Telugu Padalu 5 (Telugu Words Reading and Writing ), 1st Class, And emphasis is marked by adding E/ Thus sr°l£> vadu, 'he;' ■sr-~& vade 'that very man: he himself.' Thus vacjce (vut-cheh) 'he came,' is pronounced "S>^ Oqcs. )s"3 one woman.
But it is wrong, though customary, to place it in conjunction with ^ N or 5$) M. When N or M occurs double as ^i^t, 69the vulgar write esojjb or. Some other characters also are evidently cognate. This must be remedied in searching for a word in the dictionary. But our business is to study the language as it is: to take it as we find it: and errors that do not injure the sense or the metre may safely be left unaltered. Instead of కారం caram, the word త్వం twam (a word \ikeness as పటుత్వం stoutness, గురుత్వం heaviness) is sometimes used. 6. కి, గి, చి, are Ki, Gi, and Chi: and కు, గు, చు, are Ku, Gu, Chu. A circle, o, is in some places used for N or M. Thus అంత is anta, అంబ is amba, పంపుట is pamputa 'to send.' Telugu, Bujji Meka Song by Smt. But the ancient grammarians have treated it in a manner so obscure that it is hardly possible to comprehend their meaning. This is the conjunction. Again Thanks for this work. Thus the word Sanscrit t&o^^So is pronounced sams-cru-tam. Thus WSoafc atandu is pronounced **84& atadu. Thus in English we still say he for the planet Mars and she for Venus though the word ' star' is neuter.*. Thus పోయి is pō-yi (pronounced pō-i) ' having gone.'

As certain consonants have the vowel A "inherent" so the consonant య ya (of which --- is the second form) has the vowel I, inherent. Telugu Padalu 12 (Telugu Words Reading and Writing ), 1st class, Throughout the grammar I have used the common forme of the initial vowels. It is a noun substantive; of which the genitive form is "Bo43. The following are the shapes used, In Arahic too the moon is masculine, and the sun feminine. The expressions dentals, palatals, labials, &c, which are used in Sanscrit Grammar are needless here: or belong only to the rules (at the close of the volume) regarding Sanscrit words. This frequently occurs at the close of those stanzas which require a long final syllable; for every silent consonant as ల్ or న్ makes the preceding short syllabic long. These shapes are considered vulgar but are in daily use. They are sometimes marked with accents, as t' t'h d' d'h n' Y and s'. Elsewhere V changes into O. Thus Xt°tv» or -co"**; <5co*"7r« or A&xott'. ', In common business this is best represented b)' 56; thus Ramoodoo for Ramudu: for in the affairs of ordinary life more precision in spelling would be pedantic*. In running hand the letters are shaped differently, and are combined, as in English; the words not being divided from each other. The sign for dirgham or the longer sound is often omitted in Writting. A letter is called అక్షరము. The common contractions of words, (whether Sanscrit, Telugu, Hindustani or English) used in letter writing and accounts are as follows :—The Hindustani words are marked (H.) పుట:A grammar of the Telugu language.pdf/70 పుట:A grammar of the Telugu language.pdf/72 ^S hari (hurry) 'a certain name.' The sunna thus inserted is called 65-"iS? So ధర్మం Dh r m, In all these we perceive that the vowels are short in both syllables and the accent falls on the first. Accordingly in searching for a Sanscrit noun of this class the final mu is to be disregarded.

Thus కకారదీర్ఘం kakāra-dīrgham signifies (కా kā) the consonant k with ā added. Thus పృథక్ pridhac (i. e. separately,a part.) The letter G is always hard, thus *~?jtginneh 'a cup' and ~5?tut£> gelucu 'to conquer;' but it is never pronounced soft as in George.

The circle (called సున్న sunna) is usually formed like the English letter o. But a difficulty (felt by those who have advanced far) arises from the liberty of spelling the same word in various ways.

They acknowledge that in practice it is laid aside, and that there is no rule in any grammar to vindicate the various ways in which the ardha bindu is inserted. sfcrf mani (money) ' a jewel.' In the rustic or ancient pronunciation, the Telugue use the soft sounds alone.

Thus the consonants క, గ, చ, are Ka, Ga, Cha; the mark «/ above each being the Talacattu or sign of A. [1],'Tenugu* (the name of this language) 3^)6*^0 Chenna-Patnam, the original name (still in use) of Madras. Telugu Padalu 3 (Telugu Words Reading and Writing ), 1st Class,

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