If you need help with anything click here to send Jack a question. Also, the fact that the common plecos are bottom feeding algae eaters and Gouramis enjoy the top of the tank should give them both enough space. I didn’t think there was, but my boyfriend wanted him and the lady at the LFS said they were friendly. Consider getting some corydoras as fish tank mates for the dwarf gouramis, as they would definitely make a great choice for many reasons. pH range: 6-6.5. Max Size of fish: 4 inches Ember tetras would also be awesome. Beforehand, it had been confused with its extra well-known and widespread sibling, the Giant Gourami (Osphronemus goramy). Need help? Different species grow to different sizes and shapes. You're looking at a tank in the several hundreds of gallons at minimum to keep these fish. Updated Ju;y 1, 2019Author: Mike - FishLore AdminSocial Media: The Giant Gourami (Osphronemus goramy) is not really recommended for most hobbyists since the majority of home hobbyists don't have aquariums large enough to keep these giant gouramis. Their appearance is stunning, as they emit a similar color pattern to the rainbow. Someplace around 75-80°F is greatest. One thing that will help spread our aggression is plants. These fish are peaceful fish that often require other tank mates in order to fill a larger tank and make a community tank. Required fields are marked *. They also have quite a stunning appearance – their bodies are full of color, and with some very interesting patterns on the body. The fish is large and active, it requires minimum of tank decorations and plants to make sure that it has room to swim. In home aquaria it is quite difficult or even almost impossible to obtain juveniles due to the tank size requirements. The biggest problem here is a tank capacity. So not only you are getting a good tank companion for the dwarf gouramis, but also a very healthy and undemanding fish which also looks great. I was just wondering if there was any other sort of fishy friend that I could add into my tank. Temperature range: 64-74 degrees Fahrenheit Mollies are another fish species that would be great companions for the dwarf gouramis. I feed my fish once a day and in the amount of which they can finish in a couple of minutes. These fish only grow to about two or three inches in size. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Temperature range: 73-82  degrees Fahrenheit If you want a good tank mate for your Gouramis, choose the zebra loach because it won’t grow to an extremely large size. The Harlequin Rasboras could be best friends with the gourami because they not only come from the same countries in South East Asia but can also survive in the same water temperature and conditions. Use large stones and snags as shelters for the fish. Be sure the tank is big enough because the pineapple swordtail also likes to jump. For an Asian-themed biotope, attempt a number of the bigger loaches and barbs from these waters, however loads of different good choices exist from elsewhere on the earth. The betta fish is a special fish for many tank keepers. Firstly, you might want to avoid having larger and more aggressive fish in the tank. When you’re looking for a few good fish, Gourami fish are often referred to as starter fish for new aquarium owners. They don’t want to fight, so they should be perfect, Also, the fact that the common plecos are, It’s generally a peaceful fish unless it’s breeding time, then it may get a feisty and territorial. It is also not a picky eater which makes it a great dining mate for the gourami. I think it depend on the fish. Max Size of fish: 2 inches Cory fish like the skunk Cory catfish make good tank mates for the Gourami because it tends to like the bottom of the tank, leaving the top of the tank open for the gourami. But it’s cool how FW gives a ton of options! A number of specimens might be housed collectively, supplied the lodging are suitably massive. While the juveniles may demonstrate aggression, adult are very calm and quiet fish and due to this they are very often used for displaying in large exhibition tanks. First of all, their appearance is surely the biggest factor in this. Don’t be surprised if you see them gasping at the top for air. Size : to 27 inches (70 cm), common sizes are around 17 inches (45 cm) (ref:fishbase), Water Parameters : pH 6.5 - 8 | Temperature range 68°F - 86°F (20°C - 30°C), Origin / Habitat : Asia - lives in swamps, lakes, canals and river systems, Temperament / Behavior : May eat smaller fish and may bully other fish and may fight with other giant gourami.

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