You can see the path on the right bank.

Along the way, I passed the closest I'd come to Glacier Peak itself, just below Kennedy Ridge. We chose the more traditional clockwise loop and in 5.3 miles reached a large camping area near the now collapsed Mackinaw Shelter.

I found the Better Mousestraps by Intruder ( somewhere along my travels, they are super sensitive. While 2020 may have put a damper on many trips, we were still going to make the most of our Labor Day. From here head down into the basin which you can either traverse the bottom of Kololo Peaks or go right through the basin which is recommended when snow covered to save the effort of traversing. Finally, we left the PCT and headed up the Buck Creek Pass trail toward our final destination for the day. More coming later... From the West Side Many of the West side access points to Glacier Peak have closed recently due to massive flooding that occurred in October 2003.

I should have hiked up to the pass for sunrise photos, but it was so quiet and so cold that I spent the morning lazily sleeping, staying warm, and enjoying the peaceful quiet.

This is a great place to take a break, filter water, or camp depending on how you plan your trip.
Our camps nestled in the trees under Glacier Peak.

This was my sixth day on the trail and for the first time yet on this trek I finally had a chance to chill! Get climbers'-eye views on this adventurous ramble to the peak's base--or summit. It also didn’t put us that far out of the way since our destination for the night was Little Blue Lake further to the south. My mistake this time was that I had attached my tarp and hammock to a fairly thin larch tree which initially seemed sturdy enough, but when I sat down in my hammock it promptly sagged and hit the ground as the flexible larch tree bent under my weight. Luckily, everyone was accommodating and friendly and didn’t mind getting close to their neighbors. When I was awake I kept hearing sticks falling or breaking and my mind concocted visions of bears. Following the map north after my jaunt through Goat Rocks (link), I stopped at Mt Rainier hoping for a walk-up permit to spend some more time near or around the Wonderland Trail, which I hiked in 2014 (link).
While I would encounter some thick trail sections and a bit of bushwhacking on later days of the trek, the worst of it was behind me.

Once we passed lower Lyman Lake we began the first of two climbs for the day. Tip: If you do have plans to complete this loop, know that there is no water between Blue Lake and the Sauk. Finally on one particularly smoky day it dawned on me that I could actually just bust out there, drive straight to a trailhead, do a big trek, then head right back home without much COVID hazard potential.

Get climbers'-eye views on this adventurous ramble to the peak's base--or summit. Finally, as we passed a large clearing in the forest with a few tents already set up I asked the group if we could find somewhere to camp. It is amazing. Solight Design / La Sportiva, I might have to stop posting sunset photos soon bu, I’m being incredibly blessed by THE most beautif, Backpacking a California 14er: Mount Langley, Washington State's 93 Remaining Fire Lookouts, Washington State Fire Lookouts Open for Overnight Stays, Biking the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail: Renslow to the Columbia. After a while, we reluctantly headed down, realizing we still had 10 miles to cover. I knew I’d conserve more energy by wearing the microspikes I’d brought along. Despite cloudy, humid conditions that threatened a bit of drizzle from time to time, our late start worked and we enjoyed a cool, dry day. Electronics and Technology, 2020 – A Decade of Lessons Learned . As you get higher, you get views of Sloan Peak, Cadet, Mount Johnson, Indian Head, White Mountain, and many other peaks come into view.

From here, the trail goes straight up, gaining 3,000’ over the next 4 miles to a junction with the PCT at 6,000’. Normally it would have expansive views of Glacier, but Friday’s high clouds and fog were obscuring the views. First and foremost, I was eager to see and explore the Washington Cascades again - I've always loved this range, so different in character than my home Colorado mountains. I can say, I had no regrets about lugging that extra weight as I climbed in the early morning hours on frozen sun cups. (104), Comments Fireweed left as evidence of a past fire. High Pass was highly scenic but I admit I was in a foul mood while walking through the hot and fly-infested Napeequa valley. Always Remember that 80% of all mountaineering accidents happen on the way down. Looking despairingly at the smoke map every day, I could see that although almost the entire western US remained blanketed by smoke and haze, the Washington Cascades seemed to be the only spot with clear air.

?” Sure, we had bumped into several parties along the way, but the trail seemed unusually quiet. Enjoy a fine-tasting Peak Brunch at high altitude while taking the magical view of the alpine... COVID19.

I loaded up on water from the springs at the pass, then headed up around Liberty Cap for a lonely high camp in the high meadows up there.

They had endured days of rain, yet were still smiling from ear to ear and more than excited for a blue bird day with spectacular views. It’s an oft-photographed viewpoint and it’s easy to see why. Somehow I finally crawled up and out, popping out into their campsite and apologizing for surprising them. It made for a nice sunset, but in the morning I woke to the distinct smell of wildfire, and indeed the mountains were full of smoke haze. From Cloudy Pass we made quick progress to our second pass of the Day—Suiattle Pass. Aconcagua mountain itself has many routes, photos, and trip reports as children. So instead of relaxing and enjoying sunset on these beautiful lakes, I continued onward to Cloudy Pass. We explored up the trail and found a large flat campsite in the trees with considerably less mosquitoes. We made it nearly to Spider Meadows for lunch and took a break in the forest just before the trees gave way to a picturesque, but exposed, meadow. Rain soaked huckleberries in early September. At last, we landed at a small tarn with a fire ring, though a bit boggy for camping. Though I'd had a busy and productive backpacking season close to home in Colorado up until then, by mid-August the dry conditions and persistent smoky air had squashed any motivation or excitement for further backpacking trips around here. We ran into quite a few PCTers (or section hikers) heading north along this stretch of trail. Looking back up at the snowfield I’d descended. It would have to be a solo trip, since my wife Claudia had other obligations. I told the group that I was thinking about waking up early and heading toward Liberty Cap to try to get a better perspective on Glacier Peak for sunrise. But this peak is often hidden from view from many low land areas which is another big reason it goes unnoticed by many. Dogs are also able to use this trail. When I returned to our camp, most of the remaining sites had been filled by larger climbing parties and smaller parties hiking the loop. View Glacier Peak Image Gallery - 428 Images. I watched many hikers ascend the glacier the previous day, most without any traction devices. Amazing! WooHoo, I found the PCT! After fighter jets suddenly roared low across the valley, the older gentlemen in the group started telling us old war stories and tales of his past Glacier climbs. We planned to complete a four day hike in the Glacier Peak Wilderness that we have been dreaming of doing for years—the Spider Gap - Buck Creek Loop. We arrived at the North Fork Sauk trailhead outside Darrington midday on Friday and since it’s also the starting point for most Glacier Peak climbers, I was a little worried our late arrival would mean challenging parking. Oh the sound of waterfalls racing off the granite walls. The hike was over for Alisha and I, but our car was still three miles up the road at the Phelps Creek Trailhead. After a hearty breakfast we packed up and hit the trail.

I fell asleep almost immediately after putting my head on the pillow. Next in line was Glacier Peak Wilderness. We stopped often, not sure which direction to look because both in front of and behind us were stunning. Because of this I naively expected to be the only visitor at the once-popular Lake Byrne. This is a good choice for climbers doing the.

Just before sunset we took a quick walk up trail and found a larger lake, which we thought was Blue Lake, but it didn’t quite compute. By the time reached the top of Miners Ridge the weather was drizzly and I put my lightweight umbrella to good use while I hiked. This was the first spot where I really felt that the hammock camping was paying off bigtime, as there would have been no way to camp anywhere nearby here with a tent, given the lack of any flat ground. See the following sites for more info:Seattle P-I Report. Looking up at Glacier Peak (10541 ft / 3213 m) above Kennedy Ridge.

It had been a long day, but as we packed up I felt adrenaline coursing through me. The first signs of fall seen from Buck Creek Pass.

But upon arriving I was a bit disappointed to find it quite crowded, with nearly every campsite already occupied. The first half of this trip was the half I was looking forward to the most. We had to bring out our microspikes for another couple of snowfields, but they gave us little purchase in the slushy, late-afternoon snow so our progress was slow. The We headed down and found a nice camp at the very end with privacy, wind shelter, and close proximity to water. White Chuck Road closed indefinitely at 1.4 miles due to bridge washout.White Chuck Trail has heavy damage and travel is closed officially.

Eventually the trail intersects the PCT and leads to White Pass in a short half mile. All I could find about it was that it was an L-4 cab built in 1938 and abandoned in 1959.

My feet were throbbing in pain and I wanted nothing more than to crawl into my fluffy sleeping bag. We planned to complete a four day hike in the Glacier Peak Wilderness that we have been dreaming of doing for years—the Spider Gap - Buck Creek Loop. I was so enamored with the Glacier Peak Wilderness after last year’s overnight to Miner’s Ridge lookout that I couldn’t wait to get back, so I spent three days last weekend backpacking the White Pass/Pilot Ridge loop on Glacier’s south side. Which brings up the point that for sure my favorite thing about backpacking is in fact the chill time!

After relaxing for a bit, I hiked back up to White Pass and then up the Foam Creek Trail, which eventually crests a ridge and drops into the White Chuck Basin. Mouse 1, Jan 1. .

For example, the

The spires of Clark Mountain above Boulder Pass.

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