Collegiate parents were invited to get to know Collegiate's new Head of the Middle School at an informal breakfast on Wednesday, September 18. There is spirit and joy in daily interactions. Advisors meet weekly with their advisory group and lead discussions that focus on a myriad of topics including: friendship, mindfulness, motivation, and community standards. Dr. Chuck McCormick, who has been serving as the interim head of the middle and upper schools, has accepted the permanent position of head of the middle and upper schools. What distinguishes our Middle School classes is our single-sex structure with most being just boys or just girls. He loves teaching, coaching, history and nature. In 1999 Mr. Tashjian was asked to head Harlem's Children's storefront school, succeeding the school's founder and only head. A tuition-free public charter school for the students of South Los Angeles. I was very bad at it, and only made good tips when children were at my tables. Each student has a faculty member who serves as his advisor. Parents were able to meet and talk with Mark Tashjian, Collegiate's new Middle School Head during a recent breakfast reception. Read More. The Flying Dutchmen is open to students in kindergarten through sixth grade and runs on a semester basis. We currently … Head of School Administrative Team Board of Trustees Faculty/Staff Strategic Plan; News; School News Reflections Media Relations ... Middle School students get caught up between classes outside of the Reeves Center. Collegiate Welcomes New Head of Middle School, Andrew Holmgren 9/19/2008 Campbell Appointed in the spring of this year. The curriculum allows for advancement, choices and participation in grade-wide initiatives like, Two newer initiatives in Middle School include the 1-to-1 Chromebook Initiative and, A Middle School Engineering and Robotics (STEAM) class launch rockets they built and have, Faculty/Staff Student Publication Articles, Collegiate School Cougars Athletic Championships, Collegiate Families Emergency Relief Fund (CFERF), Envision Richmond and Inquiry-based Use of Chromebooks. Middle Schoolers claim the Pep Rally Spirit Award before Homecoming. That was a sign to stick with school communities! As part of its mission, Collegiate is committed to guiding students to develop empathy and desire to help others. He has great friendships and strong relationships with his teachers, coaches and all members of our community. Vibrant learning communities foster conversation, interdisciplinary studies, failing forward, community partnerships, real-world exploration and the mastery of skills through a range of discoveries and studies. We are a bit of an open book and currently live on campus. That job taught me a lot about what matters and grew my appreciation for those who have careers in their homes, as did my own mother. As such, he will continue to oversee the instructional and co-curricular program, while providing a familiar face and consistent … We are school people. Today’s installment features Mr. Trinh’s skills as a magician! Their cognitive growth is advantaged by the abundant grey matter of their brains. Success is celebrated, sadness survived together and named emotions are teachable moments. Middle School students participate in group community service projects and students commonly come up with their own ideas about ways to serve the wider community. I met my husband doing cafeteria duty at The Lovett School in Atlanta. It is an honor to welcome you to Collegiate School. Educators are carpenters of the heart and mind; they focus on content and character, and without one, the other does not flourish. Penny B. Evins begins her tenure today as Collegiate School’s Head of School. I myself am also new to Collegiate, having started my tenure on July 1st. His roles have included Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 classroom teacher and mentor, Junior School sports coordinator, teacher of HPE, House Dean of Kilburn, Year Level Coordinator in the Middle School and Head of the Faculty of Mathematics (K-12). He has gone to sleepaway camp since 2nd Grade and adores his “boy heaven,” where I don’t ask him to eat fruits or vegetables, brush teeth or do other such mundane things. Clubs meet bi-weekly during the school day, however, some clubs require more frequent or after school meetings.

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