It does sound like the dichroic is burning off which makes me think 6 minutes is too long. 0000095336 00000 n 0000008926 00000 n 0 Are you sure you want to report this comment. The thick layer of insulation means the feet should not get very hot but still I would prefer small pieces of kiln brick, just like you get with commercial microwave kilns. It’s the heating element. endstream endobj 98 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[11 53]/Length 20/Size 64/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream started at 30 sec. I would suggest avoiding thin slim-line microwaves especially if plastic lined. It will need to be 800 to 1200 watts. …, How to Bend Glass Stringers I can recycle scraps of non-fusing glass into blobs without devitrification problems and in turn it means I throw very little waste glass away. So, uneven heating becomes an unavoidable and noticeable problem once the microwave kiln starts to develop hairline cracks. I find it fascinating that its possible to fuse glass in the microwave and I was looking around for more info. You can also see from the graph that the jagged curve runs from the lower left (the first few firings) to the upper right (the end-of-life firings). It is a mixture of silicon carbide and sodium silicate. I also found another here that is a rather different approach to the same problem. 0000079086 00000 n Microwave Kiln and DIY Fusing Glass Jewelry Set - Professional Simple Making DIY Jewelry Glass Fusing Tools Set. It’s refreshing. I was however able to edit-out your email address so that it is not “captured” by “spambots”, causing you to get loads of spam emails. With practise and good timing this can almost negate the effects of uneven heating. Thank you for your comments Terra. If this isn’t enough for you then there is an old technical reference about “self heating” ceramic crucibles for microwave melting of metals and nuclear waste glass  at the Office of Scientific and Technology Information in the USA which is not as irrelevant as you might initially suspect. Please research your requirements carefully). So, don’t be unduly concerned by hairline cracks because they’re a natural consequence of the heating and cooling and the materials being used. 0000001897 00000 n If you understand the instruction in the YouTube video I mentioned in the previous section you’ll begin to understand that 50 GBP is ten times the cost of making your own. I know *nothing* about fused glass except that I own about 40 pieces of fused glass jewelry (to the tune of nearly $1,000 USA) and I appreciate it’s beauty! Very pleased with the basic survey and the relevant links you supplied here. Checking labels and purchasing records will help, just as observing surface textures are often a clue to who the manufacturer was for sheet glass. Thank you! The gap is probably only the width of a fingernail and is consistent all the way around the inside of the lid. You can, of course, pop your microwave kiln masterpieces into a “proper” kiln to “properly anneal” them though we can take paranoia too far sometimes. We tend to use some kiln wash to protect the base of the microwave kiln. Help, I was so excited to be able to add to my little rainy day projects. 0000087175 00000 n Having a YouTube account and signing in (with my gmail account) did not improve matters. As battered and bruised old-timers the old microwave kilns have been retired. Find out more about this “binding” chemical at Wikipedia under Sodium Silicate (especially in the Refactory Use section). 0000057224 00000 n You can see real examples in my Recycling Scraps of Stained Glass blog and you should bear in mind that every single glob you see in the picture is not fusing glass.

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