Comment; Flag; More. I bet there is someone who didn't use this seal and has an extra one., Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Pull it up by hand. If spring is good then something else is broken or missing. Kicked over a couple of times and took side casing off again, no scores felt tip intact so working good. I have a 1985 Yamaha Tri-Z 250 3 wheeler and I have to do the same thing. View thousands of photos, event coverage, tips, tricks and performance mods. Kickstart Not returning to original Position, If it simply falls in, there is something wrong - either the opposite end has broken off or has fallen out of the shaft, the spring is broken or you are trying to install it in the wrong orientation. Make sure you have a new kicker gasket as the old one will tear when you remove the plate. That spring is sort of stout and I don't see it suddenly going limp. The charge being from Kickstarter; The amount pledged for the project; The date when Kickstarter attempted to collect your pledge. We were wondering if maybe the transmission oil was low and that maybe there was some sort of safety that it wouldn't kickstart if it was low on oil. It sounds like you didn't reattach the spring correctly. Thanks for the picture. This will be the date that the project you backed ended. On the external stuff, note there is a hole in the engine case for one end of the spring and a hole in the spacer … Thanks, Tierney, 1974 Vespa Sprint Veloce, 1963 VBB 180 Custom. There is a large tab that limits the return of the shaft and this tab should be resting inside a small depression in the case. Models include the Li, Li Special, TV, SX, GP, Serveta and API/SIL models. I placed the case on and it springs perfectly, however, when I tighten the screws it binds, and doesn't spring back. 1. This is very annoying, and suggestions? I am pretty sure you will end up finding your problems inside the engine cover and not having to split cases. The ability to post messages is restricted to LCGB members. It stays at the 9 oclock position after a kick. StukaGruppen13 wrote: My kickstart will not return when the case is on tight. The bike starts and runs fine you just have to push the kickstarter back into place with your hand. I had already whined at Stein about this issue. Started my resto journey with an 82 XT 250, Hoping to bring my old DT 360 back from the dead, Parts needed for 1973 Yamaha Enduro 360 RT3. I placed the case on and it springs perfectly, however, when I tighten the screws it binds, and doesn't spring back. Also, if you have a digital camera that automatically names your pics, beware! T5 Pole Position, T for thoroughbred, If your really stuck and have to use it, it will start and run like that. Unfortunately you'll need to drain your crankcase and coolant and remove the cover and the clutch basket as well to access the spring and wind it up correctly. Sounds like you failed to line up the dot on the rachet with the dot on the gear when you assembled the bike. And the innards...when you took the case cover off, did anything change with the shaft and gears to which the shaft is connected?

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