Bring to a boil; reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered for 20 minutes. For the sauce, I combine Tomato ketchup with some smoky BBQ sauce, Sweet chilli sauce, a 2 Tbs of sugar and and another of cooking oil. Does any one know if i can get some anywhere? With the inner strap meat rib. Are there any stores that use the old method? I was Asst manager of a kfc in hollywood ca in 76-77 and I used to cook them. everything in the seventies and eighties was better quality everything everywhere.

I recall back in the 70's when KFC introduced the ribs. Are you kidding me? Alison is right ! Pat dry. You didn't even need sauce on the side! I had KFC ribs from all of them as I used to be a mini cab driver working out of East Finchley station. I am from Greenwood, IN and the KFC on South Meridian served 'em....Unless you've had 'em you have no clue what the rest of us are talking about...they were like a Meaty Country Style Rib, Breaded in the Original Recipe coating then Deep Fried in a Pressure Cooker, soooo tender...then seriously sauced up so the breading was completely saturated with this sweet tangy slightly spicy sauce that you could not get enough of....Wow were they good. Favourite chicken does the same ribs. I first met them in Germany, close to Ramstein AFB, in the early 80s. Shhut the H' Up!! I grew up in California and remember these fondly. 1 teaspoon onion powder. We made these. does anyone remember the kentucky beef in enfield,ct. They really should bring them back. They were absolutely delicious! The BBQ chicken was prepared the same way weren't bad at all. website or on our other electronic platforms, please call us As some former employees recall at, "The secret to the fantastic flavor was that the ribs were floured up with the original recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken flour and then fried under pressure. 1/4 cup molasses. Submit a story or info about Kentucky Fried Chicken's Ribs,

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