If I stop treating with the chin-sling. The therapist feels he wasn't eating properly before, because his jaw muscles were aching all the time. Willie has shown vast improvement in just one week. The question is: Could he end up worse than he is now? His malocclusion has been controlled by wearing a Chin-Sling nightly. He does chew better while slinged. on Sun. All week he's been sitting upright. Other guinea pigs who have used the Chin-Sling: Dentist - Loïc Legendre, DMV, FAVD, Diplomate AVDC, EVDC, Physical therapist - Cynthia E. Webster. So he's been chin-slinged for 24 hours and counting. Not drugs but in humans they use TENS machine which stimulate the muscles fibers. Measuring Chin Sling Guide (If you order Unit Directly from her she will need the measurements of your  Guinea Pigs Head – This shows you how), Chin Sling Warranty US & Liability Disclaimer – This will need printing completing and faxing back to her. Update - he hasn't had to have his teeth filed since the end of January - he was getting them done every 4 weeks. He may still need a grinding done. On this page: Pinta's advice regarding dislocation of the jaw. GB2371231). The one stop site for everything Guinea Pig, The Guinea Pig Chin Sling is a New way to treat Malocclusion caused by Temporo Mandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) without invasive Dental Work. He was eating (although obviously not enough to maintain), his front teeth looked good and aside from his chronic asthma seemed the picture of health. my aunt has about a dozen guinea pigs. In the last week he hasn't really been wearing it and he hasn't been working his teeth enough - the teeth have overgrown. Looking further back, we saw that he had lost 2 ounces from May to August. The Chin Sling is a revolutionary new way to treat malocclusion caused by TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint Syndrome) without invasive dental work. Come Wed. he will have had his muscle treatment for 3 weeks. A large proportion of malocclusion cases may be due to TMJ and not to a genetic misalignment of the teeth. Neither have required dental work since wearing their slings. A guinea pig can release pheromones by using scent glands which are built into its body. A large proportion of Malocclusion cases maybe due to TMJ rather then the normal suspected Genetic Misalignment Of The Teeth. If the Chin-Sling is too painful for the pig to wear, this indicates there is a problem that needs to be resolved, such as elongated roots, ulceration on the inside of the mouth, abscesses, molars that have not been planed down far enough... Any condition that will be more painful under applied pressure will be more painful with a Chin-Sling on and pigs make it very clear when they can't tolerate wearing a Chin-Sling. 4 oz. Yep, they needed grinding. "Hand feeding while the pig is wearing the Chin-Sling is an excellent way to get those muscles working. In other words: is it a case of "it couldn't hurt?". We caught it early. But the most interesting thing is that he flopped down. She would have recovered fully had it not been for the tumor. He really needs his chin-sling. It is working. Since the mouth can no longer close completely (due to overgrowth of the teeth), the hair under the chin may be wet. "Is there any way you can measure the slackness of the jaw to see if it is dropping continually?" It's 7 1/2 inches in length and 1 inch at it's widest part. Interestingly, his entire body lacks muscle tone. As the pig ages, the "hinge" wears down resulting in the mouth being slightly open. If after 5 minutes they are bucking or flop down and refuse to hold their head up, they can't tolerate it. the guinea pig ... She feels they only made matters worse. His teeth were ground back naturally. Side effects: If too tight the conjunctiva will swell. Read his online article: Malocclusions in guinea pigs, chinchillas and rabbits. Diagonal is disappearing within one day. "I recommend taking the Chin-Sling to the vet appointment so the vet knows what you are using. He is also to wear his sling 8 hours on, 1 hour off for 1 week - 6 hours on, 2 hours off for 1 week and 4 hours on, and 4 hours off for 1 week and then we have another appointment. His mouth was hanging slack again. When the Chin-Sling is off, massaging the sides of the jaw with the bristle end of an electric toothbrush(cover the bristles with plastic wrap) for a few minutes twice a day is very helpful muscle stimulation. 13 oz. "If the jaw is moveable on both sides, the Chin-Sling can hold it in position and the jaw muscles will redevelop through resistance (working against the pressure applied by the Chin-Sling). The negatives of Willie are at Westview in your file. Took pics of before - but I doubt they'll turn out because I couldn't get in very close. $59.95 US, with the optional choice of the underslip for an extra $5 US  normally sent out within 4-7 days, however if the unit needed urgently then for a further $25 US it can be sent out within 3 days of ordering. The mouth of a guinea pig with malocclusion may hang slightly open. I'm thinking that his jaw is getting slacker all the time. The therapist was amazed at the difference in him - attitude and nonstop chowing down on grass. His mouth no longer hung slack. I remembered Dr. Legendre telling me about his collection of guinea pig and chinchilla skulls with maloccluded teeth and worn down bones at the jaw (mandible). This is good news. Diagonal things with the front teeth. Cynthia Webster believes he had a chronic headache from his slack jaw and now that the muscles had been stimulated and his jaw had support, his headaches, or jaw ache, had disappeared allowing him to eat with no pain. I began observing him while he ate and while he didn't eat, and noticed his mouth was hanging slack - always slightly ajar. He needs the support. By the time most owners notice something is wrong, their pet has already lost a substantial amount of weight and may have what has been called "the slobbers". Apparently there was even a bit of tongue entrapment happening. He has not required any dental work since that time. If the jaw is stuck on a ridge, there is no movement. Loïc >>+. This time, he ground the teeth much more drastically. Today, I gave him a massage on the weak side and fed him while he was wearing chin-sling - After a while, he started "chewing his cud". She will reply to your email very quickly and will attach a few files which will be : If the unit is to tight it may cause swelling of the Conjunctiva however this will go down if the unit is removed or loosened. If you lightly massage the sides of the jaws with your fingers you should be able to move the jaw from side to side and up and down. Willie became extremely ill June 18. Working on it! She has suggested that I trademark (patent?)

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