By now, if you threw all your Beanie Babies away that you collected in the '90s, you might regret it. Gobbles is another 1997-era beanie that came in several different style schemes. Because beanie babies were very desirable during the 1990s, thieves often stole them from collectors’ homes and cars. Here’s a fun, handmade hiding spot for his flask. Which Leveraged Bond ETF is Right For You? It’s also important to look at the tags. Damaged or Excessively Handled: The fabric is likely worn and/or repaired. Ty Warner told retailers they could only purchase 12 Princess Bears at once. In addition to being one of the nine original Beanie Babies released in 1993, it’s notable for being named after Patricia Roche, then-girlfriend of company founder Ty Warner and the eventual head of Ty Europe. If you did, thank your parents or whichever relative as you might be able to make a quick buck with this feathery Beanie. When the seller lists the item, they decide how much money they’d like to ask for the beanie baby. Now, that is a complete throwback; Flash the Shark is part of the original nine Beanie Babies, so if you were around in the early '90s, you may unknowingly own one. In desperation, Ty Warner stated that all beanie babies would stop production by January 31, 1999. In Pensacola, Florida, a woman auctioned off rare beanie babies online but didn’t send items to buyers after she got paid. Are you a Canadian, eh? 90 It’s also worth taking the time and expense to have the value of the particular example you want to sell verified by a third-party. Beanie Babies are a vivid memory for all '90s kids; it was a fad and most of us growing up in the '90s owned at least one or even a dozen of the adorable stuffed animals that were a sensation. Are you still unsure of what gift to buy for your husband this holiday season? As of February 2019, there's one listed on the site for $600,000—but the true value of the item varies depending on what your bear is made of. Another reason that this particular Beanie Baby is worth so much money is that it was one of only nine of the originals that were produced. Instead of looking like a normal stuffed animal, these little toys contained a mix of stuffing and “beans.”. On the other hand, a tag error often raises the beanie baby’s value. How much is my Patti the platypus beanie baby worth? Claude the Crab was also a popular choice. And with that comes higher demand and collectors just want to get their hands on this weightless and adorable Beanie. This book and music combo is ideal for husbands who love hosting parties. With this portable wooden speaker, your husband can jam to his favorite tunes without the wires or pricey accessories. To market his beanie babies, Ty Warner formed the Ty Inc. corporation. Resist that impulse, as handling them will likely decrease their value. The cost of this rare Ty toy has an asking price that is probably most than the actual dog. But there are a few collectibles guides that provide details (including prices) on Ty collectible items. Finally, the beanie baby’s overall condition is very important. Neither baby nor adult platypuses can be purchased. Buying the beanie babies was part of the fun, as these little plush animals weren’t sold in large toy stores. But that doesn’t mean you should throw away the toys in your attic without giving them a second look. Look for details on tags and other important marks. The magenta-colored Patti the Platypus has always been the most popular among collectors. Each beanie baby also had a sewn-in white “tush tag” on its backside. If your Mystic the Unicorn has tag errors, he’s truly a rare beanie and could be worth more.

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