We never felt like we had to worry about anything from a safety point of view. It was helpful to have a light, as the tunnels bend. The trail was an incredibly easy trail to ride. My wife and I rode this trail on June 25, 2017. The river was crystal clear and at least a foot and a half below normal, so it was easy to get to. Not sure if this is the right place to ask questions, but I don't see any other place, so here goes. Several trees were down from a recent storm. Most people we passed had seen a bear sometime, but we never did. It was not near as remote as I expected as there are many homes, mostly weekend and vacation homes along the river in a number of places and there are people living at the trailheads so you do not feel isolated which is good and bad. Found wild mushrooms (Chicken of the Wood) and had them fried for breakfast the next day. Well, none that we could really take notice of. And, it's a state park? I would suggest if your a amateur rider to do it in 3 days. There is ample river access for fishing or refreshing with a swim. Day 3 we began heading north to Cass (16 mi) where we planned to turn around and finish in Marlinton. Biked from the Watoga Bridge to Sharps Tunnel and back. "Had read many stories about how great this ride was. We camped at Watoga State Park. All of them were very helpful and friendly. Six years after staying at Seebert, we returned but this time to Marlinton, on the hope to cover more of the trail. The remoteness of the trail, the history of the logging and railroad industries, and the natural beauty of the area make this a must see. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. They were much more spread out, the river was right there, and they sat back from trail a bit. I was able to store my bicycle in their shed in the back of the inn.The next day I departed from Lewisburg and the first 4 miles were a breeze as they were all downhill on Rt 60. Fishing, swimming, and rope swings are a few of the better things along with the scenery. However, the Greenbrier River Trail is the best one I have walked upon. Historic features in this section include a restored water tower and an old turntable. Before long we came upon a group or gaggle of wild turkeys and they scattered every which way. This trail is for those who crave solitude and beauty and don't mind if they have to pay a small price for it. Not one piece of trash the entire 78 miles!! Several miles riding with just the geese/ducks, deer, and rabbits. Guided Group Greenbrier River Trail Ride: $1,290* per private group for two hours (up to 10 guests). Not too long after this, we passed Renick. So to wrap up, there is food at either end of the trail and at miles 56 and somewhere in the low -mid 40's. Verizon did not. Although outdated, I'd also recommend the book ""Rail Trials along the Greenbrier River"" by Jim Hudson. Try a ride on the scenic Greenbrier River Trail located just a few miles away. Both of us were fully loaded with camping gear and clothes and neither of us had any issue with the trail. We looked for the eagles but never saw them. I plan to stay there next time instead of 3 nights in Lewisburg and two in Marlinton. Turn right onto Anthony Road and go approximately 4 miles and you will come to the Greenbrier River Trail at Anthony (MM14.2). We started in Cass and stayed at the Bear Creek Lodge,It was close to the trail, nothing fancy and it had food on the first floor. The Greenbrier is a fun ride, although the gravel is a bit thick, so you will encounter slow parts. We saw herons, bald eagles, coyote, bear, many deer-some with fawns at their side, chipmunks, squirrels, lots of snakes, turtles, and I’m probably forgetting something! Greenbrier River Trail is a 125.0 kilometer lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Cass, West Virginia that features a river and is rated as moderate. What we liked about the trail: Beautiful scenery Lots of wildlife. Most important, the trail was smooth enough I wasn't jostled and could maintain a steady pace. There are some breaks but they are usually fairly short. super nice place. We had Panaracer 700x35 Pasela tires pumped up to 100psi, which handled our 500+lb freight train very well. ", TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails conservancy, We're a non-profit all about helping you enjoy the outdoors, Stonehouse Rd. The trail was well marked, easy to follow, and had ample bathroom facilities along the section I rode. G&T cottage is the only place to stay there unless your camping. Scenery: Very beautiful riverside views. It is worth noting that there is no cell phone service on much of the trail and in parts of Pocahontas County (because of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory). The first major POI was the Cloverlick Depot. Next is Renick. biked from Cass down to marilton. Appalachian Sports did a great job with the car shuttle. There are a few driveways where one might pass but what are the odds you'd be next to one at the right time? You can purchase it through Cherry Creek Cyclery. I had 2 saddlebags which afforded me the space to store extra supplies. Hello Dear Reader, In May 2010 I and my partner rode the GRT completely in both directions in 3 days. Day three we rode up to Cass and back. Marlinton to Cass and back day one. No feet hanging over the end but I knew the covers were tucked in at the foot of the bed. The trail has everything I love in a trail. on May 6th, stay overnight in the Cass Inn, then hit the trail by 7am on Friday May 7th. No issues at all. It was right along the trail w/o much privacy. We were dry for about 30 mins then rode in a light rain for about 45 mins. Low trailer weight is the key to enjoyment. There are several Shuttle Services, best option is to have at least 6-8 people to split the cost. Sharp's tunnel and bridge are a great place to stop with a nice swimming hole just across the bridge. The trail follows the beautiful and crystal clear river most of the way and you pass pretty farms along the way. I would recommend this place was a nice place to stay after 80 miles of bike riding. But, as with much of the rest of the trail, it was fairly secluded. Greenbrier River Trail spans 77 mi. We did find that Appalachian Sport would shuttle our car from Cass to Caldwell for $85 which we could live with. This section ends at the only large town you will encounter along the trail—Marlinton—that hosts some great lunch spots and B&Bs. The Elks Country Club and golf course will be on your left, the State Road garage on your right, and there will be a bank directly across the intersection. WV folk probably do well with this but we flatlanders didn't care for it. We camped at MM 64, this site was similar to the others with fire ring/cooking grate, level crushed limestone tent pad, outhouse, shelter and even had a water pump. Rode the trail yesterday 25 miles up from Caldwell and back. We will definitely come back and ride this trail again soon! We got to Cass at 11:00pm. We have ridden 3 sections so far and rest areas and free camping are disbursed about every 5 miles. On Sept. of 2018 I rode the entire trial both ways over 5 days, a total of nearly 160 miles. This is truly 'God's River' to me. Roy Neel. Heading south from MM 55 toward Caldwell on the first day, we were quickly away from civilization and passed the only trail side convenience store at Seebert (~MM46). Hills are on both sides. ALTERNATE TRAIL ACCESS: Repair work on the Trail is ongoing. Still the picnic area was open and contained toilets and fresh water. We plan to do this in a future trip. Excellent coffee choices and good food. This is a really fascinating part of the country. The trail surface was good for most of this section, there were some areas that were torn up pretty bad from horse use though. The bottom line is, if you are prepared, all or part of this trail will be a pleasant and memorable experience. It’s important to carry hydration and food. We ride on street based tires (no knobbies tho they are 'fat' at 1.85") and there were times we were a bit twisted round by the ruts in the soft stuff but there were no incidents (falls). It's so nice that everyone respects this beautiful trail and does their part to keep it perfect!! Traillink’s Greenbrier River Trail description and reviews give complete and accurate information on the Trail. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. Basically, this meant that we covered less ground when we rode. Hollie uses the Springer, dog walking tether, that attaches to my bike. My daughter and I backpacked the entire length of the trail starting at Cass starting August 31, 2014. We used the two-car method and swapped keys at the mid point of each day's journey. The ride is very rural, passing occasional cabins and a few farms. 3 miles down the trail we quickly stripped and put shorts back on. 3. Had the trail been in better condition I would rate this trail higher. A word about the trail surface. Thank goodness the hot tub was behind a privacy fence HA HA. The convenient store part of the operation is stocked pretty slim, I hope that they stay in business. Chuck from adventure sports (based out of Marlinton) shuttle us up to Cass WV. The first day was from Keister north to Renick. On June 23, 2016, the Greenbrier River Trail was hit by torrential rains resulting in multiple washouts and landslides affecting most severely the Southernmost 10 miles of the Trail, from Caldwell to Anthony. I can't wait to return for more. That’s when the fun ended. This is a trail I would not recommend. The tires were perfect for the trail conditions, as the gravel was rather loose in spots, and the fenders were nice when we got caught in a heavy downpour that fortunately lasted only about 15 minutes. We carried lunches with us on two days because there were no places to eat along those segments of the trail. (We conveniently bumped into a local music festival in Elkins on our way down from New York.) I started in Lewisburg and rode up approximately 15 to 20 miles one way, turned around and rode back to my car. There has been a lot of rain so grass grows fast in that situation. There is a large washed out section just ¼ mile up the Trail. Can't wait to ride it again!!! Despite getting rain at least once a day (and locals indicated that the summer has been very wet), the trail was in great shape. Here's what we learned...Three ride days is about right for a relaxed, take-in-the-sights trip. Sam and Kitty's was a good place to eat. I highly recommend hiking or biking this trail. Everything was coated with brown/black gunk by time we got to Marlinton. There were some washboard bumps during miles 50s and 60s which shook your arms if you did not ride just to the edge of the tracks.

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