No need set backdrop color icons for the second time. Extra check if enabled announce from all. Added PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event for TabBinder. Added TrainAllButton to ClassTrainerFrame. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Attempt to fix show icons on vehicle bar for some situations. Deleted alDamageMeter, BaudErrorFrame, cargBags_Nivaya.

"Auto select current event boss" now available for all. Old error wasn't caused by addon. Additional Features. Changed position of LFDRole icon for RaidDPS main tank.

It aims to streamline and clean up the interface, removing unnecessary frills and wasted space as well as fill in some of the holes left in the default UI. ToolBar: blue button left click - toggle loot chat, right click - LootHistoryFrame, red button - damagemeter, green - CombatLogging.

Crop texture for ProfessionsDatabase dropdown menu. Changed SetRaidTarget -> SetRaidTargetIcon.

I recently noticed a few streamers using something super similar but couldn't get a response in chats. Fixed AltPowerBar color for Amber-Shaper Un'sok. Fixed "Dancing Steel" and "River's Song" in Filger. Change drop down size only if enable stylization. Drag the Interface folder into the base directory of World of Warcraft and that's it.

Update LoadFrames.xml Not in use anymore. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Added caster name in "announce from all". Any help would be great!

AnnounceSpells.lua --> Announcements.lua and added BadGear list. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Updated Talents to prevent wrong check symbiosis.

Fixed IsDisabledByParentalControls() taint. Added "Shadow Infusion" on 5 count and "Blood Charge" on 10 count to Filger. Update Others.lua Skinned ReadyCheckPopup for Arena/Pvp.

Fixed HelpFrameCharacterStuckHearthstone HighlightTexture and cleanup. Fixed wrong icon in Core Ability Tab for SpellBook skin. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Added skin for WarGames buttons and basic skin for specific BG buttons. Cleanup and improve raid/solo buffs reminder. Fixed CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton skin if RaidTools is disabled. Update MultiItemRef.lua Quick Fix for Taint error. Fixed AltPowerBar color if texture is nil.

This author has set up a donation account. Another way to hide ExtraActionBar during pet battle.
Update Layout.lua Fixing issue with /fstack not working. Donations ensure that authors can continue to develop useful tools for everyone. It changes parts of the interface so you can have a more customizable and clean UI. Fixed ShowHelm/Cloak function in LiteStats. Added OpenMailFrame support for AlreadyKnown.

This addon is designed to be a very lightweight UI Addon to darken the default WoW UI.

Set the color of a border instead of creating second frame for some of the icons. Added "Hand of Purity" on target to Filger. Update Bags.luaReverted back changes.

Allowed clicking any mouse button for AutoButton. A small improvement for Custom Lag Tolerance. Another way to fix IsDisabledByParentalControls() taint. Togglemenu now automatically change position always.

Fixed GameMenuFrame.

Fixed SetItemButtonDesaturated.

Changed StyleButton for tabs to prevent disappearance texture when pushed. A new way to change the text color for MagePortals. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Added HighlightTexture for BlackMarket items.

Fixed stack cooldown timer on actionbars. It pretty much was the default UI but with black textures. Added skin for LFGListFrame.NothingAvailable. Added "Burden of Guilt" on player to Filger.

Update Interface.lua Added missing sliders and buttons. For install optional addon: Copy all from archive to your World of Warcraft folder(WoW\Interface\AddOns\).

Changed addons name from ShestakUI to Dark ShestakUI. Added raid buffs black list to Config file. Update LoadFrames.xml Added DeathRecap skinning. Fixed friends dropdown menu in LiteStats.
Fixed QuestMapFrame.DetailsFrame.TrackButton size. Now when you install UI requires only one reboot. Fixed HandyNotes icon if enabled ButtonCollect.

Cleanup WorldMap and fixed floors scroll. Maybe you can take some parts from there and get the same look.

Changed tab name for MyRolePlay on default. Raise Reagent button width. Fixed spiral for Trinkets and AutoButton. Changed "Silencing Shot" CD. Don't show raid reminders when solo in raid instances. Fixed solve artifact for Pandaria's races. Changed spec text for arena preparation frame. Added checks for store button. Aelb, Alwa, Baine, Chubidu, Cranan, eXecrate, F5Hellbound, Ianchan, Leg883, Mania, Nanjiqq, Oz, Puree, Sakaras, Seal, Sinaris, Spacedragon, Tat2dawn, Tibles, Vienchen, Wetxius. In case you're still looking, the mod pictured on the screenshot is Lorti UI. LFG queue timer moved to a separate file and added DBM check.

Improved default settings for BigWigs skin.

That is perfect I can change that around!

Updated displays items can not be transmogrified. Changed position of master looter icon for Raid DPS. Added options for ToolBar and ButtonCollect mouseover to Settings.lua. Changed texture and added border for ticket button. Fixed combat taint when opening RaidFrame(in FriendsFrame). Deleted some non-existing spells from BuffOnScroll.lua. Improved purchase button skin in GuildControl. Update Garrison.lua Fixed work order, reagents and few other missing parts. Fixed CounterBar for pet. Added CHAT_MSG_WHISPER_INFORM, to SpamageMeters. Fixed HealPrediction width on first logon and cleanup. Kill Garrison icon and add it to right click minimap menu.

Awhile back that stopped being updated.

Awhile back that stopped being updated. Fixed "Thundering Throw" spell id. Nor perfect fix, opens 2 windows at start, but working without lua errors. Enhanced Dark WoW Interface.

Delete LOOKING_FOR_RAID line from minimap dropdown menu. Fixed extra statistics for MoP's BG and added new BG.

Update Options.lua Added missing buttons and sliders. Prevent blocked errors while move ExtraActionBar in combat.

Temporary commented some line to fix tapped color bug. Changed to register UNIT_HEALTH_FREQUENT for HealPrediction.

Use default icon for type pet instead of long text. Don't show LFGQueueTimer if Big Wigs is loaded. Safely change talents, no more blocks.

Fixed aura spiral for AuraWatch and EnemyCD. You have just downloaded by the author . Added LFGListFrame.ApplicationViewer skin. Added "Wyvern Sting" CD. No place in new PvPFrame for honorable kills toolip. Slightly changed count position for Filger icons. Fixed Calendar, Inspect and Interface skins. Added "Beacon of Insight" to RaidAuraWatch. Added new option - Check bad gear in instance by Shestak. The goals was to have a high customizable interface, that changes little to the wow artwork/functionality. Added more "Polymorph" and "Arcane Torrent" spells to Diminishing.

Added some global locales to fix tooltip line. Changed to track on absID for "Thok's Tail Tip". Hi, I'm Yugen (Brazil), I really like to work on this UI (I did spend too much time editing textures tho lol), I hope you like AbyssUI. Fixed double battle resurrection announce. Changed defaults, positions of some elements. Added "Shroud of Purgatory" to Filger and Raid Debuffs. Added clear combatlog chat slash command. Extract DarkUI.rar to desktop. Fixed LFGDungeonReadyStatusCloseButton skin. So wayyyy back I used to like using a UI called Lorti UI for pvp. Fixed ExtraBarButton skin from ShestakUI_Extra. ShestakUI is a modular, lightweight, all-in-one overhaul for the World of Warcraft interface. Fixed display of Rare Elite on target frame.

It pretty much was the default UI but with black textures. Prevent to change SetTexCoord in WeakAuras skin. Minimap moved to topright corner, all elements around minimap moved, too. Disable LossOfControl if ShestakUI_Filger is loaded. Enabled Bags. Fixed SetDesaturated icon on target baffs. Make Player Arrow under quest button on Map. Fixed ActionBar1 for RightClickSelfCast addon. [HELP] Black version of Wow UI..? It aims to streamline and clean up the interface, removing unnecessary frills and wasted space as well as fill in some of the holes left in the default UI. Fixed CTRL/ALT click to abandon/share quest. Better way to hide realm name everywhere. I recently noticed a few streamers using something super similar but couldn't get a response in chats. Here is a pic any ideas? Changed color of pet to green when it out of range. Improved hover binding. Fixed apply skin for some custom tootips. If you like this AddOn why not consider supporting the author? Update Layout.luaAura/Taint fix for boss frame. Collections.lua Skinning of new collection frame. Enable tooltip skin for Garrison and PetJournal permanent. Added new option "Sorting players in group by role". Rename WatchFrame.lua to ObjectiveTracker.lua. Added two warlock debuffs to Filger. Use better way to show vehicle exit button. Deleted DungeonTabs. Added GarrisonCapacitiveDisplayFrame skin. Update Screenshots.lua Applying changes sugested by Sinaris.

ActionBarButton macro names now have a width.

If you want to customize what little you can in the UI then just type /DarkUI which will also allow you to change the transparency of the default windows. Use default texture for ConsolidatedBuffsIcon. Added TransmogrifyConfirmationPopup skin. Prevent errors when open the option for the first time in combat.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Fixed TrainAllButton for non current profession. Added new feature "Enable Mousewheel to scroll the inbox". Fixed an incorrect calculation of health.

Copy all from archive to your World of Warcraft folder(WoW\Interface\AddOns\). Added Instance Chat support to SpamageMeters. Option for Loss of Control is now active, but disabled by default.

Originally Posted by Shestak ShestakUI is a modular, lightweight, all-in-one overhaul for the World of Warcraft interface. Added one more check for minimap buttons skin. Fixed restack for battle pets (thx to strattonw). Added new option - Check bad gear in instance. Optional addons (stylization by Shestak, Wetxius):

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