The meaning of Evelyn is "life". This is a jewel that awakens good fortune and success in different areas of life. E's are original people who use their imagination in various ways, in order to chase their ambitious dreams. This name is likely to be found in the company of people who appreciate eagerness and altruism, furthermore, one should steer clear of complacent and bad-tempered people. The name Evelyn is of Hebrew origin. It is also of Latin origin, where its meaning is "bird" and French origin, where its meaning is "little bird, hazelnut". The Amber is the lucky gemstone in the case of people named Evelyn. Benefiting from a natural and unmatchable charm, people whose name ends in N will make sure they conclude affairs openly and with transparency, caring very much about their reputation. In French Baby Names the meaning of the name Evelyn is: Life. Evelyn Girl's name meaning, origin, and popularity. Evelyn Lincoln served as secretary to John F. Kennedy and Evelyn Lau is a poet and novelist. The number 2 partner is very faithful and attentive, one is likely to be able to count on them to remain devoted for the long term. Traditionally an English last name, it used to be a boys' name, but now is typically used for girls. Save to list. Evelyn comes from Aveline, a feminine Norman French diminutive of the name Ava.". However, it is the 33rd most popular name on A male surname in modern use as a given name. An enthusiastic numerologist, Eida has made it her purpose to shed light on the symbolism of names, beyond the basics of name origin. The name Evelyn conjures idealism, firmness and stability. Evelyn Ashford is an American athlete who won the 1984 Olympic 100m final. The color Orange, expressing freedom and joy, is associated with personalities that ambitious and determined but not very aggressive in their pursuit. When 'N' is in disharmony, a gloomy demeanor can be noticed. What does Evelyn mean? Evelyn Napier is a male character on the popular Downtown Abbey. Evelyn is used as both a boys and girls name. This 'E' denotes that one knows how to utilize their emotions efficiently and prefers to give a higher importance to their emotional impulses, as opposed to what their reason tells them. In order to best use the energy of this day, one should get things done and be proactive about what else would require their attention. 75 Badass Girl Names for Your Little Rebel, The Best Sweet 16 Gifts for Girls in 2020, How to Have a Minimalist Christmas with Kids. 2019’s Most Popular Baby Names Welcome One Newbie to the Top 10, Elegant & Effortless “E” Names Every Baby Will Enjoy, These Old-Fashioned Baby Names Still Have Serious Appeal Today, These Unique Twin Girl Names Are A Match Made in Heaven, Presenting: The Most Popular Baby Names of 2019 (& Some Unexpected Wild Cards). While the name Evelyn has been around for centuries, it was often used as a boy’s name in its former years. Nicknames for the name Evelyn include Eve, Ev, and Evvy, and Lynn. Evelyn: Meaning, origin, and popularity of the boy's or girl's name Evelyn plus advice on Evelyn and 50000 other baby names from the bestselling nameberry experts. The Bee symbolism reminds us that we should continuously strive to break our limits. Charlotte, Amelia, Ava, Avery, Olivia, Harper, Everly, Emma, Ella, Scarlett, Grace, Sophia, Olivia, Emily, Abigail, Emma, Amelia, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Audrey, Sophia, Lillian, Ava, Ethan, William, Elijah, Henry, James, Owen, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Michael, Noah, Oliver, Liam, See name meaning, origin, popularity, and related names. The name Evelyn is a result of combing the name Eve with Lynn. Find out more about the name Evelyn at With a meaning like beauty or beautiful bird, she has a background as lovely as she is. The June energy encourages regaining control over an emotional matter. Evelyn Waugh was a male writer and Evelyn Robert de Rothschild was a British financier. May also be a combination of the names Eve (this "first woman" moniker is connected with the Hebrew for "life" or "living") and Lynn.

It is a great time for promoting unity, tolerance and compassion. On the higher plane, the purpose of number 2 alludes to giving a helping hand and encouraging others to search for the truth within themselves. In color therapy, Orange inspires emotional strength in difficult times and the overcoming of disappointment.

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