They worked flawlessly, but were covered in rust. While firearms technology doesn't change as rapidly, what is popular and available does. My teenage kids barely have any recollection of CDs and had no idea what a toaster oven was when I mentioned it. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. After a while, I ordered some USGI 15, and a USGI 30. We go behind closed doors at the factory to see how SIG Sauer's ammo is developed and... Anarchy Outdoors has introduced a series of upgrades for the T/C Compass and Venture rifles. For testing I had FMJ ammo on hand from Winchester, Hornady and Wolf, JSPs from Federal, Remington, and Winchester, and JHPs from Hornady. Shooting is the fun part. • The Mossberg 590A1 Retro offers the proven durability and reliability of the M500 and M590... Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. introduced three models of the Ruger American Rimfire rifle with... Dr. Will Dabbs tells you why the Citadel Boss 25 is the way to hunt birds or deer with a shotgun in the 21st century! Pop culture is an easy one to point out, but perhaps the biggest change is in technology. Above are the photos of that Iver Johnson M-1 Carbine with the alterations thanks to "Keep Shooting" and Numerich Gun Parts. Shooting an M1 Carbine is just plain fun. The trigger pull is a single-stage with no take up. Unlike many weapons whose springs are so strong many kids and women can hardly load them, it is possible to work the bolt on the M1 Carbine with one finger. In the 1960s, Jim Cirillo, from the NYPD’s Stake Out Squad, and author of “Tales of the Stakeout Squad,” used a NYPD-issue M1 Carbine with G.I. The pushbutton magazine release is marked "M," and there is a line underneath it, indicating that it has been modified to work with 30-round magazines. The receivers are made by Kahr (Auto Ordnance) and production was a bit delayed, as they had to wait for approval from the ATF to get a marking variance. To complete my excursion I went online and bought a perfect (new) reproduction of the double-magazine canvas stock pouch seen on many GI guns, complete with 1943 markings. One of the cameramen, who's in his early 30s and a hunter and gun owner, asked, "What's that?". All Firearms News subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Best Practices for M1 Carbine Reliability. "Keep Shooting" magazines I read in a couple of places that "Keep Shooting" makes a pretty reliable 15 round carbine mag so I bought three of them at two different times. In addition to the fixed stock M1 Carbine the new Inland is making the folding-stock M1A1 Paratrooper version in addition to two 1911 pistols. What I did discover was new, commercial Korean-made 15- and 30-round M1 Carbine magazines. Let's look at the specifications of the M1 Carbine itself before we get into the details of the new Inland. For the last 10 years or so, many firearm manufacturers have decided to manufacture in America what they couldn't import. Somewhere over 6.2 million carbines were produced during World War II alone, more than any other U.S. small arm. It was relatively crisp and 6.25 pounds in weight. While 30-round magazines were developed in conjunction with the full-auto version of the carbine, the M2, they didn't see use by troops until the Korean War. German Sniper Rifles of World War I and II, Shooting the Soviet 7.62x25mm PPSh-41 Submachine Gun, Ruger American Rimfire with Go Wild Camo I-M Brush Stock, WCP320 Pistol Now Legal for IDPA and USPSA, Opposition to 'STRONG Ohio' Remains Strong, Anarchy Outdoors Introduces Upgrades For T/C Compass and Venture Rifles, Firearms News Presents: NEMO Arms Omen 3.0 Match Rifle (VIDEO), L1A1 7.62mm Rifle vs. CETME Modelo C Rifle, Hornady Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter with Hornady 4DOF, Transcoded: FANIssue11-SpringfieldEdgeEVAC. Soldiers complained about the Garand's weight, capacity, recoil and its bad habit of announcing to any nearby enemy soldiers, with a loud "ping," that it was empty. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. The front sight is a simple post, protected by wings. First of all, use an original GI-issued Carbine. Supply of M1 Carbines drying up? To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. The safety on this model is a pushbutton just forward of the trigger guard. While surplus .30 Carbine ammo is long gone, and commercial ammo isn't as widely available as .223, .30 Carbine ammo is being produced by just about every major ammunition manufacturer. The M1A1 has a side-folding metal buttstock attached to a walnut stock, and replicates versions fielded by some airborne units in World War II. He'd never seen an M1 Carbine before, which reinforced the thought that when things fall out of fashion with older generations, the younger generations never even heard about them. The wrappers for the 30-rounders have an NSN-number on them but I believe this is just for show, as Korean troops haven't been armed with carbines since the 1970s. On the plus side I know Audie Murphy was a big fan of the little rifle. If you look into how to make these guns more reliable, you’ll run into a few of the same recommendations over and over. The bolt of an M1 will only lock back if using magazines with certain types of followers; if the rear of the bullet shape on the follower is vertical, it will lock the bolt back. The 30-round magazines had followers that would lock the bolt back when empty. At the rear of the receiver just behind the rear sight is "INLAND MFG." If you don't know who Audie Murphy is, let's just say he saw enough combat to know what worked and what didn't, and had a documented track record of hitting what he was aiming at from time to time. The trigger pull is a single-stage with no take up. Because the new Inland M1 carbine is not a collector's item, you can shoot it all you want without worrying about damaging your "investment," which is as it should be. You can lock the bolt back with a spring-loaded pin on the top of the handle; retract the bolt, push the pin down, and it clicks nicely into a detent in the receiver. Of the three, the one from Keep Shooting was the worst. I think that I paid about $12 each for these. Inland provides one 15-round magazine with the rifle (or a 10-rounder and a 1944-era rifle with a Type 2 barrel band and no bayonet lug if you live in states which selectively interpret the Constitution). Well, let me a little more exact on that: the supply has dried up on some items (such as 1903 Springfields and Mausers) while other items (such as the metric tons of Garands and M1 Carbines South Korea would love to sell to us) are being blocked from import by our own federal government, which means supply goes down, and prices go way up. Hey guys, I have a new model Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine. Later models had a safety lever-down for On, rotate back for Off. The folks at the new Inland Manufacturing out of Dayton, Ohio, decided that they would make new M1 Carbines. With your finger outside of the trigger guard, the tip of your forefinger will be near the front of the trigger guard, in front of the safety. The drill’s 5.5-inch bulls are just hard enough to force good sight picture and trigger break, and again the M1 Carbine recovered just slightly more slowly than modern designs, while the longish, “rolly” trigger pull took a fraction longer to dress up. I searched around online to see what was out there. Patrick Sweeney of Firearms News shows off the Springfield Edge AR pistol with a folding arm brace. Even with two loaded 15-round magazines hanging on the buttstock, the carbine balances and handles better than just about any other rifle Iíve ever held. The stock has a metal buttplate and a slot for a sling and oiler. Anyone thinking about using an M1 Carbine for personal defense today has the option of loading it with soft-point or hollow-point ammunition, something our soldiers couldn't do. M1 Carbines also tend to have good trigger pulls just because of the geometry of the fire control system, and this Inland was no different. It was relatively crisp and 6.25 pounds in weight. Neither The High Road nor any of its directors, members, managers, employees, agents, vendors, or suppliers will be liable for any direct, indirect, general, bodily injury, compensatory, special, punitive, consequential, or incidental damages including, without limitation, lost profits or revenues, costs of replacement goods, loss or damage to data arising out of the use or inability to use this forum or any services associated with this forum, or damages from the use of or reliance on the information present on this forum, even if you have been advised of the possibility of such damages. The M1 Carbine was not designed to be a front-line combat weapon but rather was meant for support troops, something a little more powerful and easier to hit with than the .45 ACP 1911 pistol. The M1 Carbine has proven itself on battlefields around the world and hunting grounds here at home, and avoids the stigma of the "evil black assault rifle." He quite often carried an M1 Carbine, loaded with 110 grain JSPs, and said that of all the weapons the unit used the carbine had the best track record: 100 percent one-shot stops. To release, just give the bolt handle a little tug backward and let it fly. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. In this age of plastic and aluminum, it was refreshing to have a wood stock in my hand, and I especially liked the authentic cartouche on the right side of the buttstock. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. The front barrel band on the left side has an integral sling loop, and it is all one piece with the bayonet mount that encloses a section of the barrel like a shroud. So I took the opportunity to educate him on the rifle.

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