*Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Good stat line, and surprisingly decent leader skill, as the 20% extra HP is much  more valuable than the 5% extra ATK you’d get from most leader skills at the SR level. As usual, he’s packing an Extreme modifier on his Super, letting him dish out some extra pain here and there. Like Demonic Pride Piccolo, this guy is a team player, but unlike Demonic Pride, he’s  pure, unadulterated offense. The Saiyan Lineage is becoming more common, and a few good units have it, such as Ultimate Gohan, any Broly, either Kaioken Goku, and many non-Super Saiyans, like Determined Defender Goku, but unfortunately, he needs other TEQ units around to make the most of his passive, which is also a problem where his GT link is concerned, making GT Super Saiyan Trunks his optimal link partner. What makes him slightly worse compared to Goku is that he ATK and DEF Buffs after firing his 18 Ki move, while his 12 Ki only gives him ATK, making him worse in more difficult Stages. Ask yourself whether a tiny chance to scam out one of those ten awakening medals is worth the trouble when you’d probably have an easier time just making use of the units with the appropriate link and/or passives, though. Decent stat line, a throwaway leader skill, and a crapshoot passive that just might save your neck in a tough fight; the reason he and The Gifted One Chiaotzu get so high on this list is because of their frequency, and Blue’s reported goes off more than half the time, which can bring big value against tough opponents. His passive would be good if it went off  more often, but it doesn’t; you’ll probably forget about it even when it activates. What keeps him out of the tier below this is that he links with some good units; Prodigies is on Demonic Pride Piccolo and Reborn for Revenge Mecha Frieza, and he links with Proud Royalty King Vegeta through Saiyan Warrior Race and The Vegeta Family, and with Never-Ending Battle Vegeta and Last Minute Technique Super Saiyan Vegeta by the same means. You’d think he links with his boss to help mitigate some of this, and you’d in turn be disappointed, as his exclusive links are with the other Coora minions, both of which are R, and therefore something you won’t be using forever. There are a couple  of PHY SRs that have Android Assault, further contributing to his defense, and Gentleman is shared by PHY Perfect Power Perfect Cell, who’s quite good. A Terrible Leader Skill, no Damage, no Super ATK effects, and one of the worst Link Skill sets in the game make Piccolo very hard to use. Overall, The Nightmare Returns provides surprising value. Galactic Warrior and Hera Clan are exclusively found on the rest of  Boujack’s crew, including Boujack himself, so while the links are amazing, they’re quite limited in wide appeal. The lack of an Extreme Super modifier typical of Tien cards wielding Tri-Beam is a bummer, though. He links well with Chiaotzu through that, Crane School, and Telekinesis, including with the handy INT Gifted One. Brutal Beatdown is also common in PHY, as Saiyan Baptism Nappa, Never-Ending Assault Recoome, Cocky Counter  Raditz, Pure Corruption Dr. Gero, and A Future Forsaken Future 17 have it. Leader skill earns a shrug, but his ATK is alright, and he has the ever-appreciated Super Saiyan links, allowing him to get along with plenty of powerful units. Big Bad Bosses got better recently, it plays to his need to get his ass kicked before he starts hurting people in turn, but you don’t want a bad unit in the fold just for that unless you’ve got no choice. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Eleventh Hour’s packing a nice passive and serves a similar role to Heart of Innocence Chi Chi, and while it’s not as consistent as a leader skill that serves the same role, you’re also allowed to use another type of leader skill, or stack another  of the same kind, such as with Dastardly Space Pirate Chilled or Infinite Fighting Spirit 17, to stack enemy ATK reduction. The result is a rare case of a good defensive unit that also has some offense to go around, making him stand out more than most units from the Dragon Ball tournament summon, especially if you’re struggling against an INT boss you can’t beat with a +Ki leader alone. This Chi Chi serves a couple of uncommon purposes. Bombardment is shared by Jackie  Chun, and you’ll almost always need either one or the other because of the leader skill, so you may as well have both unless you have an exceedingly better option. Additionally, units are not just ranked by their damage output. This can make him valuable to have along even if he doesn’t have anyone to link with, as he can keep your team from wiping out against a nasty AGL opponent. Genius of War doesn’t even have good links within his own type outside of Peerless Saiyan Raditz and Cruel Tactics  Nappa, who have the exact same problems as he does. Finally, like all forms of Frieza, Despair’s Onslaught can Dokkan Awaken  into Golden Frieza when the Resurrection of F event rolls back around, which raises the frequency of his passive, makes him statistically more powerful, and gives him better links, but also lets him keep Prodigies and Universe’s Most Malevolent. His leader skill is also good, but with Saiyan Elite Vegeta and Western Galaxy Rivalry Paikuhan around, who have +3 Ki leader skills, and both link with The Nightmare Returns, it’s pretty redundant for most people. Most people using her will be doing so for her looks, but the rest of you may want to give her a shot anyway; if it wasn’t for her weaknesses, she’d be jockeying for a spot in the top tier, and that surprises me as much as it does you. His leader skill stinks, and his ATK is woefully low, and this matters doubly for him because of his Extreme typing, which deals reduced damage against other Extremes compared to Super-typed units, and most of the opponents in Dokkan Battle are Extreme. Yes, and his name is Boujack. This is the first Piccolo made to deal damage, via his very good passive, and there are lots of good STR Z-Fighters, making it easy for him to find a home. Infighter is arguably the worst link skill in the game, even with Big Bad Bosses and Berserker in consideration, but he still links well with The  Saiyan Among Us Goku through Kamehameha, and Burning Spirit Yamcha and Contemplated Strategies Grandpa Gohan, through Kamehameha and Turtle School, and Miraculous Return Max Power Master Roshi, his best link partner, who has Kamehameha, Turtle School, Supreme Warrior, and World Tournament Champion, for a nice hit of damage and +2 Ki. You won’t always need him on your TEQ team, unless he’s a backbone of said team, but keep him ready. Posted by. Insanity or not, this guy should be considered for a roster spot, even if you have designs on the godlier version. She has a decent stat line, with The Innocents being a solid link shared by a lot of usable units, such as non-Future Androids 17 and 18, Beerus, Mighty Mask, and some Buu cards. He also links with Super Saiyan From the Future SSR Trunks, which is notable because that Trunks links with Prince of Destiny too. All that really holds him back is that his passive isn’t anything special. This page is for listing all Tier Lists written for the game overall, as well as Tier Lists for limited events. Woeful stats, including his ATK, and atrocious leader skill, but he has good links, at least; Mysterious Adventure is on all units that appeared in the original Dragon Ball, notably Innocent Challenger Kid Goku, who’s also AGL, and a free unit, Demon Duo is a powerful link that is shared with Demonic Lord of Darkness Dabura, who himself is a very good unit, World Tournament Champion is most notably shared with Master Roshi units, including the AGL, and Mystical Wonderland is on all units from the Dragon Ball world tournament summon pool.

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