There is a reason the mirror is believed to be a portal between this world and the next. Isn't it strange to think that every night, we slip into a seemingly alternate reality built entirely by our minds, during which we can experience the deepest emotions, ranging anywhere from intense passion to sweat-inducing fear? "Dreaming about a ghost that you’ve never met in real life could be an indication that there is a spirit in your home," says Renée Watt, professional psychic and host of the The Glitter Cast. To understand what dreams about your own face in the mirror mean, you should pay attention to the emotions that appear on it. Scarlet, red, burgundy lipstick foreshadows passion, brown, beige, pastel - a phased development of events and relationships, lip gloss - friendship. If she used a comb, she should wait for the end of problems and anxieties. Mirrors are quite interesting in the dream state. Having dreams about a loved one who has passed away is actually quite common, and they're also known as visitation dreams. There is a ghost in your mirror. If a young unmarried girl was combing her hair in front of the mirror, the dreambooks warn against committing frivolous deed and rash spending. Dream 0f seeing a strange image in the mirror Dreaming about seeing a strange image that is scaring in the mirror means that you have hidden emotions. Often, movie sets that use old mirrors run into “problems”. Sometimes this is a sign of problems in love affairs. Of course, even if you don't believe in spirits contacting you in your sleep from beyond the grave, it's still interesting to know what it means to dream about a ghost in general. Publisher: The writer is a corporate lawyer and mathematician by training, a psychic investigator by calling and daughter of the celebrated Wiccan Ipsita Roy Chakraverti. The Hollywood film Oculus showed an antique mirror that induced hallucinations and led to death and destruction. This dream is often interpreted as tangible and significant changes in a person’s life. This is often indicative of a ghost or a negative energy. Often, your own reflection in the mirror may show another figure behind. My own brush with the supernatural came near Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur. A laughing, aggressive ghost is a harbinger of a conspiracy behind the dreamer’s back. If the reflection in a dream draws joy, smile, fun, sparkling eyes, this is a sign of coming global changes that will affect the dreamer exclusively in a good way. To see your reflection in these fragments speaks of the destruction of hopes, as well as an incredible disappointment that could lead the dreamer into depression. Whether you believe you're making real contact with the spirit world in your dreams or simply exercising an over-active imagination, dreams about ghosts can be healing and helpful tools — and yes, perhaps a little bit spooky, too. Seeing hairs on a comb predict substantial losses that can affect your financial well-being. Such dreams, in which you tried on clothes in front of the mirror and they fit just right, indicate success in your career, advantageous contracting or starting your own business. Nostradamus’s interpretation of a mirror in a dream explains this image as the personification of duality, falsehood and some kind of mystery. Seeing a broken mirror in a dream could indicate the potential of being cheated or betrayed by someone. A person who has seen a broken mirror in a dream should say goodbye to his goal or long-term plans. Often the dream about cracked mirror speaks of sudden changes that will make the dreamer nervous, worried, and upset. Dreambooks interpret this image as the destruction of the hopes, the tasks set, as well as the cruel disappointment in love and his chosen one. If the vision causes a feeling of happiness and pleasant excitement, this dream speaks of the indifferent attitude of the seen person to the dreamer. He fails to do it correctly due to the interference of his friends, and shortly thereafter creepy hands reach out of the mirror to snatch one of Bold Cheung’s practical joker buddies. Clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer E. Shorter defines visitation dreams as "striking emotionally intense dreams in which a recently deceased loved one returns to provide guidance, reassurance, and/or warning." You will soon find unpleasant truth about someone you care about. If the clothing had any defects, or not your size in the reflection, it means that you have to work hard and wait a bit in order to achieve your goals. Sometimes we can dream of looking into a mirror. Such dreams personify the inner self of a person, his subconscious, attitude to people, to the environment, the expression of personal desires and aspirations. (I mean, if I saw a ghost in my waking life, there's definitely a chance I'd freak out rather than peacefully accept its message.). Mirrors in empty dressing rooms have apparently suddenly been discovered with strange marks scratched on them. Dream about buying a mirror. If the seen inspires fear and despair, the actions of others will cause some trouble to the dreamer. It was then that I saw it for myself — how dark mists seemed to seep in from the edges of that very ordinary and modern mirror, as if creating a black portal. If a man dreams of a new mirror, the image foreshadows the successful launch of a new project or the appearance of a new job, which he had long dreamed of. The film Talaash, with Aamir Khan playing a dour policeman, touched on spirits in mirrors, showing glimpses of the spirit in the car’s rear-view mirror. If a married woman was putting on makeup in front of the mirror, such plot foreshadows new love experiences. Mirror, mirror on the wall, it is the spookiest of them all.

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