About & Contact, Technical Feasibility – Ascertaining Hardware and Software Needs, « Feasibility Study – Determining Whether the Project is Feasible, Acquisition of Computer Equipment – Technical Feasibility », Defining the Problem in Project Initiation, Feasibility Study – Determining Whether the Project is Feasible, Acquisition of Computer Equipment – Technical Feasibility, Software Evaluation in Technical Feasibility, Economic Feasibility – Identifying & Forecasting Costs & Benefits, Comparing Costs and Benefits – Economic Feasibilty, Activity Planning and Control – Project Management, Creating the Project Charter & Avoiding Project Failures, Using Figures for Effective Communication in System Proposal, Using Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools, Systems, Roles, and Development Methodologies, Understanding and Modeling Organizational Systems, Information Gathering: Interactive Methods, Information Gathering: Unobtrusive Methods, Analyzing Systems Using Data Dictionaries, Process Specifications and Structured Decisions, Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design Using UML. A configuration-management audit should always verify software licensing for authorized use. Although vendors will be supplying details about their particular offerings, analysts need to oversee the evaluation process personally because they will have the best interests of the business at heart. The software is cost efficient. Microcomputers are generally inexpensive because they do not have the processing power of larger minicomputers or mainframes. Subscribe to our, Map the Business Processes to the New System, Develop a Phased System Implementation Plan, Manage the System Implementation and Startup Phases, Manage the Path to Full System Implementation. The acquired hardware, whether a replacement or new to the IT infrastructure, should be secured (physical, logical) and added to the business continuity plan. The software is well supported. Examples are Windows and Mac OS. - does the software perform the functions required? The hardware should be tested according to written test plans before going into production, and the hardware should be assigned to the appropriate functional areas (such as systems administration) to ensure that production responsibility is clearly defined. 1.2 Formulation of Alternative Courses of Action. Contained within the COBIT framework regarding hardware and software acquisition, the auditor will consider the control objectives defined in Table 3.1. Directions are easily understood. In each proposed information system development, implementation, or modification project, the organization’s system development life cycle methodology should require an analysis and documentation of the security threats, potential vulnerabilities and impacts, and the feasible security and internal control safeguards for reducing or eliminating the identified risk. Moreover, the processes used for the product assessment train the team to follow best practices during the product development.

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