No problem! Heavy duty strength of the rack means jobs like making firewood, planting trees, spreading mulch, planting a garden and managing properties will get done faster and be more fun. - James in New Hampshire. 1 Chainsaw using our custom chainsaw holder. CLICK HERE to learn how to setup terminal pickup. 3 of any combination of shovels, rakes and brooms using universal tool holders with straps. There’s no doubt that this is one of the most valuable pieces of tractor equipment I have. Mobile storage for your tractor. Made from heavy duty steel construction, is I-Match and quick hitch ready, has active tail gate with cables, a Sturdy wheel caddy kit and a 2” receiver hitch. With the wheels up it is 6.5”. Safely carry all your project needs on your tractor using the many built in tool holders. 4 Coils of garden hose, air hose, rope, chain, or extension cords using universal drop down. You'll need a commerical business location with a loading dock or forklift. (Holds up to 6, weights depending on size). The Ultimate Rack attaches to any tractor with a 3 point hitch in seconds! Won't be home?

Shop the best Kubota attachment... the Kubota Bigtoolrack 3 pt carry all for your tractor. The terminal will load it with a forklift right into your truck. ✔ HEAVY DUTY STEEL CONSTRUCTION (NOT THIN SHEET METAL) 8 Medium or long handled tools including pruners, crow bars, sledgehammers, etc. 4 Bins of chains, hitch pins, wrenches, etc. Haul more, carry more and get more done!

1 Pole saw or String trimmer using our universal holder. HEAVY DUTY STEEL CONSTRUCTION (NOT THIN SHEET METAL). ✔ This is not your backyard built carryall. From shovels to pole saws, string trimmers to chainsaws this beast can safely carry it all. 2 Racks of long length lumber or 8-10' fence posts using our universal drop downs. 3 Universal Tool Holders With Rubber Straps. It’s well constructed as it would need to be to stay up with various tractor work! Ships in 8-10 Weeks. 1 Hitch Port to plug in a tow receiver to tow a small trailer, log splitter or seeder.

We offer terminal pickup at a time that fits your schedule. 1 Counterweight bracket for suitcase weights. using our large storage bins.

using our 4-hole tool holders. 50 LBS Maximum Tongue Capacity (tow feature) designed to tow a trailer, log splitter or other small attachments. If your hitch looks like this, it will fit! It makes tractor work easier by allowing you to be far more efficient with your time. Outside Dimensions (51” L to the outside of the telescoping wheel holder without the side bins) Side to Side, L: 57.5" (with the side bins) Side to Side, H: 59" Rack with wheel kit extended. ✔ At Bigtoolrack we only build top quality products! Leave this to us, professionally built carryalls is all we do. ✔ Handles payloads up to 600lbs Ships in 8-10 Weeks. Ships in 8-10 Weeks. You'll need a forklift OR a tractor with loader and or pallet forks to unload your Bigtoolrack. 1 Telescoping wheel kit to convert your rack to a mobile tool storage system for your garage or barn. 1 Rubber bed liner to protect the bed while reducing slippage. (2). Full Height Note the bottom of the rack is 16” off the ground with the wheels extended.

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