She chats with them about having SMA, growing up with a disabled body, the lack of representation for disabled bodies, the phrase “being inspiring”, inspiration porn, guys with the worst pick up lines, the need to vote, the lack of accessibility, her current cele…, The Broads have a chat about some Bachelor tea, theories about Clare’s season, and then dive into Sean Lowe’s GOAT recap! Then they chat about (TW) Cassie getting granted the restraining order and Colton’s texts getting exposed. They chat The Twins, oh my lord Lace, Jubilee’s incredible stor…, *EPISODE ORIGINALLY DROPPED ON JUNE 10, 2019 The Broads sit down with the amazing love/intimacy educator & tantric relationship coach, Kamali Minter. I"ve never heard of Chatty Broads! They discuss his Colton similarities, their love of Catherine, Tierra, Desiree’s season that deserves more attention, and of course Pete/Kelley/Barb’s appearance in the episode. + Real Housewives Fired! For the listeners of the girls we all love, the chatty broads *Join us THURSDAY for a “double date” with our partners as we answer a bunch of really awkward…, Player FM for Android — Download podcasts free, Player FM for iPhone — Download podcasts free, 197: Haunted Dolls and Murder Mysteries with Roz Drezfalez, 196: Clare’s Bachelorette Recap: Ep 3 (Producers Want Us To HATE Clare! And this time he brought his son Trace with him! + More! ), 142: LISTEN TO YOUR HEART: Episode 2 (Cringing in Guitar Center), 141: Love Is Blind FINALE Recap: Episodes 9,10, & 11 (“I DO” or Walk Away FOREVER), 140: LISTEN TO YOUR HEART: Episode 1 ("Hi, I’m a Singer/Songwriter"), 139: Love Is Blind Recap: Episode 7 & 8 (Meeting The Families & The Ick), 138: Love Is Blind Recap: Episode 5 & 6 (Her Dog is Drunk), 136: Love Is Blind Recap: Episode 4 ("Making Love" and Meeting The Others), 134: Love Is Blind Recap: Episode 3 (One Woman, Two Voices), 133: Love Is Blind Recap: Episode 2 (History’s Most Confusing Proposal ft. First (15:00 - 47:00) they chat about all The Bachelorette rumors that are circulating (since recording some of these rumors have been confirmed!) First The Broads talk some recent tea (ie. It takes a turn they did not expect and you do not want to miss it…, (IMPORTANT: If you are staying away from ANY and ALL Bachelorette information that is in the current PUBLIC NEWS do not listen to minutes 00:12:20 - 00:36:15…if you know about the widely talked about Bachelorette drama (aka what Lauren Zima posts) there will be no spoilers included in this episode!) First and foremost, they discuss everything Colton and his wild interview with Reality Steve (and Bekah drops some serious tea about her season and Krystal)! They chat about Chris Harrison’s home studio, Wells&Sarah, Belly Button Gate, erotic dates, competitive dates, The Chad *shiver*, saying “I love you” and the ICK, Jojo and her emotional final four, a Tyler Camer…, It’s that time, Broads! 184: Cassie Files Restraining Order & Victoria F vs. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. 181: "My Wife & I Are Polyamorous" w/ Kevin Patterson, 180: Nick Viall is THE G.O.A.T. Reality Steve + Katie vs. Producers + Barb vs. Ramona + much more! 186: Colton’s Texts Revealed + Pilot Pete Exposing Production + Carol Baskin “Smear Campaign” + “The Social Dilemma” + More! might be something you'd enjoy. In this thought-provoking but chatty podcast, we bring together leading experts and radical thinkers to discuss the big issues that will affect our future, and what we can all do about them. Their conversation begins at 00:15:15 minutes in and somehow Mike is even more wonderful IRL! + More! ), 150: LISTEN TO YOUR HEART: FINALE + Discussing Hannah Brown, 149: Date Night (Uncensored!) Chatty Broads with Bekah and Jess. They recap, they yell about judge’s decisions, they cringe over dates, they defend their king and queen, they make predictions, they sing, and much more. + Nick Viall + Mini Ali Fedotowsky Season Recap, 170: Sean Lowe’s Season Recap + Sarah Herron + Bach News, 169: CLARE’S CAST BREAKDOWN (Date Night Edition), 166: The ORIGINAL Bachelor & Bachelorette Recap, 163: Trauma Queen: Jimanekia Eborn (Recorded November 19, 2019), 162: Jojo’s Season Recap (Amateur Version) w/ Evan, 161: Bekah’s 2nd Birth Story: Franklin James, 160: Sexually Liberated with Ev’Yan Whitney (recorded Oct 29, 2019), 159: Ben Higgin’s Season Recap with 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose, 158: Tantra Talk with Kamali Minter (recorded June 10, 2019), 157: Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Season Recap w/ Nick Viall, 156: Bach Nation Recap, Antiracism w/ Taylor Nolan, & Protesting w/ Craig Conant, 155: Jade Roper Tolbert’s Birth Stories & Traumatic Births (ft. Alexis Haines), 154: Birth Story: Jess'“Unplanned” Birth & Birthing Choices, 153: Organic Olivia Chats Herbs & Natural Remedies, 152: Addiction & Recovery w/ Alexis Haines, 151: Ryan Neal of LTYH (and Natascha surprises us! First they discuss Matt James being announced as The Bachelor (more to come in next week’s episode) and then they dive into Kaitlyn’s season recap. ), 150: LISTEN TO YOUR HEART: FINALE + Discussing Hannah Brown, 149: Date Night (Uncensored!) Listen online, no signup necessary. 190: Who Are We REALLY Voting For?! + Bekah & Jess Crash Their Cars + Reality TV Tea! Unsubscribe. Then they discuss what and herbalist is and how her own personal experiences led her to becoming one. GOOD MOMS, BAD CHOICES:Listen, shop, shows, find out everything here: …, EPISODE ORIGINALLY DROPPED ON NOVEMBER 19, 2019(TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual violence and trauma are discussed) The Broads sit down with the incredible Jimanekia aka Trauma Queen aka Queer Media Consultant, Comprehensive Sex Educator, and Sexual Assault & Trauma Expert. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. + More! w/ Jessica Lanyadoo, 172: Huge Bachelorette Rumors (NEWS!) The Broads are then joined by N…, The Broads are joined by the fabulous and hilarious Alex Dacy aka Wheelchair Rapunzel! They…, The Broads are joined by podcaster and former reality TV personality, Alexis Haines aka Alexis Neiers previously known as the star of E!’s “Pretty Wild” and involvement in the “Bling Ring”. And then, OF COURSE, they talk about 2020 and what astrology has to say about this year s…, Oh The Broads have a lot to chat about! They chat about the filming of the Bachelorette, Kanye’s presidency announcement, their plans to run for office, #broadsquad member’s husbands coming home from deployment, how their families have hand…, The Broads are joined by the fantastic and hilarious hosts of podcast “Good Moms, Bad Choices, Erica and Jamilah! I’ve never been a fan of podcasts, but these girls have won me over! Second, they have to go over the Jada/Will/August “entanglement” and their differing opinions about their Re…, The Broads are FINALLY able to chat with their forever favorite of Bach Nation, Mike Johnson!! ), 195: Foster Care + Adoption + White Saviorism with Ellie Coburn. Latest was 183: How To Love People Who Suck + Getting Comfortable with Conflict w/ Kara Loewentheil. He chats with The Broads about being in a polyamorous relationship for over 18 years and answers ALL of their questions. They discuss the last time Jessica was on the show and what their charts are looking like now. They spend the episode mostly laughing their asses off. Subscribe. Chatty Broads with Bekah and Jess By Chatty Broads with Bekah and Jess. ), who he’d want to get stuck on a desert island with, much more AND THEN Queen Natascha drops in to surprise The Broads with all …, The Broads begin the episode discussing the disappointing events this week in Bachelor Nation (0:00 - 28:30).

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