When an old movie of mine appears on TV, I crawl under a chair and hide. Except when Ray Charles does it. I think Barbra Streisand's great. When she took on the role of Dixie McCall on. London learned she was dismissed from Universal Studios in 1948. Basically, you see, I'm a night person... all those years working in clubs and in Vegas where you don't get to bed until 5 or 6 a.m. London died on October 18, 2000, on what would have been her husband (, She began smoking in 1942, aged 15 or 16, and continued until 1995, when she suffered a debilitating stroke. But I force myself to swim, ride a bike or go to a gym. October 19, 2000 -- Julie London, best known to TV audiences as nurse Dixie McCall on the 1970s hospital drama Emergency!, died Wednesday at age 74. Billboard Magazine named her the most popular female vocalist for 1955, 1956 and 1957". But you know what I miss? [Who said in 1975 about refusing to sing, in real-life, when starring in [, View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. Before graduation from high school, she joined the cast of USO Camp Shows, which toured throughout Southern California and entertained the troops at the Hollywood USO. I'm the world's worst. Met a young, struggling and unfamiliar actor. (1972) with new husband Bobby Troup. Sources: eBay; julielondon.org. Robert Sieger, Other Works She had 16 hobbies: cooking, spending time with family, singing, partying, traveling, knitting, dining, listening to music, reading, working on crossword puzzles, swimming, interior decorating, playing games, sports, golfing and gambling. Her own favorite singers were Barbra Streisand and Roberta Flack. Here are 125 things you don't know about her: Hired for ex-husband Jack Webb's Emergency! But forget it. I'm always in jeans or those damn nurses' uniforms. [11 April 1967]. I even try to help the kids with that new math. 1 for four months, but I didn't know the business then; I didn't know what it meant. But it is a kind of over-smoked voice, and it automatically sounds intimate. I do know how to handle audiences. Known in some circles as "The Liberty Girl" for helping establish Liberty Records as a successful label, her many hit albums on that label include "Julie Is Her Name", "Calendar Girl" with some borderline erotic (for the time) cover photography by Gene Lester, "About the Blues", "Your Number, Please", "Send For Me", "Love Letters", "The End of the World", "In Person at the Americana", "The Wonderful World of Julie London" and the provocatively titled "Nice Girls Don't Stay for Breakfast". But my husband can't stand to be in the same room with me when I eat like this. One of her passengers was talent agent Sue Carol, who was the wife of, She took the role of head nurse Dixie McCall on television's, Her most popular song, "Cry Me a River", was written by her former classmate/boyfriend. Things have changed. Bobby Troup Julie London Star Family Singing Career Film Music Books Father And Son American … I love her when she sings softly. The other day I had to go buy a dress because I didn't even own one. Forced to give up band singing when her true age was discovered, she was primarily a torch singer. She did, and got the part. At age 8, in 1935, her voice was strong enough to impress talent scouts, and she auditioned for a part in a station radio contest. [In 1972]: I'm not crazy about sexual activities so explicitly shown. Official Sites, Frequently played characters with a sexy, seductive personality. Was a politically conservative libertarian. She'd read my script and found a part for someone her age. I had a three-week commitment to sing in Las Vegas at the Tropicana. Sex is a terribly personal thing. [1956]. I make ham gravy the same way, it's my husband's favorite, and my kids adore it. The only trouble I have is trying to repeat her dishes. They said, "Go on, See her.". Now, several years after her father's death, Lisa has opened up to Closer Weekly about the relationship they shared, stating that: "He was a good dad. I'd finish working at 1 a.m. and then I couldn't sleep. Born Julie Peck to a song-and-dance duo that performed in vaudeville, she started singing on her parents' radio show and started working in movies in the 1940s, after changing her name to London. Her famous rendition of "Cry Me a River" was later used by ex-husband, actor and producer, Was a huge fan of small, nightclub jazz music bands, unlike the big jazz bands of fellow singers. Later, the Pecks ran a photography business in San Bernardino, California, until it went bankrupt in 1941, when Julie was 14. [on her singing voice]: It's only a thimbleful of a voice, and I have to use it close to the microphone. I may have to revise my ideal weight if this pace keeps up. Frequently I make bacon gravy by browning flour in the drippings. In July 1947 Julie London married actor Jack Webb. Before she was a successful actress and singer, when she was only 15, she used to work at Roos Bros. London was forced to give up band singing professionally when her true age was discovered. [When she was offered the female lead role of Dixie McCall]: It was news to me. 15. By the time London was 18, she began singing with. In 1938, when she was only 11, her father, Jack Peck, an alcoholic, was arrested for reckless driving. If there was ever anything I wanted or needed, he was there for me.". She testified in support of proposed legislation that would give royalties to singers as well as composers. I'm strictly the housewife-mother type. The sultry-voiced actress, who was once married to Dragnet producer-star Jack Webb, was also a singer and had a hit record with the 1950s single "Cry Me a River.". Jack Webb as Sergeant Joe Friday in "The Fur Job" on January 01, 1900 | Photo: Getty Images. [When she cooked for her family]: I'm an impulsive cook. Jack Webb in a scene from the film "Pete Kelly's Blues" on January 01, 1955 | Photo: Getty Images. I think our emotions contribute most to staying young. Bobby's a Phi Beta Kappa, but he can't do their homework. during its five-year run on NBC before retiring from show business. [If homes belongs to couples or roommates]: I think homes should reflect the individuals and their individual taste rather than someone else's. [In 1963]: We're opposite types. London, who had been in declining health since suffering a stroke five years ago, died at a hospital in the Los Angeles suburb of Encino, according to her business manager, Meyer Sack. Began her career as a contract player for Universal in 1945 and Warner Bros. in 1949. Her vocal range was described by "sultry" and "low-keyed". But it is a kind of over-smoked voice, and it automatically sounds intimate.". She had high blood pressure, which contributed to her 1995 stroke. Although Lisa Breen was only three months old when her parents, Jack Webb and Julie London, broke up in 1953, she stayed close to her father. [In 1981]: Mainly it's been a royal treat for the two of us, being able to spend a lot of time with the kids, which is really important to us both, and which we're still doing. One day after London's 70th birthday, her daughter. [In 1973]: I got a letter from some dame who criticized my demeanor on the show. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Bobby was in Las Vegas writing the lyrics to Billy May's music for the new edition of the Follies Bergère, which opened January 1 in the Tropicana. Was a celebrity spokesperson for Marlboro Cigarettes from the late 1950s to the early 1960s. Artists from Barbra Streisand to Harry Connick Jr. have covered the song. Julie London as a screen seductress in an undated publicity photo, and in her career-launching Esquite photo from 1943. Describing her smoky vocal style, London once said, "It's only a thimbleful of a voice, and I have to use it close to a microphone. That slight mishap didn't stop the actor from making sure that his reality-inspired television shows featured professional civil servants such as police officers, police detectives, and firefighters. The only music I don't really like is country and western. She remained in ill health. Best known as a dedicated L.A. cop Joe Friday on "Dragnet," it wasn't very often that people got to see Jack's softer side, which his daughter maintains that he had. She appeared in nearly two dozen motion pictures during the 1940s and '50s, starring in such films as Task Force (1949), The Fat Man (1951), Man of the West (1958), and A Question of Adultery (1959). She married Webb in 1947, just as her singing career was getting off the ground. I make a 10-minute or a 45-minute breakfast, depending upon my mood and appetite. Would often sing at parties for familiar stars. Talk, about control; I never had the kind of discipline for voice training. Not only did the city of Los Angeles fly flags at half-mast in his honor, but the LAPD also retired Sgt. Had appeared on the front cover of TV Guide twice. When London was a teenager, she would frequently go to jazz clubs with, Nurse Dixie McCall, London's character on, In 1958, when 31-year-old London was interviewed by. (Her version of "Yummy Yummy Yummy" was featured on the HBO television series Six Feet Under (2001).) Her many hit albums on that label include "Julie Is Her Name", "Calendar Girl" with some borderline erotic (for the time) cover photography by Gene Lester, "About the Blues", "Your Number, Please", "Send For Me", "Love Letters", "The End of the World", "In Person at the Americana", "The Wonderful World of Julie London" and the provocatively titled "Nice Girls Don't Stay for Breakfast".Her most popular song, "Cry Me a River", was written by her former classmate/boyfriend Arthur Hamilton and produced by Bobby Troup.

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