Bennett said having a sense of humour is “very important in this business” and can help tackle those psychological hurdles. Looking forward to more young women following in their path. But then later in the discussion, everyone seemed to agree that you have to work for free at the beginning of your career, and accept anything that’s offered to you. I certainly wasn’t left with the impression that the same camera work would have been done had it been Elliotte Friedman instead of Petrillo in that role. Unlike you I’m not going to substitute my opinion on their career paths for their own. Like I wrote at the beginning, we should look back as much as we look forward. Cassie Campbell became the first woman to do colour commentary for an NHL television broadcast on October 14, 2006. Lindsay Hamilton is a Canadian sports reporter currently working as an anchor on the Canadian Sports Network TSN. Your email address will not be published. Fine but the fact is they succeeded because they worked for it. What might seem like a silly, forgettable joke to the wisecracking journalist stuck in the mind of his victim. However, this is primarily during late evenings, overnight and weekends. Not sure about the other networks as I don’t watch them regularly. And even those who come from the journalism or broadcasting side are more likely to be men, both because men tend to be more interested in these sports and because men are more inclined to think their opinion about these things matter. When I was hired by my first major sports broadcast network, I was the only female working at that station. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, she was physically separated from her colleagues, and even though her segment was called the “iDesk”, she was the only person in the studio without a desk. Sometimes it’s for rational reasons, like the opinions you have or your skills as a broadcaster. And when it’s directed at women, hate takes on a scary tone. Enjoy listening to them whenever there is a chance. A couple of newcomers were brought into the fold in the last year including Laura Diakun (formerly of The Score) and Kara Wagland. “People are surprised that I like sports, surprised that I work in sports,” she said, and the last thing she wants to do is reinforce the impression that women don’t know what they’re talking about. Accepting any job offered to you means accepting things you might not think you’re qualified for. Saying you’re a feminist and actually being one are two different things. Definitely they could have their own shows and put some of the men regulars who are on the air now to shame! TODAY. There are plenty of lessons I have learned from being part of that boy’s club – here are four that can help women in any male-dominated profession. “women who at some point worked at the same station, interning or otherwise working with TSN 690 afternoon host Mitch Melnick” The same floor then? Robyn Flynn, a TSN 690 contributor who is active on social media, talked about getting rape threats as if they’re a simple occupational hazard. No, I’m recounting what they said during a panel discussion. She works for CNN en Español, and she and her husband own the production company that created the Spanish sports interview program DxTips (or, Deportips). Things are changing, but at a glacial pace. The problem is exacerbated by a series of minor instances of sexism that pile up. “Being a female, most men assume you aren’t knowledgeable and you have to work to prove yourself. I do recall on Sportsnet, their female personalities are spread out all throughout the week – they have one female host (Caroline Cameron) alongside James Cybulski on weekday mornings, a sole female host (Hazel Mae) for the early evening edition, and Evanka hosts the primetime edition alongside a male host. I interviewed him several times after, and he never again asked for my number. Kara grew up in Cambridge playing as a member of the St. Benedict Saints basketball and volleyball teams. Feb 12th, 2015 8:12 pm . All rights reserved. All these women should be proud of the work they are doing. And on top of that, someone thought it was a good idea to start her segments with a long moving shot from a camera on a jib that started out pointed at her from behind. Feb 7th, 2015 3:47 pm #24; Canada_7 Deal Addict Dec 31, 2006 4789 posts 317 upvotes Feb 7th, 2015 3:47 pm. I am suggesting that its wrong to credit Menick for their success. They’re never doing play-by-play, and they’re never on the analyst panels for NHL games. Lindsay is beautiful. And if you’re a woman on top of that, you have the added pressure that if you screw up, everyone will think it’s because you’re a woman. Since Brenda Branswell went back to the city department, the Montreal Gazette’s sports section has been all-male. Lindsay Hamilton【 TSN 】Age, Married, Wiki, Bio, Husband, Images Unsurprisingly, TBS did not renew her contract. And maybe one or two other as NHL colour analyst later on(I remember her as a NHL colour commentator for one game, but can’t remember any other details) . 8 Kara Wagland - TSN. I was once asked, in the middle of an interview, for my phone number. Since Chantal Desjardins got her job with Sportsnet, CTV Montreal’s sports department hasn’t had any female voices. There are plenty of women working in print, radio, television and digital media, particularly in positions that expose them to the public. While we are seeing more females in sports broadcasting, it is still a bit of a boy’s club. Love when she hosts, great presenter and respect for what you do!! Stein described conversations with Bennett or RDS’s Chantal Machabée as a “safe space to ask questions that are dumb” even though the questions she’d ask her more experienced colleagues didn’t sound particularly dumb at all. She is one of the most beautiful, talented, woman on this planet!! TEAM CANADA!!!!! I have learned to not be afraid to stick up for myself, to go after what I want, and to fight for more responsibility. It’s been fun. (I know. In the media, we like to think of ourselves as more progressive than other industries. You’re Super attractive Lindsay, and wishing you all the best for 2020 and beyond! It’s a lifestyle,” she said. I like Kate but prefer Evanka Osmak. That line gets blurred and that’s why we’re kept behind.”. “I look at the way that female athletes are marketed, and female sports are marketed. For years, Mexico has had a female play by play announcer for Mexican Premier Soccer League games on Televisa. And when they are used, it’s often as news anchors partnered with men (Jennifer Hedger, Kate Beirness, Carly Agro, Evanka Osmak),”. “You can’t get away from the fact that the men’s sports are more exciting,” Bennett said. It wasn’t so long ago that women weren’t even allowed in dressing rooms. Over the years, though, I’ve learned how to handle situations more professionally. Montreal home games draw a few hundred fans on average, despite dirt-cheap $15 tickets and cheap food. I know she was sick for an extended period near the end, that didn’t help.

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