0000008003 00000 n Only official editions of the 0000017707 00000 n documents in the last year, 299 0000183291 00000 n 272) directs NHTSA to use voluntary consensus standards in its regulatory activities unless doing so would be inconsistent with applicable law or otherwise impractical. This feature is not available for this document. We established this limit to encourage you to write your primary comments in a concise fashion. This language was inadvertently omitted from the regulation in 2005 and we are proposing no substantive changes to the regulation nor do we propose any technical standards. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration implement laws from Congress. Since the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from the tailpipes of new motor vehicles is the natural by-product of the combustion of fuel, the increased standards would also address climate change by reducing tailpipe emissions of CO2. 0000009939 00000 n Executive Order 12866 and the President's memorandum of June 1, 1998, require each agency to write all rules in plain language. 0000263155 00000 n Manufacturers of other types of vehicles remained subject to the statutory duty to certify these vehicles to the applicable FMVSSs. We value your business and appreciate your support and if you have any questions please contact me. on NARA's archives.gov. on h�bbd``b`� $�� �.$��@�2����A���bU����X`�9 �+�X Facebook We are prepared to begin distributing the free repair kit in early December 2019. See image below of the warning label location on the product. For further information, submitters who plan to request confidential treatment for any portion of their submissions are advised to review 49 CFR part 512, particularly those sections relating to document submission requirements. Thus, the requirements of section 6 of the Executive Order do not apply to this rulemaking action. In amending the certification label requirements, the agency inadvertently omitted from 49 CFR 567.4(g)(5) the requirement that manufacturers include a specific statement in the certification labels that they affix to certain types of motor vehicles. NHTSA issues Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) to include documents scheduled for later issues, at the request Each manufacturer or upfitter who works on the vehicle must certify the work they did complies with FMVSS. How do I submit confidential business information? In anticipation of NHTSA's immediate approval of the customer notification letter, DCA will begin the recall program as soon as the free replacement fabric covers with the compliant FMV SS 213 label are available. 0000026291 00000 n Fast Delivery: 1-3 days in the US and 2-4 days in Canada. Auto Data Labels produces any type of replacement VIN sticker, tire pressure label, or vehicle information label for all vehicle years, makes and models. 0000015414 00000 n Dollar Tree / Family Dollar Stores Requirements for manufacturers of motor vehicles. 500 Volvo Parkway Hey Guys, does anyone out there know how I can get a replacement fmvss label for my 2005 Dodge Ram. Executive Order 12988 requires that agencies review proposed regulations and legislation and adhere to the following general requirements: (1) The agency's proposed legislation and regulations shall be reviewed by the agency to eliminate drafting errors and ambiguity; (2) The agency's proposed legislation and regulations shall be written to minimize litigation; and (3) The agency's proposed legislation and regulations shall provide a clear legal standard for affected conduct rather than a general standard, and shall promote simplification and burden reduction. To address this lack of specificity regarding certification language for certain vehicle types, the agency proposes to amend section 567.4(g) to add a new subparagraph (iv) that would cover these vehicle types. It also proposes to require booster seats and other restraints to meet performance criteria when tested with a crash test dummy representative of a 10-year-old child. A petition for reconsideration or other administrative proceeding is not required before parties may file suit in court.

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