Delete all files from Diablo 2 folder except MPQs. There are such things as MISWALKS, which means the server say .45 popped and spawned DC but it wasn’t recorded by the bots. download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio. So if DC appears in server .45 on US East, then all the Ladder, Non-ladder, Softcore, Hardcore, Classic games in that realm spawn DC. So it’s not a good idea to make your character stand still in a game for too long. PlugY is a mod whose primary purpose is to increase the stash size for Diablo II characters. Before I get into this, I have to admit I learned from another guide by Hoarshade, so I must give a lot of credit to him for getting me started and a lot of the info. See his full stats, and more details about this quest. I don’t know much about them, but I hear they are unreal. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. On waypointing there all my skeleton minions vanished, but my clay golen and revives remained. /page 2 : Show extra stats page (stats page must be opened). Diablo Clone and its reward Annihilus is event that only exist in the servers of the game. Work fast with our official CLI. /renamechar newname : Rename your character and save it. Pop and walk are two terms meaning spawning DC which is used more often by people. Most of the time, if your consistent you should be fine. You can go in the channel and type in things like [Announced] or [!list] without the [ ] and it will tell you if there’s a preplanned public co-op, or if ones going down in a little while. Well it has to do with Stone of Jordan’s or SOJS. IMPORTANT**** You cannot join more than 3 games in one minute or else you get a temporary ban from blizzard b/c they think you’re a bot. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Just like the other Ubers, Guide created 28.10.2009 but revised on 29.10.2019,, All rights reserved | 2009-2020 Unofficial fansite, "6433 Stones of Jordan sold to Merchants". I also wrote this potentially to get a large group going to do public co-ops in which you don’t have to pay to get in but just sell 1 SOJ or something. Also I wrote this so more people would know about how to do this. - Enabled the ladder only runewords out of realms. I'm a summonmancer, so no bone skills. Once you create a game, it is randomly assigned to a server, so if I create a game it could be on server .45 or .152, you have no control over this. The only original Diablo II file that PlugY modifies is D2gfx.dll in order to provide all the new graphics necessary to display the mod. Now go here and you will see the ledge just before your stash. Original post showing how I got an easy Dclone kill on Plugy. These guys always have 4x CD keys or more, meaning they can get 4 characters on the game or more. Should I rage quit? This has not been rigorously tested. It might be different for everyone else, but with a little bit of figuring out and fiddling around, you should get it. Even sometimes elemental skills can be used to kill him effectively. activity of different servers, pop potential). Type in New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Always display Mana and Life values above the globes. Here’s another complicated part. /dlm : Toggle always display mana and life mode. Even though the main feature of the mod is to grant users an infinite stash, even this particular feature can be disabled if all you only want access to, for example, World Events. Diablo 2 fans will find a lot to love with this series as it doesn’t ditch the skill tree or the skill points, like Diablo 3 did, much to the chagrin of diehards. Over the years it has grown to include numerous other useful functions, such as enabling Ladder Only Rune Words outside of the Ladder, enabling the Uber quests outside of and various other small tweaks and additions. So one time if I create a game I might be in server .45, then the next game I might be in .86 and I keep doing this until I get the desired server. So if 75-150 SOJS are sold on server .45 then ALL games in .45 spawn DC. Then on the channel in mIRC people might say ok, everyone sell one SOJ on .45. - Unassign assigned skills and stats points. And would he still drop the charm? Launch any number of Diablo II games on the same computer. Some argue the SOJ range is more or less than that, but for our purposes let’s just say he spawns between 75-150. The clone (Uber Diablo) can appear in any Hell difficulty game regardless of an open game or password protected game. - Always display Mana and Life values above the globes. 1. r02 is Eld and so on for each increasing number of rune. These are all the tools you need to base your decision on which servers are most likely to pop next. Once you get it you wait it out. So far there are 3 'plugY.ini' files and I'm not sure which one needs to be changed or whether they ALL need to … All the items have tooltips just like in-game. Then you must register your nick name before you can talk. Ok so you want to hunt Diablo Clone? Learn more. I freeze, decriptify, and slow with clay golem and he cant do anything. It is highly recommended to also backup your save folder before using the mod. I've heard. - Shared storage space in the stash (up to 4,294,967,296 shared pages too!) Only drawback is they are expensive since paladin gear is the most costly at the moment. Perhaps the biggest change is to stash size, which is a … Once they connect all their characters onto a predetermined server, lets say .45, they do a mass selling of SOJS and pop DC fast. Now right click and press properties. The second way to do this is to download a program on mIRC (I will explain what mIRC is shortly) which tells you which server you are on when you run Diablo. I can’t just tell you absolutely everything and you will be an expert. Sometimes people disconnect from their games all together and lose out after a day of waiting, which is why I said it’s risky and sometimes unlucky. The most notable feature of PlugY is the increased stash. If DC is in range of 75-150 SOJS usually people sell like mad on those servers and he pops fast. PlugY, The Survival Kit Official site Plug-in for Diablo II Lord of Destruction. Here it’s 1/150 and you can create games much faster than run these bosses. Again you must listen and ask questions to get the hang of this. If you manage to kill him, he drops a unique Small Charm - Annihilus or "Anni" for short. This page was last edited on 20 August 2010, at 03:22. Also there are updates within the channel on which servers are selling SOJS etc, just look in your channel for a couple days and you will know exactly what’s going on. Kites him from blacksmith and then killed the last boss. - Open a game and wait for his spawn. After this it should ask you which server you want to connect to. I was at the top of the stairs at the waypoint act 4, when the message arrived. This is a popular build in regular Diablo play, and with maxed resistance, high life, they should be able to tank him. With PlugY, Diablo clone finally spawned. The second is by people adding SOJS to a server little by little. /lockmouse : Lock mouse cursor in the window.

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