For more details, see price match policy. Joined Sep 30, 2014 Messages 129 Reaction score 48 Location San Antonio. So seeing videos i opened and removed the cover box. If you do not receive the coupon soon, check your spam folder. Having a kegerator in the home helps make it possible to pour, from a beer tap, … It may cost a bit, but it’s worth it if. What can I do to get the temperature lower? Test for 24 hours. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Has anyone modified the Edgestar BR2001 (KC2000) to fit a third corny? Copyright © 2020 Living Direct, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Why is my beverage / wine cooler making a clicking noise and not cooling. Copyright © 2020 Living Direct, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Press J to jump to the feed. EdgeStar full size kegerators are capable of reaching temperatures in the low …. The digital thermostat says it is 38-39 degrees do we bought a digital refrigerator thermometer and it reads 59 degrees. Talk amongst yourselves and share the wealth of knowledge that only you hold in our kegerator forum. The cold plate was frozen but we turned it off last weekend and were hoping that would take care of the problem but it didn't. If the reading is more than one degree off what your thermostat is, you should keep reading to see what else you might be able to do to get your thermostat working properly. check out the. Thread starter clairecunn83; Start date Nov 10, 2014; Help Support Homebrew Talk: clairecunn83 Well-Known Member. My kegerator is plenty cold, possibly too cold? Is the cold plate in back of unit frozen over? Adding a second gas line to a Edgestar KC2000TWIN, Adjusting thermostat in magic chef wine cooler. Stay updated. THEN turn it counterclockwise 2 total turns. Specialty, Fruit, Historical, Other Recipes. Our kegerator community is a rich source of instant information. I would use a digital probe instant read thermometer( like the ones you stick in meat). Anyway, my beer is foaming and I believe it’s a temp issue (could be transporting the keg so I’m letting it sit), but my main question is: What do the numbers on the dial actually correspond to? Before long, you will never understand how … Kegerators, beer coolers, and dispensers, A glass of draft beer served from the EdgeStar Kegerator is about 1/2 the cost of cans … There is a topic that contains step by step instructions on how to adjust the temperature range of the thermostat. For specific details please read our return policy. Don't mess around with it, this unit is defective. So common that Edgestar has released a video on how to adjust the thermostat to achieve a couple degrees lower. If it wasn't Living Direct they may expect you to return the broken one and pay the shipping if so mention that your a member here and will be posting disappointed reviews of their service and they will probably skip returning the unit. Edgestar KC2000 Thermostat Adjustment. Coupon will be applied to published website price, for savings up to $200.00. Owned and Operated in America since 1999. For someone who has space restrictions, ….

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