The Rossen Ritter eventually enter a backup control room and fire the Hammer at Lutz's returning fleet. That evening the guards around the guest house act erratically. With Darrel Guilbeau, Dorothy Elias-Fahn, Sean Chiplock, Faye Mata. Like Likes 1. After that, Yang manages to escape destruction (once again). : a fake imperial spaceship docks into Iserlohn. "Blood Running down the Stairs (Cascade)". News of the Iserlohn victory bypasses Imperial news censors, causing many protests. Yang is seen as a possible unifier of the Alliance, El Facil, and Phezzan merchants. Effectively Yang has become a bargaining chip for controlling the excesses of his subordinates. Reinhard receives a report on the truth behind Yang's movements and Lennenkanpt's actions. When the news of a new imperial attack reaches Heinessen, the inquiry is suspended and Yang sent back to Iserlohn. The supply fleet is destroyed by Kircheis because Fork didn't think such an attack was possible. Oberstein used himself as bait and died in place of the Kaiser, although it's not known for certain. Admiral Greenhill and Lynch are killed in the ensuing gunfight. Julian, Mashengo, and Poplan arrive on Earth and head to the Earth Cult holy temple. After being informed that Yoichi, Shiho and Mitsuba are being attacked by a group of vampires at the central park, Yuichiro and Shinoa rush over there to assist them before they make their way to the western defensive barrier. Meanwhile, in Heinessen, a peaceful gathering against the coup is held in a stadium. [2] The series is set in a world that allegedly comes to an end at the hands of a "human-made" virus, ravaging the global populace and leaving only children under the age of thirteen untouched. Julian also realizes that he must ironically acknowledge the effectiveness of terrorism in history to shape Yang's death into something practical. While Shinoa Squad, Mika and Narumi escape with Yu in tow, Shinoa officially resigns her squad from the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Wahlen is nearly killed and loses his artificial arm. Wahlan's fleet tries to attack Iserlohn from the back before the Thor hammer recharges. Thirty years ago, marquis Klopstock was exiled form the imperial court. Reinhard discusses his plans on using the Phezzan corridor with his admirals, calling the plan Operation Ragnarök. The five of them are eventually ambushed by eight vampires, which is more than what the little girl reported. ", "Where Can They Be? Leave a comment. © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The 24-episodes fourth part (or season 4) covers volumes 9 and 10 of the original novels. In Reuenthal's fleet, unrest is brewing. toytoyjac | anime, gacha, heroclix, heroes legend of the battle disks, mario, pokemon, sonic, uglydolls, yu-gi-oh! The Iserlohn reviews the Terraism data disk, discovering troublesome information: Phezzan and the Earth Cult have been working together for over a century. Suddenly, a helicopter attacks them, which causes them to fall into an underground subway as a result of the blast. The next day, Reinhard announces the fleet organization for the second Ragnarök operation. August 13, 799 S.C. / 1 N.I.C. The Clash Of The Duo's Wills! Shinoa Squad launches their plan to assist Guren and Shinya when entering the building. In Iserlohn, the staff celebrates the new year with a large party. The Imperial and Alliance fleets are days away from a battle in the uninhabited Rantemario star system. The Mittermeyer and Reuenthal Fleets meet the retreating Imperial fleet and destroy the Alliance's pursuing ships before falling back when the Iserlohn Fleet shows up. Shinoa Squad retreats with Shinya, having to leave Guren behind. Shinoa Squad travels to the Ebina Rest Stop, dodging several Four Horsemen of John along the way. : The unified Alliance fleet launches from Heinessen. Grillpalzer hides evidence of Terraists on Uruvasi. The uprising would thus give the Empire a reason to subjugate the Alliance further. Reuenthal plans to execute Trünicht for any suspicious actions. Reinhard's sister and wife tend to him as he lays bedridden. When Guren arrives in the classroom, he uses his Cursed Gear named Mahiru-no-Yo, which takes the form of a katana, to determine which of the students can withstand its demonic energy. Yang decides to use propaganda and asks Bagdashu to publicly admit that the Empire is behind the coup. ", "Each And Every Battle! While the inquiry continues, Greenhill tries to find out where is Yang and discovers that the government controls the media and leaves little room for the opposition: the Free Planets Alliance is a democracy in name only. ", "Infiltrating The Mother Ship! The setting is mixed, a truce was given but the Julian fleet lost many important members. Hildegard, being in a military position is not able to cross over to domestic political advise. He sends Boltik as Phezzan's ambassador to Odin and replaces him with Rupert Kesselring. The reasoning behind's Yang's caution is due to the Yang fleet not having enough military power to protect El Facil or any other systems. To accept it would be a short term gain with consequences later from the Empire. Rubinsky is nowhere to be found. As they travel further, Yuichiro defeats two vampires by himself. Katerose von Kreutzer confronts her illegitimate father, General Schenkopp. It is revealed that Lang, the head of the secret police initialed the investigation. On August 8th, Space Calendar 800, New Imperial Year 2, the Iserlohn republic is born. Oberstein takes Müller and Bittenfeld with him on the campaign. However, the lack autonomy to colonies, unequal economic polities, and tyranny from the Earth government culminate in multiple conflicts and human rights violations. Mika flees when Krul is intervened by Crowley and killed by Ferid, who declares Krul to be a traitor and assumes command of the vampires. A truce is announced. They go to Admiral Bucock for help, but are attacked by the P.K.C. Mittermeyer tries to convince Reinhard to exercise restraint. The fall of Iserlohn dramatically changes the strategic balance: Yang hopes it will lead to a peace treaty. Hildegard is wary of Reuenthal's ambitions, but has Mittermeyer convince Reuenthal to join the Heinessen attack. At the party, Reinhard clashes with baron Flegel. With that possibility, Reinhard could have underestimated the importance of Iserlohn. Hi, Sadly I don't know anything yet. February 20th, 800 S.C. / 2 N.I.C. Many republicans are distrustful of the Iserlohn government for letting Mecklinger through the corridor. Mittermeyer adopts Reuenthal's child and servant and brings them home to meet his wife. The war plan is to attack the spread out Imperial fleet and lure out Reinhard. Reinhard is regretful of Silverberche's death. Müller tries to convince Bittenfeld to apologize to Oberstein in hopes decreasing further violence between Imperial troops. The rioters are somehow well armed and the situation deteriorates. Posted by toytoyjac | The Alliance government declares that they will shelter the refugees while the nobles announce a government in exile. Julian finds Yang's body. A communications blackout results in frustration from the Imperial admirals. Both fleets engage each other cautiously; both sides suspect traps or tricks from the other. Mittermeyer and the other admirals return to Phezzan. Shinoa says that Yuji has been possessed by a demon which resides there. ), a nationalistic organization secretly led by Trüniht. "The Double-Headed Snake: the Decisive Battle of Rantemario". After the battle, Bagdashu decides to join Yang because his victory is certain. Suddenly, he receives a visit from the vampire nobles Ferid and Crowley. He takes all his staff with him, plus Attenborough and a new officer, Julian Minci, and hopes to have Alex Cazellnu appointed as commissioner of the fortress. Reinhard visits the Mariendorf estate, asking for Hilde's hand in marriage. Oberstein creates a, Julian arrives on Phezzan. Reuenthal reveals to Mittermeyer that his personal demons are affecting his lifestyle. Democracy is restored. Because of this, Shinoa Squad arrives late when Guren gives his speech, in which Yūichirō takes full blame for their tardiness. 1 13-15 Seraph of the Endless: Nagoya Edition December 25, 2015 2 16-18 Seraph of the Endless: Nagoya Edition 2 January 27, 2016 3 19-21 Seraph of the Endless: Nagoya Edition 3 March 9, 2016 4 22-24 Seraph of the Endless: Nagoya Edition 4 In Heinessen (capital planet of the Free Planets Alliance), a memorial for the soldiers who died at the battle of Astarte is held. On Heinessen, Reuenthal does swift moves to clean out corrupt ex-alliance politicians and military industry owners. Admiral Lennenkanpt is appointed Imperial consul of Heinessen. Reinhard has a flu and thinks of the past. While Nagai drives Shinoa Squad towards the western defensive barrier, Shinoa gives Yuichiro, Yoichi, and Shiho each a pack of curse stimulant pills to be used sparingly, which will temporarily enhance their power. Yang and his staff decide to assign Mashengo to be Julian's body guard. [5], On March 31, 2015, it was announced that Funimation Entertainment has licensed the series for streaming and home video release in North America. Meanwhile, within Reinhard's office, a letter arrives which postpones the expedition to Iserlohn. Julian and Kate decide to officially have a dating relationship. On Odin, Julian and friends prepare to leave the planet. Moreover, Reuenthal had to secure a victory to raise morale. Reinhard learns of the rift between Oberstein and his admirals. I Swear I Won't Lose! Oberstein tricks Lennenkanpt into blaming Yang. Julian decides to refuse Reuenthal's offer. It is decided that a portion of Yang's staff will escape with Admiral Merkatz to a life of piracy. The Patriotic Knights Corps are made scapegoats for the fire. The Free Planets Alliance fleet are attacked: the 3rd, 7th and 12th fleets are destroyed and the 5th, 8th, 9th and 10th fleets are heavily damaged; only the 13th Fleet has managed to escape without taking too much damage. ", "A New Power! Annerose is abducted: she is to be killed and found with a supposed lover from the lower class. The Wagenseil fleet is lured into range of the Iserlohn Thor hammer cannon and loses a large portion its ships. Admiral Knapfstein is killed in battle. Riots break out on many planets because of the food shortage and the looting of the soldiers.

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