The full Pro Tools session for 'Headlines'. And I'd been playing piano since I was four years old, and also had a love of physics and mathematics. Instead it was more a matter of Drake asking for the drums to be taken out of a track, or for me to 'lo-fi' an entire song, and me initially saying, 'You can't take the drums out, the record won't move,' or 'You can't take all the top end out' — and then me realising that I could, and that it would give a unique perspective on his message. Was sampled … At that point, it became clear to me what he was looking for and I simply started to produce it. Why not? It's a mind-blowing situation, really, for us to step in and be in full control, and be able to put our own material out on the Internet the day after recording and mixing it.”. I added quite a lot of stuff to it, like lead lines and extra basses and pads, some 808 rides, that sort of drive the record. Drake sounds sincere when he sings, I just take my time with all this shit/ I still believe in that. 40 elaborates: "Boi-1da sent us the beat as a stereo MP3, and Drake loved it, so I popped it into Pro Tools and Drake started going to town over it. They have a pair of Augspurgers and subs in one room that we can really crank up! This happened over three or four days of Drake and I working alone at my studio. The 'Headlines' session is meticulously organised, starting with a stereo track at the top containing Boi-1da's original backing, then 10 drum tracks from Boi-1da, four 40 drum tracks, four Boi-1da music tracks consisting of one low arpeggio and three string tracks, six 40 synth tracks, a drum master track, 12 Drake vocal tracks and one Divine Brown vocal track, a Drake vocal master track and the same for Divine Brown, four aux tracks, a general vocal master track and a general music master track, and the final stereo master. A quick look at the credits for Take Care reveals that Drake and 40 are eager samplers. I recall that we took all the drums out at that point, but then decided this didn't work, so we put the kicks back in. "I left school at age 10 to be able to act full-time. compressor, it adds some more energy and anticipation. I have a main control room and a booth and a small room at the back. We also called in Divine Brown to add some vocals, because there's some male-female call-and-response in the song, so she could give the female perspective and add thickness to the chorus. In general, the records are nearly finished. I love SWV, so when I sampled their song 'Anything' for 'Shot For Me', it is because it reminds me of a memorable good time that I miss. We'll still put out records that are obviously commercial and foolproof in hitting the charts. In total, there are only 37 audio tracks, and relatively few plug-ins, particularly on Boi-1da's drum tracks because, remarks 40, "I had passed his stuff through the SSL already and had done most of the processing I wanted during that process.” The eagle-eyed will spot the '-1380' markings in the comments box. It's literally simply an apartment in which I put up some dampening against the walls to try to get the reverb times down. Inside Track | Secrets Of The Mix Engineers. It's the scratch melody of Drake singing before he had written the words. Drake raps in a very melodic way, which is a conscious decision on his part. "I had the Pultec and some drastic outboard EQ on the first marcato string part, and a mid-range EQ and some drastic top-end EQ on the second string part, but left the third string part alone. I wanted to shape it a bit differently. So I took the session to Metalworks, where I put the Boi-1da stuff through the analogue gear, tweaked the rest in the box for three hours, and before I knew it, it was done.”. I am a laptop guy, because I always want to have the ability to tweak my mixes when I leave a studio, wherever I am, just with my laptop and a set of headphones. I never switch tracks while recording. All contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2020. A list of fundraisers you can support right now. I looked at the Boi-1da track from a mix perspective and added things that I couldn't achieve just by mixing. I also stick them through some other analogue gear, like a Pultec, or Neve 1073s or LA2As. Take Care Young Money 2011. @Saint-Marc Exclusive. All rights reserved. Songs that sampled Drake's Shot for Me: All Belongs to Me by Eric Bellinger and K2 (2) (2012) Cover versions of Drake's Headlines: Headlines by Soul Rebels Brass Band (2013) Discussion. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Kurupt's The Next Episode sample of David McCallum's The Edge. I like the sound of the Smack! The samples from Drake's second studio album Take Care which was released November 2011. It's a nostalgic moment. Comment Insert the cursor time: Public playlists. Canadians are prone to giving their own, unique slant to North American culture, and rapper Drake is a case in point, having scored major commercial success with a message, delivery and sound all his own. Three of my five additional keyboard parts have the Lo-Fi, with, again, Sample Rate and Distortion being the buttons that I reach for. Says 40, "I was working in full HD with TDM and then took it home to work on Pro Tools LE, and the first thing I always do is to check for latency, and I noticed that Auto-Tune was giving me 1380 samples of latency on every track it was on, so I compensated for that by hitting my great friend Alt-H, one of my favourite shortcuts in Pro Tools, and moving all the vocals 1380 samples earlier.”. I treated all the vocals on this song as one, which is a little abnormal: I normally have chorus processing and verse processing and rap processing, and so on. When I was a kid, I used the money I made from acting to rent a four-track tape deck and digital samplers, and I also had Sound Recorder on Windows 3. But when he was working on So Far Gone, I saw how frustrated he became looking for music. Tags: US Rap #1 Hit. "At some point while Drake was writing to the stereo MP3, I was calling Boi-1da, begging and demanding all the exported separate files of his session. At best, I was being reassured of things I already knew. But because 'Headlines' was a roll-out single for the album, I wanted it to jump out when it came on the radio, and part of that was not having so much bottom end, which gave me the headroom to push it a bit further. Is it a Toronto sound? It has 12GB of RAM, three solid-state hard drives, DVI/HDMI and so on. But it's part of the fun Drake and I have in fighting all the boundaries and limits, whether from a mix or a musical standpoint. "There's a [Waves] Linear Phase EQ and an L2 limiter on the master bus, which I use when printing reference mixes. Drake's guitarist Adrian Eccleston features on Take Care. One night at 3am, I'd already been working non-stop for two or three days, Gadget walked into the control room and said: 'Listen.' GO AD-FREE WITH WHOSAMPLED PREMIUM! And we never even meant for it to be an official single!”. Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. In being put through the wringer by him I really earned my stripes, so when I later walked into studios in New York, LA or Miami, I could do everything that the engineers there could. It was during the Jelleestone recordings that he earned his nickname. Metalworks have a bunch of great Pultecs, and I love hitting them! It's very much a makeshift home studio. So for me they are a tool and I reach for them for fun. Drake suddenly said, 'Hey, let's put it out tonight,' and I replied, 'OK, give me a few hours!' In working with Drake, I found my reason, so I stepped back into producing. This song ended up being, for my doing, a little bit thin, other than some good bottom end in the chorus from the bass lines that I added. I also applied EQ, ducking at 95Hz, and then a little compression to level it out. Having said that, Drake and I do take pride in writing songs together, just the two of us. Donaldson's Baptizing Scene. In addition to Auto-Tune I also had the Waves Q8 EQ on 'Drake 1', and the Waves De-esser, the RE6, the RVox, a Pultec plug-in and the Smack! The track was produced by "Best I Ever Had" beatsmith Boi-1da, who's also responsible for Soulja Boy's "Speakers Going Hammer," a bunch of Keri Hilson songs and some tracks from Jeezy's new album. Please sign in or sign up. Boi-1da had a 'Sawbass' track, which I hit with a bunch of stuff. by Drake. "It's located across the street from my home in Toronto. Close. I grew up in the entertainment industry, with my family being actors and so on. We're just a couple of kids making records and it has worked out pretty good for us!”. There are so many more words that I experimented with how to frame them, and that developed into something new. The official lead single from the album and the main subject of this article, 'Headlines', was released in July 31, also on October's Very Own, and sold in similar quantities to 'Marvin's Room'.

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