Synonyms for Fly fishing in Free Thesaurus. Wading staff - a walking stick especially adapted to provide stability to a wading fly angler when moving through fast or deep water. Antonyms for Fly fishing. Return to Top, Back cast - that portion of any fly cast that extends behind the caster (as in false casting). A type of fly with a bead immediately behind the hook eye. Surgeon's Knot - excellent knot used to tie two lengths of monofilament together; the lines may be of dissimilar diameters. Many species of caddis larva build a protective covering of fine gravel or debris to protect them in this stage. Most commonly used knots to construct such a leader are blood (or barrel) knot and surgeon's knot (see blood knot, surgeon's knot, leader, tapered leader, leader material). [ W ] Line weighting is not a linear numbering system; the first 30 feet of a #6 weight line 160 grains while the first 30 feet of a #3 weight line is 100 grains.

Drainage A drainage basin or a drainage system; the process of draining. Wet Fly Swing - typical presentation method for fishing a wet fly. out at the completion of the cast. Blood Knot - the most widely used knot for tying two pieces of monofilament with similar diameters together; the best knot for construction of a knotted tapered leader; also called the barrel knot. Loop to loop - a way to connect a fly line and a leader by making a loop at the end of the leader (perfection loop knot) and a loop attached to the end of the fly line. Materials used in fly rod construction are bamboo, fiberglass, and graphite. Weight Forward (WF) - an easy casting fly line because it carries most of its weight in the forward section of the line; instead of a level middle section, like a double taper, it quickly tapers down to a fine diameter running line which shoots through the guides with less resistance for added distance; the most versatile fly line. Return to Top, Palmer - a method for wrapping a hackle feather over a section of the fly's body. To me fly-fishing is a labor of love; the other is labor—alone. Dubbing - material used to create a body on the fly. In the pupae stage they typically appear to be small aquatic worms.

“Majority” vs. “Plurality”: What Their Differences Mean For This Election. This is not meant to be an all inclusive list of every, single word known to the sport of fly fishing. They are also known as "the fly fisher's curse" because of their small size and trout's affinity to feeding upon them. Fly-and-rind — … Arbor - the center part of a fly reel where line and backing (first) is wound. Matching the hatch - an attempt by a fly angler to select an artificial fly that imitates the color, size, shape and behavior of natural insects that fish are feeding on at a particular time. Want to send a question to Tom for the podcast? As with every hobby there are specialist terms to describe the hobby and the items used. test). To help take some of the confusion out of the terms thrown about by fly fishermen, the following is a list of some commonly used terms. Hackle quality, such as the stiffness of the individual fibers and amount of web, determines the type of fly tied with the hackle.

To help take some of the confusion out of the terms thrown about by fly fishermen, the following is a list of some commonly used terms.

What are synonyms for Fly fishing? Disk drag - a mechanical system on more expensive fly reels whereby resistance is created to the line as a fish pulls it out. Maxillary - the rear bone of the upper jaw of a fish. Breakoff - a term of defeat and excitement for a fly angler describing the event of a hooked fish breaking your tippet or leader. The most famous and productive tailwaters are from bottom-discharge dams, making the water relatively cold and constant in temperature. Modern fly lines generally only need to be cleaned with warm water and soap generally once per season for fresh water fishing. Mayflies are commonly found in cold or cool freshwater environments. Stalking - creeping up on a fish, to surprise or not disturb it. A bodkin is a tool best described as a needle with a handle. The kype is particularly striking in salmon. Butt section - the thicker end of a tapered leader that is tied to the fly line. Impressionistic Flies - flies tied to loosely suggest a variety of insects or insect families. Return to Top, Keeper - a loop of thin wire built into the shaft of the fly rod (near the grip) the fly can be attached while still connected to the tippet and line. Find more ways to say fly-fishing, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Return to Top, Quill - section of a primary or secondary feather used in fly tying. Or, you can read our foolproof guide and find the perfect gift with a personal touch, fly from (someone or something) to (some place). The larva is a bottom dwelling non-swimming stage of the insect. Riparian - a term that describes anything of, inhabiting, or situated on a riverbank; often used in connection with ownership and fishing rights. Usually a break off results from an unusually strong or big fish, an undersized tippet or leader, or a poorly tied knot. A term of defeat and excitement for a fly angler. Forceps - hand operated medical instrument widely used in fly-fishing to remove flies from the jaws of a hooked fish.

It can be easily made from a piece of wooden dowling and a needle. The object is to present the fly in a manner similar to the natural insect or food form that you are imitating. A synthetic yarn material made of long sparkly fibers used for many aspects of fly tying including wrapped bodies, spent wings, and trailing shucks. Tight Loop - same as narrow loop (see "narrow loop"). [ U ]

This is certainly one of the biggest advancements in fly fishing in the last 50 years. Fly rod lengths vary, with common lengths being between 7 and 9 feet. Often when a hatch is happening, fish become very selective and refuse insects that are not the most abundant. It is usually most effective in medium to slow moving waters. Grip - the cork handle of a fly rod, generally made of cork rings shaped in several different ways, including a cigar grip, full-wells grip, half-wells grip, superfine grip. Rod Flex - the manner in which the rod bends during the cast during the acceleration phase of the cast. Return to Top, "S" Cast - cast used to put deliberate and controlled slack into a cast; used in getting a drag free float and in conjunction with mending line (see drag, dead drift, mending line). Standing Line - the part of the line that is joined to another piece of line when tying the tag ends together. Stock Fish - fish that are reared in captivity and stocked into fisheries. Fly Pattern - recipe used for tying a specific fly. This type of fishing boat is very popular with warm water fly fishers and with individuals who fish high mountain lakes. Flashabou - commercial name for a colorful synthetic filament material used in fly tying for adding flash to streamers as well as other patterns. It is used in fly tying used to deposit cement or lacquer to a fly along with picking out material on the fly. Fly Rod - a type of fishing rod especially designed to cast a fly line. Fly fishing contains many terms that are confusing and unknown to newcomers of the sport. Fly-Fishing can often be confusing to newcomers because fly-fishers seem to talk and write in a strange, unknown language.

Hair stacker - small tube which is used to level a bunch of hair, usually deer hair. Setting the Hook - the act of pulling the hook into the flesh of the fish's mouth. Muddler - normally a deer hair headed fly. Upwing flies - the Ephemeroptera order of flies, whose wings are nearly vertical and who possess two or three tails or setae.

Bodkin - a bodkin is a tool best described as a needle with a handle. Monofilament - a clear, supple nylon filament used in all types of fishing that is available in many breaking strengths (see breaking strength) and diameters. The hollow rod that results from this process is called a blank. You could leave it to an assistant or personal shopper, of course, and take your chances. Hook - the object upon which the fly is tied; can be any size from tiny to huge; made from steel wire, and either bronzed, cadmium coated, or stainless. Loading the Rod - phrase used to describe the bend put in the rod by the weight of the line as it travels through the air during the cast. Barb - the backward facing projection cut into a hook near the point to reduce the chances of hooked fish escaping.

Hatch - a large number of flies of the same species Chenille - a furry rope-like material for making the bodies of artificial flies. It has a loop and a double line section making it especially strong. Casting Arc - the path that the fly rod follows during a complete cast, usually related to the face of a clock. Learn to tie our favorite knots! Shooting Taper - ST or Shooting Head - a short single tapered fly line, shooting heads are designed for longest casts with minimum effort; shooting heads allow quick change of line types (floating, sinking, sink-tip, etc. Adult looks like a dragonfly, but folds its wings along its back when at rest. The term "midge" is sometimes loosely applied (and incorrectly so) when referring to small mayflies. Roll Cast - one of the three most basic fly casts; allows a cast to be made without a back cast; essential for use with sinking lines, to bring the line to the surface so it may be picked up and cast in a normal manner. It is used in fly tying used to deposit cement or lacquer to a fly. To miss “the take” was to waste the day, at least in fly-fishing. The list of 1.2k Fishing acronyms and abbreviations (October 2020): Reel Seat - mechanism that holds the reel to the rod, usually using locking metal rings or sliding bands. ~B~ Backcast – that portion of any fly cast that extends behind the caster (as in false casting).. A basin is the a single and complete drainage from one major river system to another. CDC - acronym for "Cul de Canard" which literally translates to "butt of the duck". Co-Polymers - mixtures of various nylons and plastics along with anti-UV chemicals that have resulted in the exceptionally high breaking strength of modern tippet material. [ D ] Amphidromous fish - fish that regularly migrate between freshwater and saltwater These are also called gravel guards. [ O ] Tapered Leader - a leader made of monofilament and used for fly fishing; the back or butt section of the leader is of a diameter nearly as large as the fly line, then becomes progressively smaller in diameter as you approach the tip end (see knotless tapered leader, knotted leader, and tippet). Dry Fly - any fly fished upon the surface of the water; usually constructed of non-water-absorbent materials; most commonly used to imitate the adult stage of aquatic insects. Stonefly - very important aquatic insect; nymph lives for one to three years, depending on species; most species hatch out by crawling to the shoreline and emerging from its nymphal case above the surface, thus adults are available to trout only along shoreline and around midstream obstructions; adult has two pair of wings which are folded flat along its back when at rest; stoneflies require a rocky bottomed stream with very good water quality. Spinner - the egg laying stage of the mayfly; overall not as important to the fly fisher as the dun stage; (see mayfly and dun). The term singing reels refers to the high frequency clicking associated with a big fish pulling out line. Wading Shoes - shoes built specifically to be worn over stocking foot waders; can be made of leather, nylon or other synthetic materials.

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