Midgard is a place to stop-by, a place to have a chat, to relax, to eat, to have a drink and/or to stay over in our super comfy accommodation. But it’s not so rural that you will spend your whole time travelling to get here and it’s an easy journey too – what are you waiting for! The empire is ruled by King Tristan Gaebolg III. Age of Gods At war's end, Normans, demons, and the gods entered a truce and forged a fragile peace that would last for the next 1000 years. ), the Age of Man progressed Midgard into an age free of divine and demonic interventions for the next 300 years. 1000, Chaos and his friends manage to defeat Freyja and her valkyries, sealing Freyja away in her homeworld of Vanaheim. In A.W. 700, Doctor Varmundt joined Rekenber's Regenschirm Laboratory. 997, an attempt was made to free Surt from his prison, but was thwarted by the efforts of the Assassins Guild. It spans the east side of the Midgard continent. It was his work in science that enabled the Rekenber Corp. to grow into the nation's biggest company. Some time later, a second attempt to resurrect Surt was made and succeeded, leading to the utter destruction of Morocc. Walk to, Talk to the Guard outside of the lecture hall (lhz_in01 130, 231). All Rights Reserved. For more information visit the Midgard Adventure website. This day later becomes known as the Day of Despair. After the invention of the Guardians, Schwarzwald mercenaries band together to fight Rekenber in the Mercenary Rebellion. In his escape, Surt ripped open a dimensional gorge, allowing adventurers to enter a previously unreachable area of the world of Midgard. It’s located in the heart of the south next to the main road NR1. Later, Schwarzwald entered its industrial age. 440, the Prince Revolt broke out and a couple of princes were killed in the ensuing battles. Meanwhile, Jormungandr's attack on Midgard was halted by Tristan Gaebolg I and 6 other warriors, all of whom would cooperate together to establish the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. So far, the only other continent that exists is Pasta, where the Dorams originated. Some time later, the Zenit Zerter Lighthal Research group was established and the country of Schwarzwald was founded. Join our RO community - your place for everything RO. The best way to get to Midgard Base Camp from the airport is to use the Flybus System to get to the main terminal, Reykjavik BSI, and from there to use the public planner to coordinate with the routes mentioned above. Whether you’re staying with us for part or the duration of the trip, here are the best ways to reach Midgard Base Camp: Rent a car from Reykjavik Airport and drive yourself to Midgard Base Camp!

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