Gaius recognized what had been done to him and was able to save him, but he was left weak from his ordeal. The betrayal shatters Uther's spirit and he is unable to lead the realm afterwards, so Arthur takes over with assistance from his uncle Agravaine. During these events, Merlin reunited with Mordred and sees him kill two soldiers with his magic before escaping. As Merlin looks on hopefully, the Great Dragon flew in an obvious rage, subsequently attacking Camelot at night for the next three days in revenge. Manipulated by Agravaine, Arthur eventually discovered Lancelot and Gwen in a passionate embrace. It is Alator's hope for a better future that leads to him not telling Morgana of Emrys' identity. She has not been seen since, but has been mentioned in The Crystal Cave, when Morgana's true parentage was revealed. He underwent a series of tests to remove the curse, and even failed the second one. She seemed to see Arthur in a good light and even glorified him by commenting that he brought hope for all of them. Balinor is killed as they return home, but Merlin inherits his abilities and tames the Great Dragon, forcing it to end its rampage. In the first 3 series, Uther rules his kingdom successfully, but is typically blindsided when dealing with magic, choosing simple solutions that often fail to root out those who wish Camelot harm. When she was able to capture the Cup of Life from Arthur, Merlin, and Gawaine, Morgana used it to make Cenred's army immortal and thus unstoppable. He bargains with Morgause to stop her attack on Camelot in order to keep Morgana alive. Merlin was then forced to ask the Great Dragon for help, and discovered that the only way to break the enchantment was to have Uther cry tears of "true remorse". In the episode, Alice returned to Camelot, supposedly hoping to see Gaius again. He along with Elyan and Gawaine are rescued by Percival to face Morgana. Sarrum (John Shrapnel) was the Overlord that first captured Aithusa and then using her as bait to lure Morgana into a trap. However Finna kills herself to avoid breaking under Morgana's torture, once again thwarting Morgana's plans to find out who Emrys truly is. The Knight then stormed Arthur's investiture as Crown Prince and challenged those at court to single combat. His daughter was Sefa, a mole in Camelot, who he rescues when discovered as being a spy and sentenced to death. However, Annis has also shown herself to be reasonable, rational and wise. He worked as a blacksmith in Camelot. Kara was put on trial before Arthur and the court, where she proudly admitted her role in the Saxon attack, her loyalty to Morgana and her desire to help Morgana in destroying Camelot and Arthur as revenge for how the Pendragon rule had persecuted many of Kara's loved ones. The fate of the real Catrina was left uncertain, although Uther stated in "Beauty and the Beast, Part One" that her city was devastated by invaders. He cared for Uther and as Arthur he moaned his father's death. However, Gwen reveals that she will not hang Sefa as she is just trying to capture Ruadan who she will hope will come rescue his daughter. A year has passed since Morgana fell from power and lost her crown. The next few episodes after "Lancelot du Lac" saw Arthur visibly saddened by the loss of Gwen, but also firmer and sometimes even cruel. Then, while Uther was incapacitated, Morgause invaded Camelot with the army of her ally, Cenred, a king of a neighboring kingdom. He held the two of them for two years in an abandoned and long dried up well causing damage to both of their minds and also physically stunting the white dragon's growth. After he reached the chamber which this person was going, he saw Gaius, probably unconscious and above him, Agravaine. Merlin and Freya began to fall in love. Geoffrey has no personal connection to any of the Pendragon family or the castle inhabitants. His final words were "I've failed." Lancelot then followed Arthur into battle against the griffin and with the help of Merlin, defeated the creature with an enchanted lance. Because of this confession, Uther reluctantly sentenced Gaius to death. For a moment, Gwaine saw the traitor that Agravaine was, but then Agravaine reassured him. At the start Morgana describes Gwen as "the most kind and loyal person you would ever meet". After killing Agravaine, Merlin visits the Dragon for help in assisting Arthur (devastated after the betrayal of Agravaine) in proving to himself that he can be the king that Camelot so desperately needs. Merlin was the only one who was able to summon this dragon to hatch! Later in the season, the mysterious Morgause arrives in Camelot- her arrival is feared by both Uther and Gaius. Merlin returns to Camelot, helping win a battle against an opposing army in league with Morgause. Merlin defeated Gruinhilde in a magical battle in the corridor outside of Elena's chambers, and then fed Elena a potion Gaius had prepared to expel the Sidhe from her body. Mordred then serves as a knight of Camelot under the now King Arthur and accompanies the Knights of the Round Table (and Merlin) on numerous adventures throughout the season. When Merlin drank from a poisoned goblet at the celebratory feast that was meant to be a gift for Arthur, Uther had Bayard and his entire entourage imprisoned. After the battle, Mithian apologized to Arthur for the deception, though he assured her that he would likely have done the same if he had been in her position and she returned to Nemeth with her father. Gwen couldn't understand why the Saxons knew where they were. Aredian (portrayed by Charles Dance) was a freelance sorcerer hunter, nicknamed 'The Witchfinder'. Merlin calls the Great Dragon to carry him and Arthur to Avalon, but the delay caused by Morgana sees Arthur die. Sefa (portrayed by Sophie Rundle) was the servant of Queen Guinevere in "Arthur's Bane, Part One", the opening episode of Series 5, Sefa was caught listening to Camelot's councils meeting about how they would attack Izmir, Ruadan's (Ruadan had a brief alliance with Morgana) fortress, however Sefa claimed she was bringing in the Queen's dinner and was believed. After the execution of his master, Merlin and Morgana convince Gaius to help cure him and they decide to help him escape. She then gave Morgana a phoenix bracelet to give to Arthur, which would drain Arthur's life and prevent him from ever returning to Camelot. As an adult, Edwin returned to Camelot, seeking revenge on Gaius and Uther. Grunhilda developed a 'liking' for Gaius, to his and Merlin's disgust. Mordred does not appear in the show again until season five. Morgause's exact parentage is uncertain. She ultimately fled, leaving Arthur once again in control of Camelot. Merlin hears someone calling him Emrys and he enters a dark cave to meet a dying Druid man. He has located the final part of a key to the tomb of Ashkanar, an ancient mausoleum which holds a very special treasure: the last remaining dragon's egg. When Arthur and Merlin infiltrate the fortress in hopes of freeing their men, Morgana attacks them, and almost kills Arthur. Balinor appeared in the "Diamond of the Day, Part One" as a cameo in the Crystal Cave, who gives Merlin strength and courage to find Arthur.

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