We all must individually take this to God for confirmation. Yes. I agree prayer is key & is what each of us needs to do consistently with the people we listen to. It didn't work so now it is your turn. I also appreciate that for anyone that is not doing in-depth research on the mark of the beast (vaccine, nanotechnology, quantum dot tattoo, and rfid chip) that Celeste’s information can be confusing as this is not every day information that many of us read about. I was amazed to learn there are even Jesuit infiltrators leading Protestant churches as their pastor and this has been happening for decades. Are we seeking a better Country or aligning with the the evil of the American Empire? Do your research first; email her. God bless, I see truthful stuff on YouTube that surprises me. I meant to respond sooner but this week has flown by! Two prophetic visions reveal Hillary Clinton will be the next president. The office was ransacked and the journalists were taken to prison camps (FEMA CAMPS?). Not many people will be taken to Walmart or Costco to be processed then taken to FEMA camps and either gassed or the guillotines will be used to kill them. What does one expect when one builds their audience in enemy territory? My impression is that she is careful, accurate and very credible. Hi Expat Gal…most of your points are what are called in classic argument an “appeal to authority”. They are purging ALL alt media personalities so they can completely control the narrative. The most powerful people think they can upload themselves under the scheme of singularity and become bio-synthetic and go off planet and live forever and not be held accountable for their actions. We must pray for Trump and for the Lord's will to be done! Dave, your long time viewers know you are not a pot stirrer (that appellation belongs to Soros, etc.). https://z3news.com/w/antichrist-obama-urges-destruction-word-order-51520/ We have to be very careful not to lock ourselves into what other human beings say, no matter how earnest and Godly they may appear.. We are humans and we are very easily influenced. Social Networking: Changing Business, Society, and Governments, How Traffickers Doubled the US Child Supply, Mass Media Silent as Usual w/ Dwight Mitchell, Military Coup: What is Planned & Names Behind the Plan – w/ Colonel Black & Harley Schlanger (1of2), Government Geoengineering Lawsuit: Environmental Warfare Whistleblower Testimony, Letter to Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Invasion Using Indian Reservations, Mass Child Trauma, Chinese Ray Technology w/Dave Hodges (1 of 2), 91% of Breast Cancer Diagnosis is NOT cancer: As Reported By NCI, JAMA, NYT w/ Dr. Jeff Prystupa, Trudeau & Canadian Government Sued Over COVID Measures; Sets Worldwide Example w/ Rocco Galati. Also claiming someone has been satanically ritually abused without any proof seems wholly inappropriate given the seriousness of that claim. This includes the weekly radio show,other interviews and monologues, and the GSRadio archives. Here’s the article about her husband who was killed – https://www.seeleylake.com/story/2016/12/01/obituaries/david-phillip-solum-1956-2016/1624.html which verifies her maiden name and her married name. Acuteness of judgement. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft Washington has the Oblisk which is a ancient babylonian…, Wow you guys are so easily throwing a man under the bus! This is how you discern. She tries to simplify it by delivering it in “chunks” but if you miss a few of the podcasts, you may not see the full puzzle. Regrettably we can all get emotionally attached to our favourite prophet and then when someone dares says something negative about them, we flare up and take it personally. Will the Voter-Fraud-Laden Defeat of the Popular Donald Trump Mark the Last Gasp of Freedom In America? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Steve included her as a 2020 True Legends Conference speaker along with other Christian speakers . Dave Hodges has been publishing the Common Sense Show since 2012. If she is a deceiver, she has deceived him. I agree with what you wrote. However, some people want to falsely accuse her of things she never said, and then get offended at her self defense! © 2020, Z3 News. As Daniel said, "He removes kings and raises up kings." By Dave Janda | OperationFreedom   ON MARCH 19, 2017..... 3 1/2 YEARS AGO.... ON... Andy Schectman rejoins the program to discuss the actions that have run up to this... Zen Gardner | Waking Times   By apparent design, everything is crumbling into dystopian madness... Sayer Ji | GreenMedinfo Here’s a fact worth checking….Has Bill Gates ever worn a mask? https://z3news.com/w/prophetic-dream-mark-beast-vaccine-gelzel/ The demonic forces have launched a f…, S.Y., You're so very right brother! I think to say that we would rather have creepy Biden would be like saying to God, we would rather pick the evil that t…. Majority of people will drop dead from the bio-synthetic efforts to kill people. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Access the Common Sense Show Archives anytime via Megaphone on: SubscribeSubscribe to Welcome to The Common Sense Show. I dislike coming out forcefully but with this Celeste Solum (not her real name) person I’ve been sensing an increasingly strong conviction that someone needs to do so. Derek – I see you did not provide a counter to all 14 points I shared regarding why I do not believe Celeste Solum is a disinformation agent nor has God led me away from Celeste Solum’s work. So simple right? https://z3news.com/w/visa-helping-bring-chinas-social-credit-scoring/ You're in good company. We will leave it, as evidenced in your 6 comments out of 12 comments on this thread, that you believe Celeste Solum is a disinformation agent. about Whitmer Demands Restaurant Patrons Surrender Name, Address and Phone Number. The down vote…, Very well said James! The first 200 words of Z3 News articles may be shared online in exchange for a clickable link to our site. Hello Robin…thanks for the mention on your blog! Sydney is such a beautiful city. He's a liar! I certainly appreciate your comments about Celeste. https://z3news.com/w/potential-health-dangers-nanotechnology/. Avoid Censorship, Subscribe to my Newsletter! ¿Cómo saber que vas al cielo? No image files from our site may be shared because we don’t own them. Hyper Realistic Human Holograms – So Real, You cannot tell it’s a Hologram! The next wave is not going to be a virus. https://z3news.com/w/covid19-providing-cover-great-reset-society/ E.P.! https://media.blubrry.com/business_game_changers/p/content.blubrry.com/business_game_changers/Dave_Hodges.mp3. Dave Hodges Sun, 11/01/2020 - 11:53. https://z3news.com/w/watch-removed-covid19-vaccine-genetically-modify-humans/ Sarah Westall on the Common Sense Show w/ Dave Hodges. I also felt that you have the humility to be concerned about being wrong in your writing and being outside His will. This will be one of the killshots that is coming our way. We know Him through His Word. Jesus is the Only One to trust. For all we know Trump himself casts spells w them. There is no video in this posting, perhaps you were looking for one from another article? Coincidentially, these same people and more are appearing at the Final Gensix conference in October. She has shared these publicly despite having her husband killed and ending up for a few weeks in the hospital within the past few months with an unknown illness that came out of nowhere. That said, Celeste has been sought out by many Youtube Channels that I feel are led by Godly people which I shared in my response to Derek. I happened to see one of C.Solum videos on Dave Hodges Common Sense show it was many months ago but remember clearly it may have been back in early March ..with the first lock down.or just before… anyway I sent the information as it was on the D.H Commonsense site to a trusted person I know who is a very strong believer having written a few books and has a teaching ministry.. Opinions count for nothing if you cannot produce the proof. I have seen some losing their channels & it seems “Christians” are now fighting with other “Christians” at an increased rate. In other words simply the opinion of another corrupt, fallen human being. What is she saying??? Predictive Programming by Netflix from 2018 confirming information shared by Celeste: https://z3news.com/w/smart-mark-predictive-programming-mark-beast-netflix/. Thank you! she has a weekly broadcast for Patreon supporters only.. Another intriguing slip of the Tongue..there was another video where C.S was interviewed by female person.fairly well known.. lot of technical info re Vaccine for Covid 19 and may be nanotechnology but there was a part in the interview where C. says ..OOPS!

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