So if you have never seen the Silver Shaded or Chinchilla kittens or cats please be sure to check out My Cats Page and also … LOL but it sure fits. I have chinchillas available for pets as well as show quality. I believe when choosing a kitten it is like choosing a new family member, and it is a huge decision. In 2014, a PETA investigator visited Valley View Chinchilla Ranch, a California-based breeding and fur farm. ECBC / MCBA Chinchilla Breeder in Northern North Carolina - Show Quality & Pet Sales. Here in the US they are not as well known and just now starting to be sought more by Pet owners and seen more at shows. All have been pressure washed clean! Copyright © So due to this most of my kittens are reserved before they are even born so please check with me about up coming litters and how many are expected and how many are already reserved. 2... Rescued Chinchillas Need Homes. My Cattery is based in Northern California near Chico, Ca. holiday spectacular size small -fashion statement, Jacket Velvet with real chinchilla sleevesholiday spectacular size small -fashion statement. We will plan another one as soon as it is safe to do so. He is really sweet and easy to pick up. 2 Year Old Violet Male Chinchilla - $175. All you need is a little TLC — a tender, loving chinchilla! Absolutely Beautiful Silver Shaded Chinchilla Persian kittens. So that is how I ended up with a pair of Show/Breeder cats. We hope you will take a few moments to read about our rich heritage, where we have been and where we are today! Jacket Velvet with real chinchilla sleeves We test for FelV, FIV and we are a PKD DNA negative cattery. I am a very small home based Cattery. You can read quick facts about the speedy chinchilla and learn the best ways to care for these exotic pets with help from DJ's Chinchillas. Explore. Is a Chinchilla the Right Pet for You and Your Family. Supply Store. HAND RAISED, LOVING, FLUFFY, WELL-SOCIALIZED CHINCHILLA PERSIAN KITTENS. For cage accessories check out: In it, you will find articles on the care of chinchillas as pets. Rates as low as $50.00... Louis is a sensational Chinchilla silver male. Talk about beautiful …and then when you pet them OMG its like you don’t want to stop for it almost feels like velvet … very very hard to describe. We have over a decade of breeding and showing chinchillas all across the Nation. I am a small chinchilla breeder in the Bay Area. I believe this is so true, so from the day the kittens are born they are handled and know human touch and affection, not just from me but all my family, friends, and other pets. See photos of our chins that are currently up for adoption or schedule a time to pay them a visit in person! 951-776-2882 - FREE consultation available. The Cattery is registered with both TICA and CFA I have now learned a lot about the Silver Shaded, Color points and Chinchilla British Shorthair Cats. What Plants/Household products/Foods are toxic to Cats/Pets? chinchillas in California at ... We're looking for a stud of the same breed for our Chinchilla Persian cat in Northern California. Sat, May 02. Ridge Chinchillas is dedicated to producing quality mutation colored chinchillas. If you are a 4H person, looking for a show rabbit these babies would make for a... Chinchilla Feed $1.50/pound, $20 - 25# bag I will try to write more about them as time goes by . That is where my babies came from for it was hard to find them here in the US. Good Luck and Please Stay Safe. Cats handled regularly during this time were prepared, when older, to stay on someone’s lap longer and approach people more readily. Chinchillas. We are currently focusing our effort on the further improvement of our standards and black velvets. The British Shorthair has always been … We enjoy raising and showing CFA Bi-Color Persians. Northern California Breeder of Show Quality and Pet Chinchillas: Description: Hobby breeder located in Northern California focusing on top quality standards and beiges. California Spring Chinchilla - CANCELLED. But I know the joy and love you will feel once you receive your well socialized kitten, and that you and your new bundle of love will live happily ever after. ** Our Standard Lineage is composed of top quality animals from La Paloma. We breed for temperament, health and beauty. These 3 lovely ladies are available for adoption at our Montclair location. Absolutely Beautiful Chinchilla Persian kittens. It’s a big commitment to bring another life long family member into your home. 2020 Sasszkats. Absolutely Beautiful Chinchilla Persian kitten. WE ARE GOING... We are looking to rehome our beautiful white male chinchilla. 00 each. California. Find the pet that's right for you and your family with DJ's Chinchillas. One girl and one Boy available. And their ring tails are to die for. When I took my male to a show one person said I should tell everyone that he was an Albino Raccoon. Is it really important that I get my cat neutered or spayed? Previous Play Slideshow Next. Other colors we are working with include white, recessive white, beige, ebony and violet. The Empress website now has a new section, just for you. We travel 3-5 weeks every year and would love to find someone to babysit the girls while we are gone. by I. Magnin (retail: 899.99). We take pride in our establishment and our breeding practices. They will all grow-up to be Beautiful examples of the Chinchilla... BLUE EYED Chinchilla persian kittens, Male & Female, 1-3 months. I could not help myself for they were so rare and unique. Chinchilla breeder. Delivery is available. This is the first kitten/cat I have owned, what are some other important things I need to know? By the way a Color Point kitten/cat will most always have blue eyes. I just got a new cat, how do I introduce it to my current cats? California "The Golden State" - State Capital Sacramento. She is really spirited, active,& & play... Due to a lot of children born in 2012, For the next 3 weeks, now we are doing our Summer Sale. Outstanding quality chinchilla fur. Then comes all the question of how will they adjust, what do I need for my new kitten, should I show him/her and so much more. Over the last few months we have been inundated with chinchillas needing new homes.... Arthur is a young (under 1 year old) standard gray, male chinchilla. 1 new litter expected in August .. 2 planned litters for Sept. Due to Covid virus this year many are seeking their dream kitty they always wanted but did not have time to spend with it. Chinchilla Boarding Available. We offer beautiful, healthy and well adjusted chins that are excellent for show or pets. This Persian Chinchilla silver Female kitten, prepares to find a new house. My Cattery is based in Northern California near Chico, Ca. To make an appointment to visit the chinchillas available for adoption or to get more information about any of our chinchillas… Available are six in good health chinchillas. We are located in Riverside,... We have 5 used cages for sale. All Rolled into One Extotic Beautiful Cat Breed, A Day in the Life of Kitten at Sasszkats Cattery, Tips, Correcting, And Training Kittens to do Tricks, All About Silver Shaded/Chinchilla British Shorthair, British Shorthair Personality & Character Traits. He... Up for sale are 6 chinchillas. **We are excited to announce we are now working on Black Pearl, Champagne and Angora lines. During the search though, I feel in love with more than one cat, I ended up with a Black Silver Shaded Female and Blue Silver Lynx Point(another coloring of the silver shaded chinchilla line). So that is how I ended up with a pair of Show/Breeder cats. Chinchilla Products for Sale. Because our foster homes are private homes, we do not have daily or scheduled hours during which we receive visitors. Ridge Chinchillas is dedicated to producing quality mutation colored chinchillas. That is why I work extra hard at socializing all my cats and kittens.

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