May we always look only to you just as all creation glorifies Your Holy name. I was loving, respectful, cared for them, listened, gave advice, etc. I’m not sure what all of this means but we are so blessed to enjoy our visitors every day. She turned to look at me, sat a few minutes more then flew away. Thank you Danielle! : God bless everyone! I got busy and forgot about it until I noticed a lot of white stuff on the dark mulch. John, Love is right beside you and never leaves you. You can become addicted to turmoil and drama in the same way that you can to almost anything else. The number 6 is curious. A white dove flew over me and landed in my yard, I walked away but the bird remained where it had landed like 2 minutes later I walked back and slowly walked towards it. Doves are from the animal family Columbidae! You would not see a bird in the middle of the night without any means. Still flying in a circular motion. Then later came back for 2 or 3 seconds an then flew away, and that was it. It a sign of Blessings from the powers above you. Any thoughts? This is a message for you too, to not grieve harshly, instead celebrate thier lives & love for you both! There is power in praying and God finds a way to give us hope. Like really stuck. I’m glad you are smarter than I was! Doves are therefore required to starve themselves during this time in order to allow all solid pieces of food to be thoroughly dissolved and digested, in turn producing a purer form of milk for their young. When I was 9 I went to my aunt house that is so bad vibe I was so scared of that house and I don’t even know why even I lived there and hated that house, it shows many stories in that house, I was trying to figure out by the sign and then I saw the pic of my aunt, it has the bird orbs on her face everyone think it’s robin bird but I disagreed w them, it’s not just that picture. Finding feathers on your path is also symbolic of having a lighter outlook on life or a particulary situation. Any thoughts? Feather Symbolism: The Mystery of feathers’ Meanings. I wonder why I am alone and think of my children. GOD Bless, Sandra. Hello Haydee: The dream is symbolic of your inability to let go of control in your waking life. It is also a symbol of survival, sacrifice and soul. Please help me with the meaning of this dove encounter: I was walking my grandson today around the lake. And when that happens, the surviving dove has to find a new mate. I was busy over christmas and did not see it much again until december 27. Not hard, just enough to get out attention. At least once a day, this bird flies against window as if trying to land on the screen. My fiancé and I were expecting our first baby. Huh? Early Roman Christians began to incorporate this sort of artwork into their funerary. So feathers … Bless you, and I hope this has helped a little. The overall meaning is that you have the power to see things from a higher perspective, you are allowing yourself to be pulled under instead of rising out of your situation. Your loved and not as alone as you feel .. ,get those positive changes and take control back .. White Feathers; Finding a White feather was considered a very powerful sign. You could receive a message through angel numbers or perhaps through visions but one other common mode of communication is through signs and symbols. Flying beside me in an unpopulated area was a white dove! Does the winged life destroy The first thing that came to mind to me is the dove represented you. Then we started noticing they appeared to not get along to well at first. Be HAPPY and Stay focused on WORK and Near & Dear ones. I saw one in a Shamanic journey. I’m with you and everything will be okay. as for killing the dove….perhaps it’s saying to let go and soar with eagle. You have most likely released your thoughts of hate and revenge and found a place of peace and love in your heart. I feel blessed. Feathers are powerful symbol of hope and spiritual growth. I knew it was a dove and was very happy at my blessing. After all, the dove is known to be a symbol of the Holy Spirit. I can’t help but think it’s a sign for me to spread my wings and know things will work out between the two of us. We get caught up so much in things that we think in the moment are important, but are not truly important. I picked one up and it stuck to me. I was getting so many positive universal signs and was so confident in where this was heading. Your surrounded by family in spirit and Angels … It’s pretty cool to see … I do have 2 dogs (sisters) who are 14 yrs old and one is sick and not eating or walking much. 5:22-23)… ‘9 for each wing.’ The Gifts and Fruit keep us lifted for our Godly journey. Yesterday – the 8th of Dec I came home and found 4 doves sitting on my front porch. I am a very social person, but after foot surgery I quit going out of the house much. Other morning I opened the blinds and it is as if they are trying to tell me something. If the bird is yellow, it symbolizes a new friendship that will soon take root. . Get quiet, meditate, just let your body relax and the thoughts drift by. Besides my cat not making a simple lunch of the dove that was very surreal. Doctors removed her breasts and she was cancer free.’. What started as two, has increased to 12. Hi, so this afternoon is a very stormy and rainy one, I’m driving home from work and I see a row of black birds with a pure white dove sitting in the center of them all on a power line, I’m not sure what this means but it made me feel very happy and it was very beautiful. Thank you and God bless. When ever I come out side all the other birds fly away but he stays. I can interpret things on a spiritual level. . What was this dream all about? I took pictures of this rare sight in Long Beach ca. The Dove wants you to know there is always love enough to go around if you look for it. Two years ago today my mother passed away. When a feather comes free, it often flutters gently down to be found by us. I was giving a sense of relaxation to them. She in California and I in NY.We knew at that moment we were soulmates from past lives. The first thing in my head was this is a message from god. As I walked over towards the tree to get a closer look he then flew back to a tree nearest to the house.

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