From the same interview: I want Prince to always be an artist, to always keep making wonderful works of art. If facing against Johnny Joestar, Josuke temporarily heals Johnny's paraplegia, before the attack cripples him once again. Game Debut Kira attacks him from outside with explosive bubbles, but Josuke manages to discover that Yoshihiro Kira was helping Yoshikage, and makes Kira inadvertently kill his father. It's also worth it to note that any damage Crazy Diamond takes, so will Josuke, but stands can only inflict damage on other stands. Josuke notices the transmission tower after Mikitaka points it out. Insults against his hairstyleTurtles ), (Navy uniform with yellow undershirt and gold accessories. My hairstyle's a lot more refined than yours. In the localized version Beach Boy is called Fisher Man, possibly after the song, White Album's special skill is named after the Beatles song ", Epitaph's localized name Eulogy might be a reference to the, In the anime, Fugo uses his wit to outdo a waiter's threats on putting him in jail by mentioning a 1987 court case between "Argento v. De Sica". One afternoon, Okuyasu and Josuke discover a new restaurant. Just when you think he’s just calmly keeping the rhythm, he just suddenly switches it up. Live-Action Actor One day, Josuke notices that his bank account is nearly empty because he spent his money frivolously. Meets Josuke Higashikata, Part 1, Jotaro Kujo! Josuke's GHA, "You're already fixed! Josuke is shrewd, confident and courageous, possessing considerable fluid intelligence and a will to win; like his father. Other Information Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The video game series. His jacket conforms to his body, extending to the middle of his thigh, accompanied by a pair of wide-legged pants. He also displays an odd quirk whenever he pronounces the Japanese phrase kakkoii (かっこいい), a masculine compliment essentially meaning "cool", where he will always pronounce it weirdly like "Kappyoii" or "Kacchoii." Which means Josuke held back a force of 330.215 Newtons. As a consequence, Josuke is almost never seen alone in the streets of Morioh. But if there had been any doubt about the level of Araki’s fanaticism, there’s that time in 2014 when Prince’s movie “Sign o’ the Times” had a 25th anniversary theater run in Japan. 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But what a lot of people may not realize is that Prince also had  profoundly affected one of the most bizarre comic and anime franchises Japan has ever produced – a series called, appropriately enough, “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.” The series isn’t quite as popular as titles like “One Piece” or “Dragon Ball Z,” but it has been running since 1985, spawned video game and novel spinoffs and produced a serious cult following. Because he can break objects and repair them, Josuke is liberal in breaking anything to get something he wants such as a more favorable position or a key item like fuel for a motorcycle, use a precious item as leverage, or even destroy his motorcycle to avoid a baby carriage; he then repairs anything he's broken, cancelling any consequence his antics would have. Trump calls rapper Lil Pump ‘Little Pimp’ at closing night rally, The president brought the Miami rapper up onto the stage at a rally in Michigan: “One of the big superstars of the world... Little Pimp.”, ‘Baby Shark’ takes a bite of ‘Despacito’s’ record as most-viewed YouTube video. Olive green shoes. It can unleash a rush of punches nearly as fast and as strong as Star Platinum's (which, as seen here, is an impressive feat in itself) and can fix or heal and broken objects, such as a bottle, or someone's face, and can even be used to fuse objects and people together, seen in the aftermath of his fights with Angelo and Enigma Boy, but cannot return someone from the dead or heal Josuke himself. Josuke along with the other warriors of Morioh. Josuke, Okuyasu and Shigechi nervously try to verify their ticket. After nearly emptying his bank account on frivolous spendings, Josuke has been trying to get extra money in quick fashion. When it begins to rain, Angelo carries his Stand in on the raindrops and began to boil water inside the house. Hobbies Exclusive to Josuke is the ability "Watch your mouth! Upon Okuyasu's insistence, the two head inside. Unlike some actual Prince comic books, the musician never appears in the series as himself. Blood Type 16[1] (Part 4)23[2] (Louvre) Josuke is a tall, handsome teenage boy of average build. This appeared to be a nod to fans as many think the name JoJo is a reference to this song as it's about a man named 'Jojo' and for the stand-out lyric "Get back, JoJo!". Japanese Voice Actor Within the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure arcade fighting game by Capcom, Kakyoin's ending theme uses a soundtrack very similar to the opening chords of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" which is fitting in that the character dies on his way home. Under normal circumstances, Crazy Diamond's punch hits the ground to dig it up, reforming it into a floating barrier that can block projectiles and absorb sufficient damage before breaking, while also leaving a small, visible spot of excavated earth that Josuke can return to via "As you were!". Overall, Josuke behaves like a teenager, and aside from his general goal of protecting Morioh from any Stand menace, is concerned by more down to earth matters, such as hanging out with his friends. I state that I have a good faith belief that use of the work(s) in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law. Josuke makes a brief appearance in the game's introduction as an image behind Giorno (along with Part 4 Jotaro, Part 3 Joseph, and Jonathan), appearing as Koichi remarks that Giorno has a kindness similar to those of the Joestar bloodline. Let's Go Play at the Mangaka's House! JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Capcom fighting game, The Book: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 4th Another Day, the American Alternative Rock band of the same name, (Ghost) Riders in the Sky: A Cowboy Legend,,, The song used for the first ending of the, The university where Jonathan and Dio studied is named Hugh Hudson Academy. Josuke, however, manages to steal Joseph's wallet as his allowance for all these years. [10] Josuke isn't shy to admit his limits, and has confessed that he doesn't know much about manga, or isn't good at videogames, even though he isn't happy to have someone know these factoids. When Jotaro asks Josuke to go hunting, Josuke initially believes he means hunting for girls and says with a blush and smile that he is more of a love kind of guy. Super cool! So when the first episode ends, and when the second episode starts, and all of a sudden it’s a completely different setting – for me, that’s very Prince-like, when I suddenly break the flow and make the reader go, “Wait, what?”, If you’d like to watch the anime version of “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” you can. Anime Said court case is fictional and the names used are references to Italian film directors Dario Argento (, The idea of Diavolo and Vinegar Doppio is very similar to the idea of, Narancia's backstory is nearly identical to that of the character Tom Hagen in Mario Puzo's novel, During the fight with Ghiaccio, the pose that Giorno holds Mista at the end of the fight is a reference to Michelangelo's, Weather's appearance is based on a silhouette known as Buffalo man, which appears on many of. FinalAppearance Happy over how much money they can get from cutting off Shigechi. Crazy Diamond is almost defeated, but Okuyasu manages to teleport Stray Cat away from Killer Queen, allowing Josuke to bypass its defense and pummel Kira into the main street, where Jotaro, Koichi and Rohan were waiting. Profile Josuke Higashikata is the main protagonist and illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar. Josuke wears a number of metallic/golden emblems. In the Viz Media localization, Steely Dan is called Dan of Steel, a play on the band's name while also being a reference to DC Comic's Man of Steel, The chickens Avdol cares for on the secluded island (Prince, Michael, and Lionel) are likely named after the musicians, In the localized version Midler is called Rose, after the Bette Midler song, In the localized version Oingo and Boingo are called Zenyatta and Mondatta, after, Daniel J. Kira is then wounded by a projectile, and a close-quarter fight ensues between Crazy Diamond and Killer Queen. Josuke mentions that the pillar will snap in two with all the damage they caused to it. RELATED: JoJo: 10 Band References You Missed In Stardust Crusaders. Josuke wields Crazy Diamond, a powerful Stand with the power to repair almost anything. An angry Josuke with Crazy Diamond, about to sentence Angelo. Josuke's HHA, "You're in my range!" When Josuke uses his bubbles to shave, there are some references to Kinnikuman. Hazamada's Stand Surface takes on the appearance of Josuke and sets off to assassinate Kujo Jotaro. Josuke finds a jar of Kira's fingernail clippings. Literally just recolored him and added flyaway hairs. Feeling poetic today? However, Kira manages to flee and change his face by using the local beautician Aya Tsuji's power. Calling Koichi for help, Josuke manages to ride Rohan's motorcycle from the tunnel to the hospital where Yuya Fungami is being hospitalized. Josuke discusses his plan to collect Kameyu stickers using. He’s also said that he listens to Prince while drawing his comics. 2000 artbook includes an original drawing by Hirohiko Araki depicting various characters and Stands dancing together. Another more evident one is the name of Yoshikage Kira's Stand 'Killer Queen' as well as some of it's attacks, one notable one is "Another One Bites the Dust", the same name as the title of one of Queen's hit songs. When the baby falls into a pond, Joseph slits his wrist and the blood allows Josuke to spot the invisible baby before she can drown, forcing Josuke's respect. Rohan still has a grudge, but when the Stand Highway Star traps Rohan in a tunnel and almost traps Josuke, Rohan frees Josuke at his expenses, and Josuke must now find Highway Star's user while being pursued by it.

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