But you do not need to constantly sell buildings – you can also increase the size of your city. So we tear down the training camp again and recruit some archers from the far south of the country, from Nubia. Thus the offer is accepted very gladly. Their stats (at max level), can be viewed in, This settlement also offers 2 unique buildings: the Shinto Temple (main building, 3x4, 9 levels) and the Timeless Dojo (secondary building, 3x3, 5 levels). The Ancient Egyptian Settlement is quite different from the others, as you will need to fight. Also the nearby pyramids are impressive. The Siege Camp is very similar to the Feudal Japan Settlements' Merchant. We generously provide the necessary coins and supplies. This unit always retaliates against units in range. Beta Spoilers! Many players have difficulties completing the Egyptian Settlement in time. The Viking settlement was the first released and is, therefore, your "basic" settlement model. This is the first installment! Strictly speaking, your building site is also a resource in the city – you'll notice quickly that the available space is limited. But before we embark on a military adventure, we first take a closer look at the fighters who have arrived. If the expansions were placed north, on the western edge. This is 10 for the Shinto Shrines, and 35 for the Gallery. Was just looking through guides and said "Hey! The completion of the buildings and the training of the fighters will take some time. Not Deben, but coins with which we can also use to pay at home when we return. I should link that.". The population must pay taxes for the protection and the infrastructure provided in the city. Ruins of former buildings and large boulders make it very difficult to use. Only a small part is really suitable. Forge of Empires Summer Event 2020 [Event Guide], Forge of Empires Egyptian Settlement [Strategy Guide: Part 2]. You must log in or register to reply here. You can find them in your building menu – pay the costs and place them adjacent to your city. You can select what cultural good you would like to pay for any expansion and only one of the goods is needed per expansion. Before each attack I would have to go into the great pyramid and seek the advice of the ancestors. I tried to add colored text to the entire guide but it broke everything... maybe a future update. In order to unlock The Merchant, you'll need 45 Soy. Nefertiti immediately has a new task for us. It's important to note that, unlike regular expansions, with each play through all expansions from the Settlement, including those purchased with Diamonds, are reset. Each of the others changes or tweaks how the settlements are played. first version of this guide (since removed). She is famously on display at the antique dealer, but it’s not for sale. We are to build a grain farm. Investigate technologies for this purpose or conquer provinces on the continent map to give you the expansions. What would expect us at our destination? Changed some lists to charts (most notably the tech costs), Added links in the actual guide to some places to get more info to the guide, Added links to parts of the guide wherever said parts may be mentioned, All parts added, updated with new content, and overall improved. #eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'forgeofempirestips_com-box-4','ezslot_3',115,'0','0'])); We will also provide the necessary coins and supplies for it. The courier brought a felucca, a traditional wooden boat with a latin sail. The population obviously lives from fishing. For celebrating 25,000 views, I created the charts you see below. Updated the "Awesome People" list (Added Algona), Working on adding more fun facts (mostly just translations and myths involved with various building names found in the settlements), Added text about getting special units from settlement buildings, Finished most text changes for Japanese Settlement, Added some screenshots for Japanese Settlement, Still working on Japanese Settlement graphs, should be released soon, Editing guide to allow for easier updating in the future, Linked to the post that RoyalAdnan wrote that contains Nicomarx59's guide, Updated guide to reflect some changes made to the last quest in Vikings. But the city that we are supposed to build here consists only of a few, almost dilapidated mud huts and some tents, in which the actual village life is currently taking place. From now on this brings us a steady influx of Deben, the local Egyptian currency. We are now having them build a grain farm on the same principle. Nefertiti: "Have 1 Training Camp" Reward: 5 x Khopes… In the Feudal Japan Cultural Settlement, Japanese expansions can be purchased with cultural goods or Diamonds. Nefertiti fetched me exactly for such urban planning decisions. She gives us a very impressive starting capital of 9,000 Deben and then orders us to build 4 clay huts in order to let the town flourish with more population. Normally these cannot be removed, however with this settlement they've made it possible to remove some. The gods are unhappy with the heretical neighboring cities and have charged me to prove my faith by defeating them in battle. Also, note that your data may vary as this is all based on probability. The rest of the area is in very poor condition. Hey all, just wanted to say that if you want more information, check out the guide, No problem. When in bushes, this unit can only be attacked by adjacent melee attacks. Again we ask the Egyptian Gods to move the buildings to suitable places. Then, place 2 more expansions using the remaining 6 Barley. These will depend on where your impediments are. This will create numerous jobs in the city, whereby the surplus harvest that is not needed for self-sufficiency will be transferred to us. Click here to visit the video on YouTube, or watch below: We are passionate about FOE and love sharing everything we learn about the game. Ancient Egypt Expansions # Cultural Goods Diamonds 1 1 1 1 1 500 2 5 1 1 1 500 3 12 1 1 1 ... ⧼foe-play Finish all 23 quests presented by Nefertiti to finish the Ancient Egypt Settlement. Emissary Harald Hardrada (1 FP) and an Emissary Slot, Emissary Leif Erikson (Supplies) and an Emissary Slot, Emissary Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir (1 Military Unit) and an Emissary Slot, Emissary Oda Nobunaga (1 FP) and an Emissary Slot, Emissary Takeda Shingen (2 Goods) and an Emissary Slot, Emissary Euclid of Alexandria (1 FP) and an Emissary Slot, Emissary Hemetre (3 Goods) and an Emissary Slot, Changed reporting of numbers to a consistent amount of decimal places, Updated all images to be link-based, so no more images are uploaded, enabling full back-up of guide, Small-device- or small-screen-size- friendly changes (split larger charts), Removed Changelog-ed titles for a cleaner version, Slight organizational and visual changes (for example the titles of the sections are now in changelog tags to make them stand out), Added the question of where loot is to the FAQ section, In-depth descriptions of Egyptian units, their abilities, stats, and costs, 2 new fun facts relating to the Egypt settlement, Updated the strategies to include information on the Egyptian settlement, Super Catanian is now the official editor, Added in an in-depth section written by Super Catanian about the Merchant feature in the Feudal Japan settlement, Reorganized some sections for more clarity, Now the "Basic Layout 1" tables are updated with better-looking roads, color, and formating to make buildings easier to distinguish. Shortly afterwards the huts are finished and Egyptians who had previously lived scattered around the area move in. *Feudal Japan Layout Chart 1 developed in coordination with. You can see below a table with all expansion type by age. Nefertiti: "Have 1 Grain Farm" Reward: small supplies package Quest 3: 1. We will let these soon raid the neighboring towns, as Nefertiti wishes. Fill these expansions with more shacks and a second axe smith (if you haven’t built one already). Medals expansions are not related by ages. The Viking settlement has a medium timeframe of 15-8 days per settlement (if finished in first place; the time decreases the more settlements you play). For example, Shrines used to only produce in 4 hour sessions - you didn’t get to choose the time like it was a normal production building. JavaScript is disabled. When we arrived, we was amazed. Smaller, more efficient buildings will help to save space! The Viking Settlement has no unique features, it is essentially the 'base model' of settlements. The Ancient Egyptian settlement has a long timeframe of 28-14 days per settlement (if finished in first place; the time decreases the more settlements you play). If one has a choice between an expansion with an impediment or without, it is usually more beneficial to choose the one without. Our goal, it says in the dispatch, is to develop a modest city into a bustling metropolis worthy of the gods! We are horrified by the condition of the settlement area. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'forgeofempirestips_com-banner-1','ezslot_5',116,'0','0']));Now we can use the very limited building area much more efficiently. This will massively increase the average goods/collection ratio, making it easier to finish settlements in the diminishing time frame. The charts sum up the result of a total of over 300,000 trials (using a program I wrote) where I tested the average hits, productions, and coin costs for the settlements. Additional expansions are available to you for Diamonds or medals. Nefertiti is also very fond of this and rewards me with 4,000 coins. So we let the Egyptians build more clay huts. Nefertiti: "Have 4 Simple Clay Huts" Reward: Small Coins Package Quest 2: 1. Try to pick one with no impediments. The continuation of our adventure is then in the second part of the diary. As calmly as the huge Nile stream glided below us, as peaceful as the animals on the shore may look from a distance, this country holds many dangers. A 1x2 or 2x1 impediment will never overlap into an adjacent expansion. It was a journey into uncertainty. If you placed the expansions to the west of the starting area, place the Embassy in the northern edge of the enlarged building space. Then we allow them to build 4 clay huts. Next, unlock the first technology (shrines). Hey, if we're linking other stuff in here. The settlement would bring about some significant changes! For many players, this is a completely new as you neither have fighting bonus from buildings nor … Depending on your layout of impediments and your needs, you can put down more military barracks (if you struggle with fighting or are low on loot) or another goods building (but remember you will need more loot). The currency (Deben) is used to build roads and train units. The crossing of the sea was already adventurous, but the journey up the Nile was no less dangerous. In the Feudal Japan Cultural Settlement, Japanese expansions can be purchased with cultural goods or Diamonds. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You use the units to fight for "loot" which can then be used to produce goods. Only we are dissatisfied with where these inexperienced Egyptians have built their huts and farm. Gains 30 attack points when attacking an adjacent tile. To do this, you must unlock expansions. When this unit attacks, it has a 20% chance of doing double the damage. We provide them with the necessary coins and supplies to build two Nubian archer ranges in the city. For the Ancient Egypt Settlement, the goods multiplier starts at 5% and increases by 2% each run through until it reaches 25% on the 11th run through. It can be accessed in the top-left corner of the settlement, at the entrance to the big pyramid. While there is no main conclusion to be drawn from these on the best way to play the settlement as a lot varies on the player's ability to be online at certain times, I think the data is still interesting. When starting the Ancient Egypt Settlement the player will have a city grid the size of 8 expansions (4x2), with the Ancient Egypt embassy in the top corner, and a stock of 9,000 Deben Coins. You can't remove all of them, so it may still be necessary to build around the impediments, making it harder to arrange building… Now all spoilers are named so you know what's in them before clicking.

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