With his eyepatch (a memento from a near-fatal 1967 car accident) and battered straw hat, there's something of the pirate and something of the raving hillbilly about him.

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Now that it's time for George's big lead vocal moment, he picks the dirt out from under his fingernails, adjusts the mic-stand to his considerable height, and then links his arms behind his back like the hanged man in a deck of Tarot cards. George's own explanation of "personal and musical differences" actually feels the most apt. In fact he's hugging tightly against Garfat and reaching around his body to play a lightning-fast solo on Garfat's bass. He stands there, stone-still, filling the screen, a frozen giant, so massive you can see every pore in his nose.

It's also, in the bargain, a quasi-documentary on the hazards of excessive drug use, although what drugs exactly Dr. Hook (every member of Dr. Hook) was on during the taping is up for debate. But "the thrill we've never known," they qualify, "is the thrill that'll getcha when you get your picture / on the cover of the Rolling Stone." The other thing that's fascinating about Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show: Live is that, in a way, it's as much a narrative feature as it is a live document. The song chugs along funkily, a kind of Dr.-John-meets-Captain-Beefheart groove with an entertaining lead vocal cameo from the floppy, muppetlike Billy Francis. In a way, it's the most creatively alive I've ever felt, and it's something I've chased after in some form or another in every recording session I've ever attended or every live show I've ever done.

Weitere Bandmitglieder in den späteren Jahren waren zusätzlich noch Jance Garfat, Rik Elswit und Jay David. In fact, there's something ecstatic about just about every second of every song. "Excuse us," Locorriere informs the film crew, "some of us are puking. In fact, within a year, Cummings will quit Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, citing "personal and musical differences." 4,0 von 5 Sternen alles super. ", Introducing their third song, Locorriere tells the cameras, "Ray is gonna yodel. Rezension aus Deutschland vom 28. To varying degrees, I enjoyed all these films, but if you asked me to tell you my very-favorite-ever cinematic document of a rock and roll band, I would have to break down and admit that it's a 10-dollar import DVD of Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show doing a live-for-German-TV performance sometime in 1974. George leans into the mic and, in a disquieting mumble-moan that sounds slightly muffled, maybe because of the handkerchief, he introduces the title character. Doctor my dose. In the background, Billy Francis does a delicate introverted shimmy before erupting into a bloodcurdling shriek. It starts to seem like the awkward start to the set was just an aberration and the band is now settling in. Was this an amicable performance, or an antagonistic one? There's a scraped-out world-weary catch in his voice, and a likeable sweetness too. His eyes, though, are hidden in deep shadow.

Doctor my dose. All throughout the show he hasn't laughed or smiled or even looked at anyone else in the band, and you get a sense that they might have even fought immediately before the taping. Everything feels great. By the end of the next song (the aforementioned "no good" single "Carry Me, Carrie," which is truly not very good), the band has decided not to hurl the towels and is actively asking for them. What did they think of the band? These moments flicker like a camera coming in and out of focus, and when they arrive they practically burn through the screen. In the United States whenever Ray yodels everybody says, 'GET OUTTA HERE!'

Almost everyone in the band is beaming, carefree, laughing, exchanging happy glances with each other. All in good fun. What fucks you up so entirely, and still allows you to play so damn good? Three? Sawyer jumps on it as metaphor: "Watch out, he's fixin' to throw in the towel!" Der feste Bestandteil der Originalbesetzung bestand aus Ray Sawyer und Dennis Locorriere. It's called "Penicillin Penny" and, with it, the good-natured, generous feeling of Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show: Live comes under its first threat, a threat from which it takes the band several songs to recover. We know that you're sitting at home saying, ‘Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.'". I don't deserve no dose. 1983 trat Ray Sawyer aus der Band aus, die sich zwei Jahre später auflöste. Don't you slip me no dose. slowly drinks himself nearly to death in a darkened swimming pool enclosure and Ozzy pours the orange juice all over the counter. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 14. I loved them back when I was a kid. Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show Dr. Hook, 1977 Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show (1968–1974), später nur noch Dr. Hook (1975–1985), war eine US-amerikanische Pop - Country-Rock -Band, die 1968 in Union City, New Jersey, gegründet wurde. It's also, in the bargain, a quasi-documentary on the hazards of excessive drug use, although what drugs exactly Dr. Hook (every member of Dr. Hook) was on during the taping is up for debate. and Bankrupt, Dr. Hook would in fact declare bankruptcy, lose a founding member, and languish in self-pitying obscurity.

What a great band, I'm so glad they were recorded and we can still experience their music. This essay was condensed from an original version published on his web site, willsheff.com. With that, Sawyer makes an exaggerated version of an orchestra conductor's hand motions at the band and they lurch into "Sylvia's Mother," their first single, released three years earlier. The band has launched into a menacing groove, with Wolters playing a quarternote kick drum beat and Sawyer threateningly scraping a cabasa. Who are these strange Germans in the dark, dispensing towels? I'm not saying this little live DVD by a largely forgotten band is better than the abovementioned films by the likes of Scorsese, Godard, Pennebaker, and Bogdanovich. At this point, there's some muted applause from the crew in the room. Musically, there is something subtly but undeniably out of place about George's pedal-steel work; while the rest of the band choogles along good-naturedly, it oozes a malign, swampy dread.

Even at the start of his performance, before anyone has even exerted themselves in playing anything, there's a sheen of sweat across Locorriere's forehead and his sunken eye-sockets, making him look distinctly unwell.

The band begs Locorriere to stop but he keeps saying, "I got it! In 2007, Locorriere and his band embarked on the Dennis Locorriere Celebrates Dr. Hook Hits and History tour. Sawyer spastically waves his hands in front of his face and growls like a bear. Staggering back up to the mic, Locorriere responds to the scattered applause and semi-sarcastically addresses the TV audience at home, whoever they may be: "Oh, oh thank you, thank you. I have seen David Bowie's cocaine skeleton doing Burroughsian cut-ups on the floor of a luxury hotel in the difficult-to-find TV special Cracked Actor.

As George repeats the words "Doctor my dose" over and over, he slowly alters them, at first leaving the "s" off of "dose" so that it sounds like "doe" and then slipping into a kind of grotesque deathbed imitation, all gurgles and wheezes and gasps for air. watching this is cool they arnt fn idiots i love there singing least its there part of the act, Best band ever - Just love them.

It is in these grim lowlands that the generically titled Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show: Live finds them setting up camp, railing from onstage against their irrelevancy and low estate to a room that is—appropriately—empty, filled only with a mute film crew for the German television show Der Musikladen. He has clearly put something inside the handkerchief to weight it, and is now swinging it around in a wide arc. The disgust with which the narrator views the title character verges on misogyny, or even misanthropy—an angry hatred not just of women but of the body itself. Don't want no dose.

I have seen Don't Look Back, Eat the Document, and No Direction Home. Things are starting to get off track. Booze, drugs and punching wives has long been the norm for rock's great ambassadors. The solo over, he returns to the front of the stage, to his mic, to his handkerchief. We're not ashamed of it! Then the camera cuts back to Locorriere and the first amazing thing in Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show: Live happens—Locorriere opens his mouth and he sounds great! Hook?" The producers of Musikladen appear to have chosen "Penicillin Penny" as the song in which to get the most experimental with their editing technique; up until this point the editing has been mostly invisible, consisting of conventional long-shots with occasional cuts to different parts of the action, but in "Penicillin Penny" there's a switch to a deliberately disorienting pattern of very tight shots that alternate quickly and rhythmically. Things are starting to get off track. Sawyer war sehr auffällig durch seinen Cowboyhut und seine Augenklappe, die er seit einem Autounfall im Jahre 1967 trug. Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show: Live is completely unguarded, and there is something fresh and childlike in that unguardedness. The camera lingers on this close-up as the disembodied words flow out, holding the shot for so long that for a while it becomes abstracted and you almost forget you're looking at a face. Doctor my dose. At the front of the stage are the two lead singers of Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, Ray Sawyer and Dennis Locorriere. We almost never see the actual crew of Musikladen, and when we do see them it's only incidentally: a guy in a green hooded sweatshirt quickly propping a fallen mic stand back up, a lanky still photographer briefly glimpsed standing in the darkness, a disembodied hand extending a fresh puke towel. More on him later.

Sawyer suddenly looks distressed. The sneaky thing about Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show: Live is that no matter how sour and chaotic and sloppy it gets there's something consistently musical about it, something both sincere and fundamentally unfakeable. Garfat stands stock still with his head bowed towards the stage, like a little boy who is being inappropriately touched. How big was the studio? As an adult I really appreciate them even more and I got a kick out of them having fun Whether they were high or not. Locorriere has taken his acoustic guitar off and switched to electric.

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