Sidestory Starts the same time as Kumo's story. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the LightNovels community. Let me add, google translator is not the only one autotranslator and there's a lot of better ones!let's compare a very simple sentence.それとこれとは話が違うのだよ。google translate - It is the difference between talking the same with this. - It is this, this, and the story is different. I checked there. Description Does that mean they will send a team to investigate why the monsters in the upper layer are going extinct? Waiting a couple months would throw me right out of the story again so I'd like to keep reading considering I, like many others, have nothing else to do anyway atm. Produced from the moonrunes, he bestows upon us once more our daily bread. It can't be just one person. Only a person is translating this which is me. they didn't tell?? Human-Demon Great War ① - Back no Komoko-chan of OPness?! May be she's shealthed, so we can't see her. thats what i can tell by the progress of the story by the way Iam at chapter 103 still early for me to know....BTW is she ever gonna evolve to humanoid or even half human- half spider or someting????!!! それとこれとは話が違うのだよ。My translation : This and that matter are different stories. But being the lazy reader that I am , I figure it's no harm to ask first. It is not really important, but I think since Julius side story is written with Y (Y1 Y2) I think the correct name is Yulius :3. summary: The world where the Hero and the Demon King continue to oppose each other. In this case, it's about the parallel will that's invading the Demon King. More translation suggestions:分体 = In this case refers to the Queen that's hanging out with Kumoko. 8 chapters is really too much. 476. Elf Village chapter is basically the S chapter. XD. (they are all babies) But Sides Story quickly time leaps years forward. The speed is just because it's never edited. Best MTL i have ever read. 172 I let the children to pay the tribute, 205 The Demon King who's accompanied by God, Blood 10 Strange woman and dangerous woman, 208 The standard of the fantasy world and the first encounter, 209 Vampire attendant conciliatory operation, 210 Vampire master conciliatory operation. I'm just trying to provide some suggestions. are difficult to parse in some places and rather incorrect in others. Joshua-san. When that happens, will you be picking up another work or just continue translating as the work is posted by the author? So, you can read his for better understanding. Author : Baba Okina. Half girl half spider would have worked out better.My compromise is these spiders. Will we be ever able to expect 2-3 chapters a day like it was in the past (talking about the raws)? I don't know how accurate the translation is to the raws, but the meaning comes across just fine through English. Anyone jump reads will miss like this. I don't mind it. Btw, the release speed of the author in the past was somewhat quicker, what happened? Here is the feed: you need to work to find it. Nooooooooo~~~~( ≧Д≦). Blastron(I think) is going to translate it with better English. Release around 7pm (GMT +8). If I have more time, I might pick up another novel. 2 chapters per day. >.>, These aren't shun side stories.Its just like the human demon war, Announcement on the authors blog. It was also said that by the guide in the side story that he had met eyes with her about 10 years ago too. The author announced that the WN is getting a light novel adaption scheduled to be released on 10 December. Why isn't there a next button? M guessing that most of the different perspectives are all from different timelines. I don't think so. Since the prince gains "Hero" after his brother dies in that war, and he has been in the academy for several years now, I would guess 14-16 years AB(after born) I mainly guess that number cause that's about the age most "Hero" become one. In the interest of letting more people experience this charming story, I'm translating this from scratch with an emphasis on localization and accessibility to an English-speaking audience. Great. someone explain this to me or something? :') So, are there any people out there currently translating the ln? 21 comments. I have joined the moon bunny cafe. It is the actual content, the words written. As a fellow novice translator (you're doing way better and faster than me though LOL), can I ask what sources you're using to help out with understanding? The day feels slight more empty without the daily updates! Yup. did joshua decide to release the chapters later in the day? Wow the release speed is insane compared to most word and light novels. ). 23 I'm sorry that I got carried away. Has anyone here done a compilation of the chapters into big files? I would suggest "spare body", "extra body".魔王の裏で - Once again, 裏 can mean a few different things. Kumoko-chan and her funny monologues really brighten my day~ Thanks for translating this! Hey, you won't get to it for a few more days, but since you added it to the list, I just wanted to mention... "人魔大戦裏", the "裏" shouldn't be translated as "back". The status is In Printing. Not sure about that. so will he become a human in the near future (i know this is possibly a spoiler but please answer)as i haven't read at all, Soon and the main character is a female.As of the latest chapters in the raws she's not a humanoid yet but she's going to be most powerful spiders in existence. She actually did it!!! Oh, joy.Hopefully we'll see Kumoko make a move during the battle. author is negligent . whats the Japanese name of the spider MC??? So rather than reading some translator's shoddy attempt at writing, I find that I prefer something like this where the it is much closer to its Japanese original in sentence structure and flow. All will be revealed in due time young Padawan, Yeah unfortunately I never watched Star Wars :p. I presumeA=AdminD=Demon/demon god/devilW=WorldMA=???? Are there any fan translations of "Kumo desu ga, nani ka?"? [Ch 163 Worship me, praise me]Oh this is going to be good, Kumo-chan.jpg, Idaten (韋駄天) -> Ohhh esteemed joshua-samaa, i will inform and link you the page in the not so distance future (o_o), just try it and guess what ? Maybe I can not be as fast as you, however I think I can pull a chapter everyday. Latest chapter's character description will definitely help you with finding future pictures. Just how many people are working one this? A community for those interested in the Novels translated from Japan. I just type like normal. Currently stop half way because I want to find some images for illustration. Oh man, you're almost caught up with the currently released chapters. Btw I loved this novel and I want to help on translating it. You're right. A lot of the "Chapters" somewhere past 200 up to 320 are damn near unreadable due to being rather choppy machine translate. So I can make thread again. Hi, Thank you so much for the translation and hardwork.Just want to inform that there is a chinese translation over here: down to 4th post there are some explanations for neta/reference used in Kumoko, maybe you'll be interested, spoilers alert as it include further chapters. Blood 11 What should I do if my classmate becomes a monster when reincarnated? It's usually like this. 79 How's a spider who's full of dangerous titles? Mine is basically machine translated. Is it possible to pre-order the light novel? :) Just wanted to mention that the title you have there for chapter 150 doesn't really make grammatical sense in English. You could read the WN, but there are a lot that got changed between the two, so not ideal. I am me and me, therefore it is me. and -- what is the foundation of the world the demon king talked about in chapter B1I hate thee teasing the author doing its kinda irritating :::P (6 eyes), Almost there keep going you almost caught up with the rest of us. I don't know. Maybe I can not be as fast as you, however I think I can pull a chapter everyday. Especially the Human-Demon Great War. no offense, but I need to read 200 chapters :P oh well ~, Thank you, did not notice this because of the commens :P, Is she going to be the new demon lord??

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