Digital loaders manage inventory and back up footage. Terms & Conditions Furthermore, the loader usually has much else to do in addition to these tasks. The name "clapper loader" tends to be used in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, while "second assistant camera" tends to be favored in the United States, but the job is essentially the same whichever title is used. I studied Film and Television Production at York St John University from 2013 to 2016. Preparation of film to be sent to the lab They note when film stock is received, used, and sent for development. Film school or a short film course will improve your standing. They need to break down the script for its […] They must mark and record actors’ positions during rehearsals. Clapper Loader or Second Assistant Cameraperson? Do try not to let the responsibility or pressure put you off. The Clapper Loader has one of the most important roles in the production process. Boxfresh Internet. Gender is no barrier and women are continually increasing their presence in the camera department. During shooting, the 2nd ACs role is to assist in ensuring that the running of the camera department is as smooth as possible. And last but not least, keeping the camera crew well supplied with coffee, tea, water, or whatever other refreshments may be on hand. Ensuring that all instructions from the director of photography are passed along properly to labs and post houses The Clapper Loader works closely with focus puller, changing lenses and filters, helping to reconfigure shots and occasionally assisting with difficult shots. Now part of Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland, Screen Skills Ireland was established in 1995 to provide continuing skills and career development opportunities for professionals working in the screen sectors. All rights reserved. Recordkeeping of all camera-related paperwork, including negative reports, daily stock reports, film inventory reports, lab orders, rental contracts, and expendable orders Above all else, communicate well and be helpful. Applications closed on 20 Aug 2015. A clapper loader, second assistant camera (2nd AC) or simply loader, is part of a film crew, whose main functions are that of operating the clapperboard (slate) at the beginning of each take, loading the raw film stock into camera magazines, marking the actors as necessary, and maintaining all records and paperwork for the camera department. On-set, the 1st AC will build the camera, swap lenses, and move it from shot to shot. A Clapper Loader often will have worked their way through the Camera Department starting as a trainee. Whether you’re a post production runner, film, TV or studio runner, new runner jobs are posted daily within London and across the UK. Organizing and cleaning the equipment space This is a vital tool, used for syncing sound to footage when the two are recorded separately. If shooting on film stock, the list will also contain the contents of each exposed reel. On top of all of that, it is expected that a decent assistant will be able to anticipate a good part of those demands before they become demands. Charging of batteries for camera and accessories Clapper Loader,2nd AC, then Focus Puller,1st AC, to Camera Operator and maybe Cinematographer or Director of Photography. Since graduating, I have worked in the film and television industry as a camera assistant, otherwise known as a clapper loader. They also load film stock into camera magazines if there is no film loader on set.   |   Loading may not sound like much of a job, but in actuality it is very important. As this is done in front of the whole crew you will need to able to handle this pressure and many others simultaneously. In the UK, the jobs are one and the same. Software: Adobe Creative Suite ShotPut Pro Equipment: Screwdrivers scissors work gloves zip ties bongo ties tape measure flashlight, sharpies lens cleaning fluid and wipes compressed air pro gaff tape duck tape velcro carabiners crock clip clapperboard micro fiver cloth batteries WD-40 Computer: Mac book pro SD card readr USB 2 multi reader Checking loading materials and spaces to prevent light leaks Also, if there is no Camera Trainee on the production, then it is the Clapper Loader who will be fetching the camera department tea and buns as well! Sandra Pennington Clapper Loader / 2nd AC - GBCT/ BVK //SuzCruz (+44 (0) 7538 92 75 90)// London, United Kingdom 500+ connections Check out the constantly evolving role of a DIT. They must operate the clapperboard and assist the camera operator in positioning and moving cameras. The loader is responsible for the actual medium that the camera shoots on, whether film stock or digital cards. Relaying reports from the lab about the rushes to the director of photography Login Register The 2nd AC collates shot information from the Script Supervisor (continuity person) during shooting and records the information on a camera report sheet at the end of each day. In this role, you would be responsible for handling the film before it is passed to the laboratory. The digital imaging technician is responsible for image quality control, on-set color correction, and managing a production’s workflow. Keeping meticulous and accurate camera notes The 2nd AC quite literally holds the producers entire investment (the exposed negative) in his or her hands every day and in total darkness too. Crew jobs require difficult work and hours. The name "clapper loader" tends to be used in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, while "second assistant camera" tends to be favored in the United States, but the job is essentially the same whichever title is used. A degree in Film Studies or Photography can be useful. The loader is the only person who actually handles the negative between the manufacturer and the laboratory, and thus can easily render an entire day's work useless if the film is handled improperly. The 2nd AC operates the clapperboard at the beginning of each take.

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