The many times my family and I have had a good laugh or a moment of fear could fill a short novel. The average enclosure size for a polar bear is one-millionth of the size of its home in the wild. In conclusion animals in zoos deserve to be out in the wild acting like wild animals and not depressed domestic pets. Some people and I see zoos as prisons where innocent creatures are unjustly held captive. As a result animals suffer and die due to the lack of proper medical attention. When the animals are in zoos they are not hunting for their food themselves it is handed to them on a platter. Type: Essay, 2 pages. As an individual, I can't recall how many times I have visited zoos and attended circuses. They’re here to provide a means of education and conservation. Students looking for free, top-notch essay and term paper samples on various topics. Children don't recognize a human-nonhuman hierarchy; they recognize animals as their friends, neighbours, family members – and equals. Whenever I visit the zoos, I always ask myself if the enclosed animals are happy. Pioneering work by psychologists such as Gail Melson reveals that young children naturally recognize animals as fully minded and intentional beings, with their own lives to lead. Animals in zoos and circuses are abused. ----------------------------------------------------------. It’s simply cruel, disgusting, and wrong. Whether it be on the federal or local and state-level, there has been a definite increase in the questionable legality of America’s circus industry due to the neglect and abuse of the participating animals, courts’ decisions, Should the Use of Animals in Circuses Be Banned? At least in the wild, animals are able to what they are naturally supposed to do, without getting a beating for every mistake they make. Circuses Circuses and other animal entertainments The animal rights answer. to watch animals for reasons like education and entertainment. I was scolded for laughing at the faultless animal, but how could I not? Zoos and circuses are part of this education. Many animal welfare advocates consider fur, foie gras, and cosmetics testing to be frivolous uses of animals, with too much animal suffering and not much benefit to humans. Occurring mostly in Iraq, Egypt, India, Texas, China and many other countries. Today, animals are seen doing show stopping tricks whether it be on TV, circuses, or theme parks. (549), 4.8 Some information in it may no longer be current. If you want to see an animal there are many websites with live cameras in order to see it. Although, the animals are not alive when they are skinned down still does not make it okay. Will you good? Circuses around the world continue to use animals in their shows and very few countries have banned the practice. Now, I’m not an advocate for animal cruelty in any way, but this dog has been known to be rather clumsy. Read our, I'm a print subscriber, link to my account, Avoid the use of toxic and offensive language. Many Canadians this week nodded in approval over the retirement of Ringling Brothers's performing elephants, and cringed at photos of Justin Bieber posing with his "tiger for hire." Believe it or not, cats and dogs are used for their skin in Asia for products that are sold to the United States (Is It True That Some). They are used for testing, although there are many other alternatives. In my essay, I focused on the mistreatment of animals in zoos, circuses, and rodeos, three of the most common forms of animal entertainment in the modern-day world. Retrieved from, Type: Should Parents Be Held Responsible For The Crimes of Their Underage Children? I could go on and on about this topic because I feel so passionately about it, but you probably don’t want to read that! Don't waste time. Zoos and circuses take animals from their natural habitats and pretend to improve the quality of the animals’ lives when really they just want to use them to make money and amuse humans. Suddenly, a man comes out of nowhere and captures the tiger and puts him in a cage in the back of a van. To start with, animals can be totally free and nobody can personal... For many people, the zoo is a source of fond memories and funny childhood anecdote like the swinging monkey, growling tigers and the others animals. They teach children that the very people celebrated as animal experts and caregivers are the same people who casually divide captive animal families and friendships, kill animals who are "surplus to requirements" and, in some cases, punish animals into behaving "naturally" or performing as desired. The clothing company Gucci announced they would stop selling fur products in 2018. They can’t leave and are forced to do whatever their “owner” tells them to. I was raised with this dog, along with a cat that did not like, after tumbling down the wooden planks in the dark. These methods are simply cruel. The organization PETA (People for the Ethical treatment of Animals); founded in 1981 by Alex Pacheco and Ingrid Newkirk, has been a major force in the world of animal rights and the most successful at eliminating cruelty still to today. Majority of the enclosures are too small for the animals inside them. Hurting the animals doesn’t accomplish anything, but make them fearful and scared. Some of us think positive about circus. Instead, the chimps quickly learned how to use teapot and cups, sitting at a table to enjoy their cup of tea. Physical punishment has long been the standard training method for animals in circuses. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to Horse. Some polar bears spend 25% of their days in what scientists call stereotypic pacing. Additional materials, such as the best quotations, synonyms and word definitions to make your writing easier are Animal cruelty is wrong and happening all over the world although one may not notice. They teach children that animals don't have a right to freedom or privacy, or indeed any fundamental right to live their own lives. I hope my paper is effective in persuading its readers as well. For them, the realities of social and environmental deprivation remain, and so-called enriched zoo habitats merely gloss over the realities of rigid control, manipulation and impoverishment, whether or not animals are trained for public performance. Hamster. Circuses travel all around the country, were lions, tigers, elephants, and domesticated animals are stuck in trailers for days at a time, without food, water, or basic vet care. Others, wonder why the animal tamers are holding whips instead of treats, Animals in Entertainment Essay, 3 pages. When two prairie dogs were returned to the wild they were found two days later, dead from starvation. Keeping animals for performance purposes is also threatening the wellbeing of their species. Reflection essay on domestic violence logos in essay? The thing that most people do not know, is that these animals are being treated very cruelly so that circus owners can make money off of people coming to see these animals in action. The use of animals to entertain human beings is wrong because: it treats the animal as a … In some zoos in Australia they tie the food high in trees so the animals have to find it and get it themselves but in other countries it is slid through a small door into the animal’s cage. Click here to subscribe. But others make it their mission to stand, depending on what you do. As you read these, another innocent animal is being abused, neglected, or being harmed in some other way. This will be based on the persuasion and the creation of an alliance, focussing on the freedom and concern of similar parties. Something needs to be done about the small enclosures, lack of entertainment to keep the animals occupied and the fact that animals are dyeing when they are finally let back into the wild. Essay, 4 pages. People have been using animals for a long time, they have controlled them for even longer. Student: K Ganesh The World Economic Forum's Ben Minteer, an associate professor of environmental ethics and conservation, concedes that zoos originated as a form of entertainment. 4.9 / 5 ( 10 votes ) Wild animals are kept in captivity for a variety of reasons and in a range of environments, including zoos and circuses, scientific laboratories and also as pets at home. Should Schools Have Mandatory Life Classes. The Animal Welfare Act provides cage requirements, but many circuses fail to follow this law. Even in those ancient times, the use of animals to entertain humans proved to be a very lucrative business. Yet the practice continues as a key component of our ideological education into the human-animal divide. also offered here. These animals spend most of their time in small cages used for transportation. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! On the contrary, to accept the ways our society eats and exploits animals, children should be educated to stop caring about them. Watching a polar bear play with a ball does not teach humans about the true problems that exist for these animals in the wild; although the zoo exhibits appear similar to natural environments, they will never provide a real view into what it is like to be an animal living in the wild. Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka are co-founders of the Animals in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Ethics research initiative at Queen's University. Because of the consequences, animals do perform and put on a show for the audience, meanwhile, they are hurt and scarred inside. Arguments for Zoos . Animal Jail Electric Bikes and Scooters Are Still Illegal in New York. The people should take the chances of getting beaten, eaten, trampled, etc. During the Seven Year’s War, and English entrepreneur named Phillip Astley began an equestrian act that would become the antecedent of the modern American circus. Far too many wild animals are kept in zoos being poorly treated and tried to shape into domestic pets. The countless times my family, ENG 2602 I found rodeos to be the most sad because I never realized the extent to which cowboys and rodeo organizers abused the calves, bulls, steers, and horses involved in the shows. These animals spend most of their time in small cages used for transportation. The student news site of Kraemer Middle School, © 2020 • Privacy Policy • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO • Log in. The following essay will discuss an extract from George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm: 1945. The animals are put to sleep in order for them to do this. Zoos save endangered species by bringing them into a safe environment, where they are protected from poachers, habitat loss, starvation, and predators. Their loyalty and overall joy when they see you just lights up your day. © Copyright 2020 The Globe and Mail Inc. All rights reserved. The area where they were released was also the home for a heard of buffalo so they did not die from there been no food they died because they didn’t know how to hunt anymore. Firstly most of the enclosures are way too small for the animals living in them. Circuses and zoos are also dangering the public. Signs of abuse range from a pet not getting the needed water or food, to being physically beaten and abandoned. Horse. Circuses would quickly lose their appeal if the public were more aware of their mistreatments of these animals. Write about the following topic. Paul McCartney once said, “if slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian.” There are many different forms of animal cruelty, ranging from labs, to farms, to even circuses.

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