Now jump down from there and follow the path till you reach a fork take the east path and there is a Mr. Navit to the south. In the second room there is a chest in both of the first 2 alleys on the east side. You will start out in Erika's hospital room and can go to the Underground by talking to Wormmon and replay the final battle by going to Eater Eden. After that watch the scenes (don't bother with choice 3 in the dialogue it wont amount to anything, again i do not ship this at all) and this chapter ends. He has 2 signature moves. After the scene you will be in Under Kowloon lvl 1. Log out and take one of the quests. The last normal case is "Fossil paradise". Also, the Nakano Broadway 1F Shop will begin operations now. Instead, any DLC Digimon you have not installed will be delisted from the Field Guide (i.e. There will be a scene after which you will be able to enter the cyber crimes URL. One in the north west and one to south of where you are now. The chat bubble that pops up on the bottom right corner of the screen indicates that you received new messages. After the scenes have ended head to the PC and go to Zaxon server from eden. Watch the scenes. He will then attack you with various dark and ice attacks. Go to Eden's community area and speak to the 2 girls with the quest markers. Watch the scene and then you will battle Ryuji and Arcadiamon Mega. To reveal them you need to use another hacking skill, Visualizer. Keep going north for chest with two [SP Capsule C]. Now follow the path south avoiding traps until you reach 2 adjacent traps, go into the left one. More on the Online coliseums in the specified section of this guide. Go south and follow the path as it turns north until you see a shiny object in the corner to your right, it's a [Dodomon Medal (ドドモンメダル)]. Digivice (デジヴァイス) is the menu that opens with the "△" button. Congrats you have beaten the main story. Submit at PC. (いいニオイがしそうな植物タイプ), The mechanical-looking machine type. (what the protag is wearing). After all the opening scene finish leave Hudie but before that check near on of the booths for a shiny object (memory). After that a scene will play and now you need to go to Under Kowloon lvl 3, Chitose will join as a guest with his Ankylomon. Then grab the Memory in front of you near the police.Now leave Odaiba and go to Shinjuku to get a memory at the east trashcan in the first area. Take the left path to get a chest and then make your way to the next room. Number of cleared cases (クリア済み依頼数): The total number of cases you have cleared throughout the game. Welcome to my FAQ. After accepting the case watch the scene then head out to Ikebukuro and speak to the maid on the left and the main on the right both with a lock now head to the other area and speak to a woman and the young man and then move to the quest marker and watch the scene. There are 2 more girls here and you have to talk and beat them in a fight. After that head on to Under Kowloon lvl 3. Next up is "Gluttonous case" Watch the scenes. Open the chest on your right side for an [SP Capsule C]. And then the one in the north to get a chest. You can now also participate in the Platinum cup assuming you have beaten the last 3 cups. In the 4th room use visualizer. After which you will have to fight 2 eaters. These appear as shiny objects on the floor in question. Next go to the second floor and go south of the elevator for a scene. Once you leave Nakano Broadway, choose the new place, Shinjuku (新宿), from the Tokyo Map. Once on solid ground again move straight ahead and open. Battle Direction (バトル演出): Choose between skipping or showing the battle skill animations. If he uses Crystal revolution it will NOT damage you but now all damage is reduced (or increased) to 100 per hit. Personal warning do not play this quest at night unless you like being creeped out. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. After that head through the partition and towards the right you will see a guy sitting on boxes go past him and pick up the medal in the area behind the boxes. You have 4 cases to take on 2 are normal and 2 are important. Another scene will play and you will enter a domination battle alongside Chitose and Erika against the so called Sato Triplets. Follow the path and collect 2 chests and go down the elevator at the end to B9--99-9-99. Do you have what it takes to crack this digi-case? Each of the Abyss server floors can take the form of a room from any other dungeon, for example F2 could be a digital space while F3 could be Kowloon or the Shibuya digital shift and so on. Watch the next scenes and then you will be in a digital space. Then follow the path and take the first stair case down to get 2 chests. After you have made use the farm leave to continue the story. You will be back in the first room open the chest and use the warp point near the entrance and walk towards the chest east of where you warp to. Then head down the elevator to B9-99-9--9. However that is not all each variant of floor 10 and 20 has a hacker's memory, specifically a Keisuke's memoir memory,the first of these can actually be found on 1F but the other 6 are in the miniboss rooms. Follow the path (you need to use route access) The first 2 rooms are pretty linear and you can easily get 4 emblems on your way to the leader in the 3rd room so it is recommended you do get them all for this case. Like every room there are 3 possible mini boss rooms on both floors 10 and 20. The path splits into 3 paths from here the north exit is blocked by a guy with a quest marker to get past him take the other two route and speak to girls there to fins the answer to his question. You won't be able to damage this boss, so just keep doing normal attacks. Watch the scene and then exit the room. The Player menu is your character profile. Now go to the Digilab and use the Mirror dungeon to go to K's Server. There are no chests or shiny objects this tie just beat the enemy and you are done. After that you are back in the second room. Then head to the URL. Lastly we have "Metropolitan Building Dimension" Watch the scene and then go inside and speak to the man with the quest marker. And a chest on the inner part of the last ring in the first room. After the scenes from the previous chapter you will now be in Hudie this place will be your home base for a majority of your game. There is one large orb here you have to turn off 2 terminals on the left and right sides of it to remove the paralysis effect. There are eight sections to choose from, each with a unique icon and background color. Answering 20 DigiLine quiz questions correctly will net you a trophy. Now collect 2 more chests and take the north elevator up to take 2 more chests. There is only a chest in this area after you get it head to center part and watch the scene followed by a domination battle between You, Fei, Yuugo and Dreamin' members. You will fight an Eater, Eater Humanoid and Eater Bit. The BLUE line represents the elevator on the north part of the room and goes to the 30th floor. You now have 2 cases. You wont be able to win and the enemy will not die as such the fight will end after a certain number of turns. Speak to her than talk to the other people in the room with quest markers and return to the first girl. After that watch the scene use the elevator to go up you will see a digimon in the distance talk to it to see a scene followed by a battle than another scene. Go to the south west part of the room and copy RED and paste it into the blank terminal in the North east part of the room. After that a scene will play, you are now in Shinjuku go to quest marker for a scene then the next marker and another scene. There are four types of cases, they're defined by their different colored magnetic pins. I will only give advice when the enemies are particularly tough or have unique characteristics.I will also tellyou about items that you can pick up (shiny objects) and treasure chests in an area. I also advise bringing digimon that have relatively high speed and high attack with Defense piercing. After you will battle Arkadiamon Ultimate who will buff its speed but reduce its attack, Ryuji will also use items to heal Arkadiamon. Before going after Rie a few things to collect. Walk further in and watch the scene then you will battle an Eater. Beating him beyond the first time is really nothing more than a difficult challenge and should only be done by player who want to test their skill and strategy. Watch the scene and then talk to all 4 of demon hackers then watch the next scene. For anyone who wants to know the canonical name for the protagonist of this game is Keisuke Amasawa. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. There are 29 in total not including the one you just finished. Now go to the south east part of the room and copy BLUE and paste it in the blank terminal in the north west of the room. The three costume Agumons are really effective in the next fight. Then go southeast down some stairs for another shiny object [Minomon Medal (ミノモンメダル)]. There are 20 ranks total. Watch the next scene. For Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth on the PlayStation 4, Guide and Walkthrough by Draken70.

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