Different “wolf gangs” are planning to transfer funds out of six cities. He clearly tells him he will wreak further havoc if the police do not release MAN-LA. Hong Kong police have received intelligence from overseas that terrorists and triad gang U384 have agreed on a deal that involves exchanging a box of intelligence in Hong Kong. MAN-LA interferes to calm the hostility. The duo end up being pursued by assailants on a tram. The chums run into Red Wolf’s minions on the way. WAI-CHING has gone to England. KA-LONG even shoots CHEUK-FUNG in front of KWOK-BUN. KA-CHUN asks passer-by CHONG NGA-SHUEN to help the victims. He is preparing to launch a major crackdown on criminal gangs. YAT-TAI does not know how to handle this dilemma. Tubi is a registered trademark of Tubi, Inc. Device ID: a03c5f7e-e72c-49b0-b46b-ca558b06413f. However, Red Wolf has breached the third line of defense. The secretive terrorists suddenly open fire. Subtitled in English and Spanish. They want to find YU-HONG, but Kenny unfortunately shows up instead. KWOK-BUN relays the live scenes to YAT-TAI, forcing him to make a decision. KA-LONG suggests going somewhere to have fun as he wants to improve his relationship with his mother. KA-CHUN contacts his undercover colleague as he wants to investigate the case of YAT-TAI being held hostage. SDU officers swing into action. YAT-TAI is about to be sentenced. KA-LONG learns of the situation and promptly goes to rescue. The duo have become fugitives. Share #DIYFlyingTiger Not fearing for his own life, YU-HONG rescues his wife and daughter from a car amid crossfire. He sneaks in to investigate. Lanzamos 300 productos nuevos de edición limitada cada mes. Kenny proposes a collaboration project. YU-HONG learns of the situation and decides to use it to his advantage. The Four. They both agree to save the hostages and tell YU-HONG to leave the command center. He tells Kenny to use KA-LONG’s minion’s life as a threat to take away KA-LONG’s computer that contains information proving he is an undercover cop. KA-CHUN seizes this chance to find out about CHEUK-FUNG getting hurt in an incident. Big White Duel. He reminisces about those happy mother and son moments with MAN-LA. KO KA-LONG, TAI YEE-FEI and other SDU team members are following LUI CHEUK-FUNG and TAI TAK-KING’s instructions in a training session. He also implants a detonator into KWOK-BUN’s body. MAN-LA notices YU-HONG’s presence. KA-LONG faces a dilemma as he refuses to go undercover. KA-CHUN has decided to find WAI-SHAN and undergo psychotherapy. ¿Vas a realizar un evento y necesitas 120 unidades de nuestra colección de CRAFT? KA-CHUN and his subordinate Oppa wait for Coke to show up. KA-LONG believes him. El Rey de la Jungla se merece las ventajas más salvajes durante todo el año. On his way to pick up Coke’s postmortem report, KA-CHUN runs into NGA-SHUEN again. KA-CHUN puts anonymous clips away. MAN-LA is also shot amid the chaos. He is determined to kill KA-LONG with his own hands. KA-CHUN successfully shuts down an amethyst lab. Hay mucho que aún no sabes sobre nosotros… En Flying Tiger Copenhagen convertimos lo cotidiano en extraordinario. Deep In The Realm Of Conscience. YU-HONG and KA-CHUN are hiding in an industrial building. MAN-LA delivers dessert to KA-LONG. YAT-TAI takes YU-HONG’s wife and daughter into protective custody in an attempt to find out YU-HONG’s whereabouts. While YU-HONG is looking for a parking space in a car park, he is pursued by a knife-wielding bike rider. KA-LONG and SDU officers rush to the scene. MAN-LA and KWOK-BUN are forced to help Red Wolf handle transfer of HK$1 billion. A mysterious gang, The Black Snake Gang, is rising throughout the world. KWOK-BUN tells Kenny his involvement in the drug business enables him to handle some young bankers and manipulate the Hong Kong foreign exchange market. Terrorists are causing chaos everywhere. KA-CHUN takes MAN-LOK back to her place. ¡Echa un vistazo! After a lot of investigation efforts, nobody has any idea about that mysterious organization controlling YAT-TAI. After a one-night fling, he steals information from her phone. Y recuerda, ¡que no te pillen con las manos en la masa! YAT-TAI and KA-CHUN persuade KA-LONG to surrender. But CHEUK-FUNG refuses to take it. All rights reserved. Bringing documents along with her, MAN-LA goes to a restaurant to see KA-LONG. Some man suddenly confesses to being responsible for the undercover police officers’ deaths and also Coke’s death. YU-HONG insists on following the rules and refuses to exchange hostages. KA-CHUN’s concern for MAN-LOK has evolved into romantic feelings. YEE-FEI is particularly anxious. After receiving his award, YAT-TAI is forced to tell a love story about himself before he can leave the stage. SDU officers are shot. A gun fight breaks out between KWOK-BUN’s gang and the police. Watch full episodes of Flying Tiger with subtitles. ¡Somos Flying Tiger Copenhagen! While KA-LONG and MAN-LA are on an outing, they unwittingly discover Kenny has found out MAN-LOK’s whereabouts and is plotting to catch her. Poison gas bombs are about to go off. Tenemos cosas sorprendentes para todas las ocasiones, para tu hogar, tus hijos y mucho más. KA-LONG ends up being slightly better at both. MAN-LA has prepared dessert. At a shopping mall, OCTB and SDU officers and Kenny’s gang engage each other in a big fight. She just has to call CHEUK-FUNG, but her own tears overwhelm her. He is also certain MAN-LA and KWOK-BUN are their core members. KA-LONG goes to see YU-HONG in private. KA-CHUN interferes and calms the tension. Red Wolf is plotting to launch an ultimate assault in Hong Kong. Venimos de Dinamarca, pero puedes encontrarnos en 29 países. KA-LONG makes sarcastic remarks about KA-CHUN’s endless appearances on TV news. Conoce todos los detalles sobre nuestras mascarillas higiénicas reutilizables. She hopes the assassins cannot find her. NGA-SHUEN finds out from William’s autopsy report the shrapnel’s metal alloy had come from a manufacturer approved by the US military. WAI-SHAN witnesses William being taken away. YU-HONG divides his team into two units and takes MAN-LA away. Tienen un diseño muy guay y estarán disponibles durante todo el año. CHEUK-FUNG escapes death. No one can confirm YU-HONG’s GPS location. KA-CHUN asks CHONG NGA-SHUEN for help in some investigation. CHEUK-FUNG even says he will help KA-LONG enroll for the promotion exam. The situation is getting tense. Flying Tiger (Hong Kong Drama); 飛虎之潛行極戰; 飛虎極戰; When he was younger, Ko Yat Tai accepted a mission to infiltrate the triads as an undercover KA-LONG picks it up. He promptly comes forward and helps her sort out the mess. KA-CHUN realizes NGA-SHUEN is actually a coroner. KA-CHUN feels anxious and goes to the bar to have a drink. But KA-LONG says he only sees her as his little sister. KWOK-BUN calls YAT-TAI and accuses him of deliberately putting YU-HONG in a difficult situation. YAT-TAI tells YU-HONG to stop investigating undercover police officers’ deaths. YAT-TAI calls Superintendent LIP YU-HONG, who is also his buddy. KA-CHUN is allowed to have his gun back. He sends out clips showing imminent terror attacks. KWOK-BUN angrily questions KA-LONG as he also suspects KA-LONG has seen YU-HONG. No signup required. She takes YING-LAN hostage in an attempt to make KA-CHUN show up. Ghost Dragon Of Cold Mountain. SDU officers and drug dealers engage each other in a gun fight at a pier. CHIT-SUM takes KA-CHUN to his new office, which turns out to be the same office once occupied by YAT-TAI. OCTB are still investigating the drug case at the pier. KWOK-BUN is about to fatally shoot KA-CHUN. KWOK-BUN clashes with KA-LONG as he wants to find out who is the snitch. While KA-LONG is being escorted back to the police station by OCTB officers to assist investigation, he seizes the chance to secretly inform the police.

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