Loki action figures and a Loki Bobblehead. Loki is transformed into something new. and a section of the floor opened, a pedestal rose from its center. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. "I…uh…thank you….Tony…" Loki bowed his head, going scarlet. "Bum bum bum bum bum ba-dum!" And don’t beat yourself up if they don’t say it back. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Pepper sang. He just needs to convince a certain blonde god to give it to him. "Then he waddled awayyyy.." Tony sang pretty well. They were wrong. Clint started swaying to the beat. “If you ever want to draw me again, love, tell me. She had a lump in her throat that she couldn’t seem to swallow and she felt like she was going to pass out. "Waddle waddle." Tony said excitedly. "Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin" Clint carried on, grinning. + " When you kiss me heaven sighs " You sung radiantly. Y/n took out her sketch book and started sketching her view of Loki. "Except the ones who are dead" When Tony got free, he was going to kill Loki, in every way imaginable, and some that weren't. "I feel fantastic and I'm still alive" The metal panel was a couple of feet away from the gears now and Tony was quickly running out of options. Read Loki X Reader: Singing in the Shower (One-Shot!) It’ll definitely work. xD *Now my headcanon and NO ONE will tell me OTHERWISE*. ', "Desire becomes surrender; surrender becomes power; do you want it?". "And the science gets done and you make a neat gun" Loki continued, jumping between actual lyrics and his own version, apparently at random. “I told you to not come in.” “Darling, you’ve known me for years and you should know that I don’t listen by now. “Well, you already had me when you started playing Marvin Gaye, what else you got?” He said plopping down on y/n’s bed. "No we just sell lemonade. Loki, with an odd look on his face: I mean… if that’s what you want, Loki: *goes up behind the woman and hugs her*. Post Avengers AU where Loki avoids capture and remains on Midgard to wreak havoc on New York City and be a pain in the ass until Thor gets angry and does the unthinkable to Loki. Thor shouted unceremoniously. Because you got FINE written all over you. But another law about prisoners forces him to take Loki as concubine.He is bound to obey Thor’s every command.Bitter and angry about his fate, HowLoki will react to this forced position.How will Thor propose his love and and win his heart in this situation? Anyways, that is up now, so check it out! After singing the last note loki put the mic down and walked out of the room, only saying a quick “i’ll be in my room” before closing the door on the astonished avengers team. Bruce pointed out. Ever since what happened in New York, y/n and Loki got close after she was hired to look after Loki in his cell. “It’s you yelling at the Avengers!” y/n said excitedly. "Have you idiots never heard of 'privacy?'" !” Loki said as he was barging in the room. Hey guys, I am seriously craving some adorable kid!Loki fanfics where any member of the Avengers raises Loki as their own. "I just had sex and it felt so good!" "For the people who are still alive" Once again Loki sung the line with an insane smile. "It's hard to overstate my satisfaction" Loki gave another insane grin as it clicked. The Avengers all nodded. She and Loki were friends for years and she was always happy around him. ", Loki bit his lip. He has to fix this. You: Wait a second… what’s that in the middle…? But reader cries at one point but only for a short period of time. "And he said to the man running the stand," Bruce smiled. "I don't care, you have an epic singing voice! Y/n’s heart dropped. Tony exclaimed excitedly. "YOU'RE GONNA LEAVE THEM FALLING DOWN!" “Stupid,” y/n said. He snapped. Loki: Darling, I know I’m as sharp as a knife, but you simply cannot use me for battle. Hey guys! Whenever Loki started reading, he looked peaceful. Aralia Stark is a girl with secrets, who has never needed anyone in her entire life. “What are you doing?” “Uhh, nothing,” y/n said shyly. "That's not how it goes" Tony yelled at him, struggling slightly against his bindings. Little Loki and The Avengers by Loki J. “What are you drawing, love?” Y/n then picked up her book and turned it around to show Loki. Take whatever you need to help you fight. Like, record-making good. *hands you the flowers* These are for you, Loki, thinking: At least he didn’t say they were from me. He got even closer until his voice was as quiet as a whisper. Thor started tapping on the counter, his immense strength making the drumming noise echo loudly around the room. Loki looked up at y/n. Warnings for dubious/consent and rape. However once there Loki must completely reverse roles and do something extreme to save the human race and all life on Midgard. Loki Laufeyson is a criminal, sent to earth as a punishment for his crimes. “Ah, here it is,” he said while clicking on the 'Loki’ tab. Clint jumped up and down. "LOKI SINGS?". singing in the shower pt 2 12.6K 418 214. “Oh, you’re going to PAY for that,” Loki said in a teasing tone. His upper half was bare except for a couple gold manacles around his wrists, that kept him from using his magic. Loki is a war trophy. “How does this make you feel?” he said not braking his gaze. Tony declared, pointing dramatically and with a purpose at Loki. They are devastated, and his brother's disappearance forces Thor to learn all the lessons at a much younger age. "As you shoot across the sky!" Loki laughed hysterically at that. Clint suggested. “So…you’ve told me about songs from Steve all the way to Mantis,” Loki said, “but I don’t recall you saying a song that reminded you of me.” “Huh, well will you look at the time, I’m going to sleep now,” y/n said hesitantly. “I umm… it’s umm… you’re um…” “You should’ve just told me, darling,“ Loki said removing his hands away from her. Loki began singing. Hello all! !” Tony said interuppting. Steve was laughing also. At the NY Comic Con, Tom Hiddleston sang a couple of bars of 'Pure Imagination" during the Avengers Panel. Nothing gets past Loki. Y/n nodded and continued sketching with Loki by her side. And so the years go on until one day, by chance, Loki is found. Loki, dramatically taking a seat beside you: Hey baby, I know we’re in a biology class but if anything we got CHEMISTRY ;), You: *keeps writing notes and doesn’t look up from your paper*, Loki: I need help with my English homework afterwards, I’m trying to rearrange the alphabet and put “U” and “I” together :), Loki: I’m chemisTRYING to get you to go out with me, Loki, slowly getting up from his seat: oh, what’s the point. Tony jumped up. "Take 'em to the bridge!" Loki never really paid attention to her. Begrudgingly, Loki joined them, wearing a green shirt and simple black combat trousers, hair combed back, whereas the others were wearing their epic onesies once more. “ALRIGHT ALRIGHT YOU WIN,” she said as she was laughing. "Things do get rather dull on the prisoner level," Loki shrugged. Tony was frantically searching for a way to escape. Thor: Loki, we need to talk about your crush on y/n and how you’ve been chasing after her. "Technically, we're not all mortal, because your brother's a god," Tony pointed out. WATCH IN HD, PLEASE + earphones. It was Loki. “Number 15,” she said as she wrote on the paper and put it in her journal. That’s pretty weird,Loki,” y/n said in an annoyed tone. "Til the very next day." “Great job reindeer games!” said Tony alongside the rest of the avengers leaning against y/n’s doorframe. You've ruined me, you know. Loki is a war prize and sex slave but he doesn't let that stop him from trying to obtain his freedom. Loki wasn't allowed to butcher portal songs, especially not with Tony in the room. Can I get you a glass?" The songs are Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolph, and SexyBack by Justin Timberlake. Smut. Completed as of Pre-Endgame. *-*, As a reminder, I am writing this story with my sister, FrostedFangirl7413, who is my best friend and my partner in crime :D. This story is supposed to be humorous, and as a result there might be a bit of OOCness in the characters... basically we're going to be putting them in a bunch of ridiculous situations, and we will be giving them lots of weird quirks and such. Clint broke the silence, mumbling what everyone in the room was thinking “what just happened….” He plugged the earphones in and wore one and gave y/n the other. He has a lovely voice. "Have you ever had sex? You see, Loki is my favorite character and I love it when he is strong, witty, self-confident - where do these stories hide? "'Cause baby, you're a firework!" Y/n started scrolling through her music showing him all the artists and playlists that she had. Despite what Thor said, they didn't take Loki for the singing type. In any case I'm thinking of doing a sequel, which will be fun. He is brought back and thrown into the cell to continue his punishment.

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